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4 Replies to “Romanians refusing to be conquered by Islam via the EU”

  1. Now imagine if Trudeau would wanna build a mega mosque somewhere in Canada. Any resistance would be called hate speech and police would make sure they can’t stop the construction.
    I bet that mosque would also receive donations from Canadians to make it even bigger and fancier and if necessary destroy a few churches if they’re in the way.

      • And you know what else? I’ll bet the Canadian churches would be lining up to donate money and support to the darn things. I can just hear the pompous, know-nothing asses going on about how we are stronger when we stand together blah, blah, blah… It’s just so incredibly lame it makes me want to scream…

        When Jesus said “Turn the other cheek” he meant not to start World War III over a dirty look, he didn’t mean to permanently jam all your doors open to the enemy as you throw away your sword. At least I don’t think Jesus would be that dumb back in the year zero. Wouldn’t word have gotten out to the Philistines and wouldn’t they be on their way if they thought you’d taken that route? Wouldn’t the Thracians be on the warpath in a New York minute?

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