French government forced Nice authorities to lie to the media, public about attack

This is really quite stunning. It may have to be watched a couple of times till the impact sinks in of the degree of deception an allegedly democratic government uses to control its own people while endangering them.

Thank you Ava Lon for the translation.

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8 Replies to “French government forced Nice authorities to lie to the media, public about attack”

  1. Same story in Germany and USA. Government covering up Muslim terror attacks. Suddenly, so many mentally ill Muslims.

  2. The Governments of the nations making up Western Civilization are running scared, they are discovering honorable people take their jobs seriously and refuse to lie about terror attacks. This combined with the net allows the truth to spread about what is happening and make the jobs of the self proclaimed elites much less secure. Brexit and Donald Trump are scaring politicians because the people are ignoring their orders and are thinking for themselves.

    The big question in the minds of the thinking people are will the revolution to sweep the corrupt leftist politicians out of office be peaceful and at the ballot box or will the leftist force us into a violent revolution?

    The next question is if it is a revolution at the ballot box will the left follow the law or will they try to use force to maintain their power?

    • Good question. The left has brought this muslim nightmare onto the west, and the ‘conservative’ elite went along with them. Just as guilty! Now we have new leaders – Trump, Wilders, Orban, LePen. We must get everyone who speaks the truth to win!

      • You’re certainly right about the US. The Dems are damned, but the Republicans don’t get a pass. They could’ve put down the Muslim Brotherhood early on. The infiltration goes back decades, both parties took dirty money.

  3. I think the leftists will continue unabated in their quest to replace the indigenous white Christian populations with brown-skinned, left-voting Muslims and will continue to do so until someone points a gun in their faces and says, “Stop!”. They are never going “come to their senses”. It’s a terrible last-ditch effort and they won’t stop until they are too weak to move…

    • I agree, unfortunately. They are scared themselves, and admitting their error and wrongdoing now would necessitate their taking difficult actions, first of all, but would also mean that they would have to face the consequences of what were (at the very least) foolish policy mistakes (and, at worst, treasonous betrayals of their own nations and citizenry). So there would have to be an accounting, which for obvious reasons, they are loathe to face.

      But leaving these issues aside, they are ideologically committed to this course of action, and therefore WILL NOT stop. Perhaps cannot. Think of the Nazis in the dying days of WWII choosing to use trains desperately needed to send troops to battle, to instead transport Jews to concentration camps. There is no logic in these people’s actions – only fierce, insane fanaticism. Consequently, they will have to be stopped by force, as you suggest.

  4. Policewoman claims interior ministry pressure on Nice attack

    A new crisis hits France’s government as a senior policewoman claims the interior ministry pressured her to alter a report into security at the Nice fireworks display where 84 were killed when a man rammed a lorry into the crowd.

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