Muslims murder another Canadian hostage, more examples of the Orlando jihadi’s motives: Links 1 on June 13 – 2016

1, According to Israel national News, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau managed to give the usual public statement on the Orlando massacre and not mention Islam or Muslim once.

I have not found the video of it yet, but I’m sure it will be as infuriating as it is amusing.

2. Co-worker of Orlando killer interviewed by Maegan Kelly.

3. Reddit, the popular news aggregator proves once again that there is no such thing as “social media” as they censored all news of the Orlando shooting on their site and letterally BANNED regular contributors for posting fact based links on the Islamic nature of the attack and Islamic identity of the killer. Here is their excuse. But it sure feels a lot like Facebook and Twitter to me. Regulars who post to Reddit noticed it right away and alerted  us here at Vlad early to it, which leads one to suspect that they may not be 100% correct in their reasons.

4. The Culturally Marxist left wasted no time in gathering lots of people who either are gay, or willing to pose as gay, to try and make sure the anti-civilizational policies of Clinton et al. do not suffer because of the results of said policies and that Trump gains no ground.

In the comments to today’s Daily Links post, there are many similar videos from all over the country where an attempt to deflect blame and cause away from Islam, and towards guns and right wing people is in full swing. Its quite something to see. In the 70s we had to take LSD to get this far from reality.

5. Orlando killer cheered 911 attacks in 2001

So much for all the bilge we hear about him on CNN etc.

6. Slovak art piece looking like a Muslim terrorist set up in street in center of Bratislava.

Slovak police are investigating the case of a mannequin dressed in black clothes holding a mock weapon, which was placed in front of the St. Martin’s cathedral on Sunday morning. The mass in the cathedral had to be closed down, as the police also had to look for explosives in the area. No explosives were found, though. “The investigator has started criminal proceedings concerning an offense restricting freedom of religion,” stated the regional police’s spokesperson Lucia Mihalíková, adding that the police call on the public for cooperation.

Slovakian jihad dummy BEST PHOTO 4

Slovakian ‘art’ installation in downtown Brataslava

7. BBC: Abu Sayyaf ‘kills Canadian Robert Hall’ in Philippines

(They probably should have waited till the anti-backlash campaign settled down or the blood was drained off the floor of the Pulse gay bar, but they went ahead and killed another Canadian hostage)

A Canadian held by the Islamist group Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines has been killed, media reports say.

Robert Hall was kidnapped in September along with three other hostages from Canada, the Philippines and Norway.

Mr Hall was killed on Monday after a deadline for a ransom expired, security sources told Canadian broadcaster CBC and Philippine news website Rappler.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he believed it was “likely” that Mr Hall had been killed by his captors.

“It is with deep sadness that I have reason to believe that a Canadian citizen, Robert Hall, held hostage in the Philippines since September 21, 2015, has been killed by his captors,” Mr Trudeau said in a statement.

(I have deep misgivings about Mr. Trudeau as PM. But it is truly an excellent and even somewhat brave thing he is doing, to NOT pay the ransoms to these groups. It would be easy for him to look like a hero to his less deep-information supporters by using tax money to ransom them home. But that would indeed put all non-Muslims in the Philippines, and especially Canadians everywhere in Muslim lands from Afghanistan to Calgary in great danger)


Thank you Xanthippa, M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, ML., and many more.

The comments on this site are always good but the past 24 hours or so especially, including some interesting disagreements. So please consider checking those as well.


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12 Replies to “Muslims murder another Canadian hostage, more examples of the Orlando jihadi’s motives: Links 1 on June 13 – 2016”

  1. “In the 70s we had to take LSD to get this far from reality.” Today all canadians are like that naturally.

    • Hey Behead, did you know that James Joyce said that in order to be a patriot you had to criticize your country? By this criterion I consider you a Canadian patriot! So there.

      • What I don’t understand is why Stephen Harper lost the election.
        Or frankly, after 9/11 why did we elect a man whose middle name is Hussein?
        And what did they do to the real Pope?

    • A friend of mine, with an IQ through the roof, listens to CBC radio all day long as he goes about repairing complicated electronic things around the city. He’s not the sort of guy who would normally be that left wing, but the CBC has done it’s magic and my friend backs the lefties on every important issue while maintaining a “common sense liberal” sort of persona.

