Operation Badr – Beware the 17th of Ramadan – June 23, 2016

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by Sonia Bailley

“Badr will come again, O Muslims!”

If ever there was a date to be remembered and commemorated in Islam, it’s the 17th of Ramadan. This year it falls on Thursday, June 23rd, beginning Wednesday evening at sundown — same day as Brexit.

This date holds great military and spiritual significance within Islam, as it was on this day that the greatest and most significant battle in Islamic history took place: the Battle and Victory of Badr in 624 AD (about 150 miles south of Medina), in which 313 Muslims defeated 1,000 non-Muslims from the Koresh tribe of Mecca who just wanted to return home safely from Syria with their trade caravans.

This battle marked the first significant military victory for Islam, which solidified Mohammed’s position as ruler of the first Islamic State in Medina.

It was a spiritual victory as well. The Koran (8:11-18) discusses how Allah sent blessings to guide and purify his Muslim warriors in preparation for battle. However, Allah also sent thousands of angels to help his warriors win by making their hearts more firm to Allah’s command to kill unbelievers, and by removing all uncertainty and fear within them. It was also the time when Mohammed mandated the killing of captives in battle.

Dates are significant for jihadists. The 17th of Ramadan is a date that Westerners should become familiar with, and take heed. Jihadists are ramping up attacks against the West during the Islamic military month of Ramadan, especially now that the caliphate has been re-established.

The 17th of Ramadan is a date jihadists hold very close to the heart, a date they memorialize….and wouldn’t think twice about reliving it in order to inflict more horrific carnage upon unbelievers. Next week, June 23rd……


1. The 1973 Arab-Israeli War (the Yom Kippur War referred to by Jews, and the Ramadan War referred to by Muslim Arabs), and code-named “Operation Badr” by the Egyptians, began on the 9th of Ramadan, October 6th, on Yom Kippur, the holiest day in Judaism.

However, last year, Islamic terror attacks were actually being plotted for the 17th of Ramadan, coinciding with July 4th (U.S. Independence Day), and they were thwarted. See links here. 

We should be aware of jihadi attacks ON or AROUND the 17th of Ramadan, as it is an extremely significant date for jihad to be waged.

2. It’s not only those days that marked defeat and humiliation in Islamic history that jihadists choose to inflict carnage (such as September 11th, when Islamic armies were defeated at the gates of Vienna in 1683, and in 1697 when they were defeated at Belgrade), but days that marked huge victory and mass carnage of infidels as well, such as the 17th of Ramadan.

16 Replies to “Operation Badr – Beware the 17th of Ramadan – June 23, 2016”

  1. To Malca, yes, you are quite right, that was my error, I had checked the source in haste.
    The 1973 Yom Kippur War began on Saturday Oct. 6th at 2:00 pm, which was the 9th of Ramadan, not the 17th.
    I will modify the note beneath the article, please check again tomorrow.
    However, last year, Islamic terror attacks were actually being plotted for the 17th of Ramadan, coinciding with July 4th (American Independence Day), and they were thwarted.
    See below.
    What I’m trying to convey is that we should be aware of jihadi attacks on or around the 17th of Ramadan, as it is an extremely significant date for Muslims to wage jihad.
    And jihadis take their dates seriously (when they’re not actually raping them).

    FBI Says it Thwarted Islamic State-Inspired July 4th Attacks

    July 4 Terror Plots Foiled, F.B.I. Chief Says

    FBI foiled Islamic State terror plots planned for fourth of July holiday

    FBI ‘foiled IS-inspired attacks on US Independence Day’

    • Oh, Dear…. And after I shared this out on the air on various shows. I shall offer the corrections along to my listeners.

    • Egypt’s selection of Yom Kippur as its day of attack worked so well in Israel’s favor that I can think only that someone familiar with Israeli society proposed it.

  2. But it’s the religion of peace?
    Why are you afraid of widows and orphans?
    We don’t yet know his motives?
    Christians caused Orlando
    Islamophobia and homophobia caused Orlando
    The US celebrated Ramadan in the White House hundreds of years ago.
    Muslims sent the first man to the moon.
    You didn’t build that.
    Guns kill, not people, unless they are white or conservative.
    Just as many Christians kill for their God as do the single lone wolf psycho who hijacks Islam.
    The US will be safer with more Muslims and no guns.

    I’ll stop now.

    • Pat says, “Was not waging aggressive war the principal charge against the Nazis at Nuremberg?”.

      That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking all along. And where did they get off attacking Libya and causing the death of President Gaddafi? And why is he always so belligerent and paranoid toward Russia? Does the American President have a sort of 007 licence that allows him to attack any country he feels like attacking? Left wingers always label Republicans as hawks, but Obama and Hillary are the biggest hawks in memory, not to mention being on the wrong side every single time they act.

      My guess is that Hussein has a much closer relationship with Erdogan than we know. Obviously the Turks want to get rid of al-Assad, murder or drive out 100% of the non-Sunni Salafist population, kill all the Kurds, and take control of the Caliphate, getting the Ottoman Empire and Caliphate back where he thinks they belong.

      Why does every single thing that Obama does and every word that comes out of his mouth always make things better for the worst of our enemies? Why is that? I know that Donald has suspected the guy from the beginning and so have I. I think Barack Hussein Obama is a Manchurian Candidate and a practicing Muslim. Every piece of available evidence points to that. I could easily write a list of 20 examples without having to pause once. Barack acts: the Jihadists say, “Excellent, excellent…”. I think the Arabs have scored the greatest covert warfare coup in the history of the human race.

        • Yes. It would appear so. And the Manchurian German Chancellor and now the Manchurian Prime Minister of Canada, and of course, the gutless Manchurian Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who is definitely a Conservative in name only and who just can’t do a thing about the massive immigration, no matter how much he’d like to. It’s impossible to stop letting hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the country, says Dave. Impossible!

          Maybe we should all move to Manchuria. They seem to be running the world…

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