the Brazilian member of the Islamic state planned to attack French delegation in Rio, newspaper says

An original translation by José Atento 

From this Portuguese language publication.

Information was revealed by the French secret service during Parliamentary hearings on on the 2015 attacks

RIO – A Brazilian member of the Islamic state was preparing an attack on the French delegation during the Olympic Games in Rio, according to the results of a parliamentary survey released on Wednesday by the French newspaper “Libération”. The content was revealed during a hearing behind closed doors on May 26 with the head of the military intelligence (Direction du Renseignement Militaire), General Christophe Gomart, in a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry about the 2015 attacks in France. The report was the site of headline European newspaper.
In the published transcript, Gomart does not give many details about the attack plan and responds to parliamentarians he just learned about the information “through partners.”

According to “Libération”, this passage should not have gone public, which explains the apparent inconsistency of the transcript. In the text published on the National Assembly website, Gomart reports the monitoring carried out by the intelligence service on suspects originated from Yemen and Libya, when the subject suddenly appears, as can be seen below:

General Christophe Gomart: At least three sources with references to websites Daech [acronym of the Islamic State] in several Syrian cities could also be evaluated thanks to the knowledge and DRM catches [Direction du Renseignement Militaire] (…) These changes enable you to recover and confirm the information in the theaters of operations [military term].

George Fenech (Member): I had not heard of this Brazilian who intended to commit attacks against the French delegation at the Olympic Games. How do you know that?

General Christophe Gomart: For our partners.

In the evaluation of the newspaper, “our partners” would be countries with which France contributes in the fight against terrorism. The “Libération” highlights that Brazil plans an “anti-terrorist center” composed of US, British, Spanish and French experts.



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  1. The world needs to come together with the real non-Salafist Muslims and literally put an end to radical Islam. It is going to get continually worse until we do. There are Arab leaders, such as Abdel al-Sisi of Egypt, who are up for wiping them out completely and sentencing to death anyone who preaches that Muslim Brotherhood Wahabi BS to anybody. We must stop helping the bad guys and work with the good guys instead…

    Unfortunately, our own left wing keeps standing in the way of such a coming together. Their thinking is uninformed and infantile, if it can be called “thinking” at all. If the left wing would just stop jumping up and screaming, “You can’t do that, you racist!” every time anybody tries to do anything about radical Islam, we could all come together, Muslim and Infidel, and hang the insane fanatical murderous so-and-sos by their scrawny worthless necks…

    • To get the left on our side would require something like the Moslems destroying Lenin’s body or the desecration of Marx’s grave. I can’t think of anything else that will bring them around.

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