Pat Condell: Europe’s Last Chance

Pat Condell does his usual excellent job of simply and clearly stating the facts on the ground today. But more importantly, he offers a partial solution but a key part.

And one that many on this site have also been making for many years.

Speak what you know is true fearlessly and openly whenever you can.

Normalize the truth again.

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  1. He is right all we have to do is vote out the politicians that are creating the chaos with their Marxist policies, this is harder to do them most thing because the political class will resist any outsider that tries to reduce their power and this resistance isn’t limited to the left but to all members of the political class.

    I am glad to here that at least one European nations military is planning on retaking the no go areas once the Moslems start using military weapons.

    • You are probably right, if/when the politicians are voted out of office the left will start a civil war to regain power. Look at what the people did at the Democrat convention. I am surprised there hasn’t been more of that since the conventions ended.

    • Graham, I just finished reading it. Awesome, and thank you. Much to think about and much to challenge each other with.

        • It’s sparkling! Forceful, good stuff.

          An essay form that reminds me of those written just before WWI. When journalists were addressing peoples defining – or re-defining – themselves as nations. Would-be nations, struggling to coalesce against the backdrop of empires on the verge of collapse.

          You’re defining with great clarity the situation from the other end. We need the self-confidence that brought us to nation-hood in the first place. Besieged as we are, we still know right from wrong, normal from perverted. And we have it on the highest authority – your link to the Fifth Commandment – that defending yourself, your people, and your way of life is not optional.

          I’d just add: a favorite salon or coffeehouse; friends who like to think, read, and talk; and a few bottles wine. Thanks, Graham.

          Yucki, YankeeKafir

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