Amazing testimony at Lynching, Venezuela charges Rapunzel for not spinning food out of communism and more: Links 1 on July 12 – 2016

1, Multinational corporation who manufactures food and essential items, are being accused of breaking Venezuelan laws for closing operations there.

(This is pretty much like jailing someone who fails to spin gold from straw. And suddenly I understand that fable)

Kimberly-Clark Corp., the consumer-products giant that owns Kleenex and Huggies, violated Venezuela’s laws by suspending its operations in the South American country, President Nicolas Maduro said.

“Forty-eight hours ago, without notice, a U.S. company called Kimberly-Clark, violating national laws and the constitution, fired almost 1,000 workers from its production plant, closed the door and left the country,” Maduro said on state television. He added that the government would support the workers now in control of the plant.

Kimberly-Clark said it would shutter its Venezuela operations after years of grappling with soaring inflation and a shortage of hard currency and raw materials.

The South American nation’s deteriorating economic situation had made “it impossible to continue our business at this time,” the company said in a statement Saturday.
(Do read the rest of the article)

Preventing an employee from wearing a veil is not discriminating against them, one of Austria’s highest courts has ruled.

In the landmark decision, Austria’s Supreme Court (OGH) said that if clothing prevents communication, an employer may legally dismiss them.

3. Nine steps to being anonymous online

(Given what just happened to a German couple who were merely critical of German immigration policy using facts, I think we all need to read this)

4. Two of my favorite people discussing the Clinton affair, Bill Whittle and Stefan Molyneaux

5. A few minutes of this morning’s testimony with Loretta Lynch that summarizes the entire Clinton affair.

6. French Defend Decision Not to Warn Bataclan Despite Threats

Despite a history of extremist threats to the Bataclan concert hall, the venue’s owners were not warned or given any police protection, according to a French parliamentary report released Tuesday that calls for an overhaul of the way that country fights terrorism.

The Bataclan was the scene of a mass slaughter during the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris. ISIS militants shot and bombed patrons attending a performance by an American band, killing 90 people.

NBC News published an exclusive report Tuesday based on a review of thousands of French and Belgian documents that examined a previous threat to the Bataclan, allegedly made by Farouk Ben Abbes, a Belgian of Tunisian origin who was investigated but never charged in a 2009 terror attack in Cairo that killed a French teenager.

Click Here to Read the Exclusive Report on the Paris Files

The parliamentary report delves into that episode, while quoting French intelligence officials defending the decision not to protect the Bataclan. Families of the victims in the 2009 case have long criticized its handling by French authorities.

7. Paul Sutliff on his research into the CVE and what it means.

(He is currently on BlogTalk radio now till 8:00 and is very good!)

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Albrecht, Buck, Red Fox Blogger and many more. More to come indeed.

It really does look like its going to be an ugly summer. 

(Rumours of Bike gangs and Black Panthers at the RNC from Michael Savage Show today)

And now, for a little comic relief.

Here is an interesting article about Donald Trump and racism. 



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9 Replies to “Amazing testimony at Lynching, Venezuela charges Rapunzel for not spinning food out of communism and more: Links 1 on July 12 – 2016”

  1. This is something I just can’t understand:

    – Capitalism is devil! It oppresses the people with their business!
    – Ok, we’re closing operations here and leaving the country.
    – That’s a crime! How you dare to leave the country and not to have business here!

    It’s the same logic about fascist Europe and immigration.

    – Europe is a fascist and racist continent full of white supremacist fascist racist opressors!
    – Ok, we’re closing boundaries.
    – That’s a crime! How you dare not to allow immigrants to enter Europe!

    Same logic with critics to Brexit.

    – Britain is full of fascist xenophobic idiots, they’re a bunch of morons who aren’t able to understand how negative is for them to leave Europe!
    – Ok, we’re leaving Europe.
    – Hey you, morons, how you dare to leave us!

    It reminds me the logic of abusers.

    – You’re a asshole/bitch who gives nothing in that relationship and who is making my life a hell !
    – OK, I’m filing for divorce.
    – Hey you, moron, how you dare to divorce me!

    • Johnny,
      Could you please post the title and maybe the lede? After a first quick skim of a page of links, I go back to click those I want to read in full. It’s just easier to access with a little more text.

    • Most people don’t get much of an economic education these days, I have and that is why I keep posting things on the economy and put a little explanation of what I think the info means.

      This article is about how the left has been using printing press money (printing money and pretending it is worth something like the face value instead of being worth less then the cost of the paper and ink). This policy has propped up the worlds economy for the past 8 years but the props are flimsy and one of these days the market forces are going to collapse and then the economy will fall much further because of the printing press money then it would have if they had followed sensible economics (Austrian economics, google it) and put more money into the hands of the little people instead of concentrating it in the government and the people who bribe the politicians. There are many signs that the market is starting to break through the paper shield and this will cause economic disruption of a size that has never been seen before.

  2. Bernanke’s Black Helicopters
    by David Stockman • July 12, 2016

    Tweet about this on TwitterShare on FacebookShare on LinkedInPrint this pageEmail this to someone
    Ben Bernanke is one of the most dangerous men walking the planet. In this age of central bank domination of economic life he is surely the pied piper of monetary ruin.

    At least since 2002 he has been talking about “helicopter money” as if a notion which is pure economic quackery actually had some legitimate basis. But strip away the pseudo scientific jargon, and it amounts to monetization of the public debt—–the very oldest form of something for nothing economics.

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