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6 Replies to “Donald Trump on the attack in Nice”

  1. Islam recruits by terror, followed by intimidation and then mutually agreed extortion.

    Muslim communities everywhere are waiting for your call to Allah.

    While SJWs are pushing everyone else under the truck – in solidarity we are told – appeasing to be the very last to have to give up their vast imaginary sense of life for Islam’s silence.

  2. Now David Cameron is not Prime Minister any more, does that mean Teresa May has to do the compulsory Islam is a religion of peace speech?
    I think we should be told..

  3. Like him or hate him, at least Trump understands that this is a war. We need clear speaking, clear headed leadership and so far, he seems to be the only one willing to even identify the problem for what it is.

  4. The world is going to witness bigger mass murders in future than what we saw in the past by muslims, The label of radical muslims is wrong,Every muslim has to follow their holy book QURAN &
    wiping out the non muslims from this world and making this world DARUL ISLAM (Fully Islamic) is
    a duty of every muslim according to Quran that is taught to every muslim child from age five.

    Just you speak to a muslim ,Every muslim will blame the west and non muslims for the trouble in the world,Intelligent non muslim world leaders should understand that ISLAM is not a religion at all and it is a political concept to dominate the world,Therefore holy war has to be declared and waged against ISLAM.

  5. I hope he does go to Congress for a formal Declaration of War, this will mean that a clear goal must be stated and a definition of victory must me stated. It will also mean that the military can insist that we treat the illegal combatants the way the Geneva Convention say the are to be treated instead of treating them as misunderstood criminals.

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