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21 Replies to “Full Speech of Donald J. Trump today.”

    • Let’s just blackout any and all intelligence the witness accounts might produce, why don’t we?
      How fast can they turn it into more gay preference? less 2nd Amendment?

  1. Refugee resettlement is a one billion dollar industry in the US. Mr Trump will face tremendous resistance if he does indeed try to change the refugee policy in the US.
    I personally find it incredible that the federal gov’t can choose to settle people anywhere they choose without the consent of the community.
    A halt on all resettlement into the US is well in order at this point and, a tightening of our border controls.
    This is not a popular idea for those whose rice bowls depend on the continued invasion of foreigners.

    • The legality of the resettlement is a grey area and one that is going to touch off a constitutional crisis. The refugee entrance and resettlement are suppose to be controlled by Congress, Obama has seized the power to make those decisions with and executive order. This is where the grey area comes in, how legal are executive orders when Congress is in session? This legal issue will be the deciding factor not the crony capitalism (socialism) that Obama has created.

      The uproar over the change in policy is one reason so many people are backing Trump, he is use to keeping his word and he is saying we are going to go back to doing a lot of things the way the Constitution says they are suppose to be done. I think he will do his best to and achieve more then most people think he can because a lot of the Judges are getting scared about the amount of power the executive branch has seized over the last 7 and a half years.

    • I forgot about the act that gives the President the duty to stop anyone that is a danger to the US from entering the US. This will over ride any financial problems, he is saying he will obey the law, something Obama and Hillary will not do.

      Everything I have heard so far says that he understands the problem and is stepping up to work to correct the problem. This correction will not be popular with the left who will react with violence to the reversal of the damage Obama has done. The rest of the nation will cheer him on and support what he is doing.

      FYI Mexico is ready to build the wall/fence, the massive surge of people further south moving towards the US border is causing massive economic damage to Mexico and can only be stopped by building the wall and enforcing the US immigration laws.

    • Federal jobs created to cater to immigrant needs could go on a reducing diet. Beef-up the FBI. Start by hiring people like Mj Coughlin and Robert Spencer to train them in Radical Islamic Terrorism.

      • It would be nice to see a few of those people get the recognition they deserve. How many years have these luminaries been operating under a mainstream media blacklist, available only on extreme right-wing Islamophobic hater sites in the darkest corners of the internet, being read by people like us, but never being seen by the public at large…?

    • Taht statement sums it up, we either go the way Trump wants or we go the way of the dodo, take your pick on which path to follow.

  2. looking forward to hearing you relax, talk & yuk it up on IAW
    tuesday 6/14/16. nothing like it ..
    Poor Tim has gone & had a heart attack. Jeezze.
    We don’t have many men of his calibre to stock the ranks. Nor many
    of your masterly talent either. Please tell him his fans are concerned about him, his work & personality. He just had a good essay published in GOV too. I think that is pretty top shelf ..

    Anyway, please let him know he is much appreciated.
    bob e

    • I have been sharing all of the well wishes, Bob ~ thank you for your kind words. I too look forward to Vlad joining us tonight.

      Kel Fritzi

  3. One thing I’m glad to hear Trump say out loud is that those in the Muslim who are aware of developing jihadi threats but who remain silent are complicit in those attacks and need to be held accountable for their complicity. This is what was formerly known as “common sense.”

  4. So, suddenly she’s Little Miss Radical Islamic Terrorist fighter, is she? But then she goes on to explain that she’s going to let zillions of Muslims into the country anyway, using the exact same line of reasoning as Neville Chamberlain – that resisting the enemy will be counter-productive because it will only make him madder… I don’t know if Mr. Chamberlain used the phrase, “recruiting tool”, but he could have in a hearbeat. That is such a self-defeating, pessimistic, circular piece of reasoning. God, almighty…!

    Hillary needs to wake up tomorrow morning, have a cup of coffee, and say, “You know what? I really do love my country and I can see now that what America needs is Donald Trump, so I am going to withdraw my candidacy immediately and stump for the Donald from now on, because, gosh darn it, I just love the United States of America so much. Sniff… I’m sorry, everyone. sniffle…for being so…wrong…boohoohoohooooo”. There. Tonight, or at the latest, tomorrow…

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