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27 Replies to “Netenyahu takes a moment to remind Europe, ‘we are all Israel now’”

  1. I don’t think so!
    Europe and the U.S. are being inundated by illegals and legal migrants.
    How many has israel welcomed? Israel is sending blacks back to africa.
    Bebi needs to be updated on his country’s immigration policies.
    He has no right to compare israel to overburdened Europe and the U.S.

  2. I know and have known for years that the objective of the militant Muslims is to turn the whole world into the West Bank – into “Israel”, if you will. Why is it that one poor guy with a computer can know that while the CIA and MI-6 and CESIS et al never seem to have a clue? Why is that?

    It’ll be our women who break first. They will say, “I’ll do anything…anything…just make it stop…just make it safe for my children…who cares if we have to convert to Islam…I just want it to stop…!!!!!”

    I wonder how long these attacks would keep going if we killed a hundred-thousand Muslims for every Infidel they murder? Just thinkin’ out loud…

    • The whole shootin’ match would be over immediately, There is no courage required in the bushwackin’, sucker-punching, suicide-bombing, child molesting, raping world of jihadi warfare. It is a religion for bullies and cowards. Once they start to get their arses kicked hard they’ll cry like babies and beg for mercy. They will cut and run. One need only witness the much-revered suicide bomber of Islam. The ultimate coward. And this is the best they’ve got. The Germans did what you suggest and it was most effective

      • Who was it that the Germans were being attacked by? I don’t seem to remember that part. I only wish violence upon murderers, not just anybody who happens to stand between me and “greatness”. I’m just sayin’…

    • I can’t remember the exact quote and it really doesn’t matter, evil Mo said that the Moslems were to advance/attack when their enemies were weak and to retreat/make treaties when they were strong. If we were to follow your plan they would start screaming that we weren’t being nice and then surrender until we once again became weak. This is why once Europe starts fighting they will be able to kick the Moslems out. As will North and South America.

      • It’s really that simple, isn’t it? The solution is staring us in the face and it will bloody well work if we pick it up. The Muslims are only obliged to fight Jihad if it is possible, not if it isn’t. All we have to do is put up a wall-of-impossibility up against them, and they might well melt away and turn into pussycats. We shouldn’t take for granted the idea that all Muslims even want to be attacking us. They are doing it because they are commanded to by allah – if possible. If we become obviously aware of what they are trying to do, they won’t be able to do it anymore, will they…? You can’t sneak in the back door when there are flood lights and cameras and dogs and squad cars and news crews and helicopters…

        We can win this, but not by pretending it doesn’t exist. They are primitive monkeys. It shouldn’t be so hard to outsmart primitive monkeys…

        • That is why I keep saying the left is our major enemy, they are using the Moslems but will turn on them once we are defeated. Those of us that are alive will help the left because they aren’t going to force us to believe in Allah. This is what they did in WWII joined the resistance groups got all but the communist leaders killed and then took over. France is the only nation where this didn’t work and they have taken over their now.

  3. Bibi has every right. You’ve missed his point Marino. Europe is under siege, get it? He is empathizing in the hope that it will be reciprocated.

    • Bibi’s wasting his breath and becoming annoying.
      Better turn East – friendships in India and Asia are the future. Trade, joint ventures, university exchange programs are all flourishing.

  4. I think Europeans will hold on to their anti-semitism until the knife is at their throat, and beyond. I wish Europeans would make the connection, but I don’t think they will. There’s something infantile and neurotic in their mental process (not all, but let’s say the typical Daily Mail commenter). These people are not ever going to grow up. Hating Jews, Israel and America is just who they are. I hope Bibi has another plan, because Europe is what it is.

    • Pathetic isn’t it?

      They seem to be more concerned about the stupidity of loud Leftist Jewish pawns who foolishly believe the BS nonsense, which the true non-Jewish Leftist Prime-Movers sprout about a secularized Christian-inspired utopian world without distinctions and a universal brotherhood of man free of persecution in the mold of John Lennon’s Imagine, then they are of Muslims who in reality live up to the European’s wild fantasies of an army of morally-depraved triumphalist all-conquering world-dominating Jews and instead not only turn a blind eye towards but even bring out the welcome mat and offer their children as sacrifices.

      From a limited mortal perspective it is almost as if God himself has a sense of humor in repaying the world measure for measure, or in reality is actually testing the Europeans to find merit in his eyes and see whether they will overcome their millenia old self-destructive Jew-hatred or Heaven forbid be overcome by a wild enemy who truly embodies everything that Europeans falsely believed about Jews over the centuries (and are too retarded to notice).

      Which sucks for all of us who believe the West is worth preserving.

      • I think the West is worth preserving but I think they’ve lost the right to make pronouncements on the rightness of other countries. I can’t for the life of me remember when any Western leader has been “right” about anything in years…

        • The west has been the worlds leaders in the search for freedom, yes some western individuals and nations did wrong but over all the west has done much more good then evil. We (the west) kept working to improve the entire world until the left decided to take over the world and realized they had to destroy the west to achieve their goal. They are the main reason that the Moslems decided they could take us and are the main reason we aren’t fighting this as a war of survival.

      • I’d trade CUFI (Christians United for Israel) in exchange for AIPAC (American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee) any day. In a heartbeat. A no-brainer.

        CUFI are enthusiastic Zionists. They believe that the Land of the Savior is best kept in the family. There are 3.5 million active members and probably many more who share their spirit.

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