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6 Replies to “LIVE: Major protest against Angela Merkel in Berlin today/tonight”

  1. From the videos they drew enough people to make Merkel and hier people nervous. They are getting to be big enough to be a serious political threat and the left doesn’t like it when the people reject them.

  2. Only a matter a time till you hear the unmistakable guttural warlike sounds
    coming deep from the voice of everyday Germans.
    You will know it when you hear it.

    • Once those Teutonic genes awaken, as they must and have done so many times in the last 2000 years, you will definitly hear it. As a matter of fact those sounds will be deafening.

    • There are many European nations where this will happen, once it starts in one the idea of liberty and justice will spread and civil wars will follow. At this late date it is the only way to save Western Europe and preserve some portion of Western Civilization.

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