      How do they do it? First, they make you believe that you’re hanging with the smart kids now, as they do a segment on quantum physics as it relates to Einstein’s theory of relativity. Pretty smart, eh? Then they fill your head with all kinds of news snippets without telling you that they are carefully editing out anything that might make you agree with Ronald Reagan or not like Barack Obama or be afraid of radical Islam. And remember, it’s government funded, so they don’t have to annoy you with used car ads and the like.

      People like my friend actually think they are better educated than the average and don’t even know where Fox News is on the dial because they know for a fact that only gun-toting inbred hillbillies who marry their sisters listen to Fox News. That, my friend, is the reason so many Canadians are so damn oblivious…

      • In America, is same but with NPR. I have NEVER heard one, not ONE, pro-gun story on public radio ever. Everything is slanted to some cosmopolitan viewpoint.
        That’s why I find it so funny the lefties complain about Rush Limbaugh: they got an entire network, funded by various governments and private foundations, that literally spews leftist propagnda 24/7 365!

  2. I don’t mean to blame the victim but… what the hell were you doing at a south PI resort?
    Next time try Cuba or the DR… Oh sorry, you took the chop and won’t be going anywhere ever again.

    I am reminded of British tourists that were kidnapped “on holiday” in Yemen. They really must have been to every other place on earth to choose Yemen for a vacation spot.

    Over a decade ago my son gave me a book titled “1,000 places to go before you die.” I looked through it again a few years ago and realized that at least half of the suggestions were either blown up, like Palmyra, or absolutely out of bounds today as a western female.

    It is sad but true.

  3. 7. BBC: Abu Sayyaf ‘kills Canadian Robert Hall’ in Philippines

    If people knew what an Islamic beheading actually was they would be a lot less likely to refer to what happened to Mr. Roberts as a mere “murder”. Simple murder, like a bullet in the head or a shove off a cliff, would be a relaxing walk in the park compared to what the Jihadists do to people when they behead them. If out media actually showed news instead of gauzed-out b.s., we would know that Muslim “beheadings” are the slowest, cruelest, most painful way that anyone could die. It’s not just “swish…thump”. These Muslim beheadings are real live crimes against humanity, much more than just ordinary little “murders”…

    We should be really, really mad about this. They committed an atrocity against a Canadian and they should pay the price for that. If we had a real leader he would be plotting his vengeance right now instead of just thinking of ways to make us think that everything is fine.

  4. A bunch of barefooted pirates.

    Sad that with the squillions of taxpayers monies furnished on the military, this bunch are not
    slaughtered by the bushel.

    And that goes Worldwide.

    Slaughter them and salt the Earth under them.

    Let it be a lesson to the pirates and the handwringing PC left.

  5. 6 – I wonder who did put the mannequin there? The effect was of a soft terror attack but someone on our side could have acted stupidly, I hope not but the could have.

  6. So, the Orlando killer was gay and a past regular of the club that he attacked. That makes absolute perfect sense. I’m surprised that combo hasn’t come up before. What would you do if you were both a Muslim and a homosexual? And by a Muslim I mean someone who actually believes that there is a guy called “Allah” sitting up in space and that He is watching every move that you make even to the point of monitoring your very thoughts. And remember, Allah is not a nice guy. He doesn’t love humanity or have a covenant with them or anything mushy like that. With Allah it’s either My way or the Highway, he doesn’t owe you anything, and he’s mean as a rattlesnake.

    What better way of getting on Allah’s good side, being spared the agony of eternal hellfire, and maybe getting through the gates of Paradise and getting to those “boys with skin as white as pearls”, than going down to the Infidel gay bar and committing the biggest act of Jihad since 9/11? It makes perfect sense. If I were Allah I might just consider letting the guy squeak through for doing such a big Jihad, even if he is gay. After all, it was Me who made him gay in the first place. But of course, Allah isn’t required to do “fair”, is he…

    Doesn’t that “Boys with skin as white as pearls” part just make your skin just crawl like a pit full of snakes covered with bugs…?

    Folks. Just to get things straight once and for all, there is no such thing as Allah. OK? Muhammad made him up sort of like a sock puppet so he could fool a bunch of incredibly stupid desert rabble into thinking he was some sort of “prophet”. Muhammad was, you see, a “confidence trickster”, as the British say. So you don’t have to kill anybody, just go home and forget about it… Become a Unitarian if you like. That would be nice. Or even better, a Baha’i. I hear the Yazidis are down a few members… Buddhism is nice this time of year…

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