The social contract. Honoured now in the breach rather than the observance

It doesn’t take much to blow down a house of cards and in some ways, civilization really is exactly that. The extent to which we all depend on each other, as specialists, to behave as honest actors is staggering, but usually ignored because interdependence is what we all know.

But more and more stories like this are happening:

And on July 19th, a similar thing happened to a police officer:

When police officers are shot by far left wing violent extremists, one may be tempted to write it off in one’s own mind as a sort of extreme version of the risks police officers expect to face on the job. To stuff it into a kind of sharp-edge of normal. Because the consequences of the kind of social break down that it really means, and in fact the kind of social breakdown that it is trying to provoke, is nearly unthinkable.

So what’s the evidence of a provocation of that kind of social breakdown besides what could be written off as isolated incidents?

Well once it leaves the uniformed police officers and starts to be enacted against anyone displaying a symbol of resistance to the totalitarian left and its attempt to fundamentally transform the West, it becomes harder to deny.

Bloomfield police: Man beaten with crowbar for wearing Trump shirt

A 62-year-old male was assaulted in a Friendly’s parking lot for wearing a Donald Trump T-shirt, Bloomfield police reported Tuesday.

The victim was walking on West Passaic Avenue in Bloomfield at 5:41 p.m. Wednesday when a male in an older gray compact vehicle questioned him about his shirt of the Republican presidential candidate. The suspect directed profanities at the victim as he continued to follow the victim.

Over the past months, this site has posted the occasional incident like this. Not all that has crossed the desk, but the ones that seemed meaningful.

Differentiating meaningful from non-political o criminal actions works like this:

Crime: An antisocial act for personal gain or for reasons of an interpersonal vendetta or feud such as a “crime of passion” be it material or one concerning reproductive opportunity.

Crime is never to change the system but to take advantages of its weakness for personal reasons. Even the mob wants the banks they have their own wealth in to be honest, and they need other aspects of society to continue to work reliably as its in everyone’s interests to know the system your own wealth is in, is free of corruption even if you profit by the corruption of systems.

Political act including, but not limited to terrorism:

Attacking people who wear Trump T shirts, and lots of similar events like that, or trying to cause great harm to a police officer with drugs, and quite possibly cause a lot of harm to society by a drugged police officer that may not have known he was drugged, while driving a high powered car and being in possession of lots of weapons, is a political act. The people had likely never met before and knew nothing about each other beyond the uniform and T shirt.

What the attacker knew in all case about their victims was what was imputed to the symbols and not who or what they people actually were or believed.

It would be one thing to attack someone in a Nazi or KKK uniform, although that would still be a political act and not a crime. But they are making a genuine statement of belief for which there is much evidence supplied by their own organizations to verify what those beliefs are. But the Trump crowd and the overwhelming majority of police officers are genuine liberals whether they know it or not. The attacks come from propagated and projected beliefs onto them, and almost certainly for the purpose of destroying the fabric of trust that holds any civilization together.

If this hypothesis holds any water, then we should see the kinds of people attacked expand and into more and more civilian sectors of our culture, making it more and more inconvenient to do the normal things our lives requires. From the luxuries we took for granted like women’s ability to comfortably or attractively dress in public parks and men’s sense of security that the women they care about are safe as independent agents in public, to buying food at the store or going put to eat wearing a Star of David or a Cross or any symbol which gives excuse to the social justice warriors to do us harm if they don’t like our stances, real or imagined.

Or even purely at random.

This looks more and more like a renewed effort by the people like Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground in the 60s to do what they tried in the 60s. And by a stunning coincidence, those same Marxist leaders are profoundly connected to the current president and next president if Clinton wins. Not to mention other connections between Clinton and Marxists who seek to bring down the temple around us all.

If this succeeds, and it may well, people will beg for order. And the Muslims and the Marxists will be there to supply it. And it will be as awful as those systems always are.



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7 Replies to “The social contract. Honoured now in the breach rather than the observance”

  1. During the 60s the left tried to cause a civil war thinking that people would be inspired by the acts of the Weather Underground and other groups like them and would follow them in attacking and destroying the US.

    The acts of political violence shown in the post along with others, (the massive increase in shootings at police, the shooting of a Trump supporter in the leg ( the violence at the Democrat Convention are all signs of the breakdown of society and a massive threat to civilization. Now add in the fact that the actor Will Smith says that the nomination of Donald Trump gives the people a chance to identify who the Trump supporters and to cleans the US of them after the election.
    I don’t know about you but this sounds to me like a call for the communist re-education camps that turn into death camps for so many who refuse to be brainwashed. We saw them in the USSR (the gulag) we saw them in China (where they still exist). We saw them in Vietnam after the fall of the south (where over 1 million people died in them). We saw them in Cuba (where they still exist) and we saw them in Cambodia (where 1.7 to 2.5 million people were murdered). Now we are hearing a major Hollywood star call for them to be set up in the US.

  2. This type of terrorism will destroy small business and chain restaurant as it makes people weary about the help and their disdain for humanity. If they would do this to Police Officers what will they do to you if they have a bad day? Pack your own lunch and live to see another day.

  3. There have been countless times over the last couple of years for the US administration, specifically the president Obama, to assuage the hateful identity politics which have resulted in BLM etc., but instead he has repeatedly fanned the flames true to his activist mentality. This is a direct negligence of duty, I would say criminal malfeasance and a betrayal of the office on his part, when he could have brought reason and calm to this whole insanity.

    The US is circling the drain and I fear will take much of the world down with it.

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