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4 Replies to “Four days ago in France: Marion Le Pen”

  1. She sounded like many of the people I heard on FOX tonight, she and her aunt are the type of leaders we need during this war.

  2. She’s right about that. You’re either with us (French people and their culture) or you’re against us; and if you’re “for” Islam, you cannot be for France.
    Expel Islam from France and from the West; give its followers incentive to leave and return to their Muslim lands — where they BELONG.
    Mosques exist as the camel’s nose inside the tent, the Trojan Horse — and by now only traitors still seek to hide that fact, traitors and those seditious of Western governments, traitors who number perhaps in the tens of thousands in every European nation, and in America and Canada also.

    • Yes, it’s true. I never imagined that so many real live traitors actually exist within a country. When they analyzed the famous British traitor, Kim Philby, and others like him, they found a correlation between between being a traitor and having issues with one’s father. Like, when they see a male leader wearing a suit and tie, like George Bush, all they can think is, “I hate you, Daddy! I hate you, Daddy!”.

      Or maybe, just as some people have brown hair and some people have blonde hair, some people are just evil psychopathic pricks who get a kick out of screwing things up and then sitting back and laughing at the idiots running around looking stupid, trying to fix the problem they created. Like a firebug…

      Or maybe it’s because the media keeps hammering home such negative messages about our Western World. The fact is that the dreaded “capitalism” is in the process of lifting unprecedented numbers of people out of poverty, but all the media can say is that the breath we exhale is poison and our very footprints are big greasy black stains on Mother Earth’s gentle breast.

      A lot of traitors…

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