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  1. During the Democratic Convention, when Leon Panetta attempted to talk about the ISIS threat, the delegates shouted him off the stage with chants of, “No more war! No more war!”. At that moment the lefties revealed their true feelings about Islamic terrorism. They support it. Remember, a lot of those delegates would be “Black Lives Matter” supporters who see a Muslim with a bomb as a fellow victim of the white man rather than an enemy soldier. If we don’t alter course immediately the left is going to leave the gate unlocked and the enemy is going to pour in. There is no doubt about that. The left are either paralyzed by fear and denial or actively on the other side…

    • The enemy is already here, they are planning their strikes while waiting for what they consider to be the best time.

      • It is safe to say that there are guys cleaning their AKs, sharpening their knives, going over their plans and making sure their cellphone/detonator batteries are working, in preparation for imminent attacks against Western – probably soft – targets. And Hillary Clinton is pulling ahead with a campaign strategy of completely ignoring all that while focussing on climate change and the equally phoney “Black Lives Matter”. And Donald Trump is in the doghouse because he struck back when a Muslim called “Khan” attacked him viciously in the public forum.

        Historians are going to be laughing themselves silly as they frame this stuff up there with Caligula’s horse stunt and Nero’s fiddling. Not only is Hillary Clinton literally running on “doing nothing”, she is apparently doing so to a landslide of approval.

        I still think the conservative white male voters are going to rise up as one and put their foot down real hard. There are millions of Americans who have figured out exactly what’s going on and they are extremely concerned about it. I’ve read their comments! Millions of people now know what “Jihad” means, and “taqiyya”, and “taharrush”. It’s not just us anymore. I just cannot see any conservative staying home and going to bed early on this coming election day. I just don’t see it… We’re talking 98% turnout…

        • I am with you, as far as Hillary being ahead today I heard that if you take the fake push polls out of the mix Trump is withing 2 to 4 points. I try not to get too elated or depressed when I read the polls because when I was taking a statistic’s class in Collage one of the first thing the Professor taught us was how to make the poll say what the customer wants.

  2. He is right, the people need the ability to arm themselves and protect themselves. Something the left opposes because once you are armed you start thinking for yourself, you also realize that you don’t need the nanny state to do your thinking. Socialism will die during this war to wait for a few generations before it is reborn. The idea of an armed citizenry will be reborn as will the idea of nationalism. Despite what the current generations have been taught nationalism and national rivalry are what fueled most of the scientific advances from in the industrial age, let them fuel our fight for freedom and push into space to stay.

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