State-supported leftist mob harasses dentist because he is a member of the AfD

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this German News site:

For years, Dentist Dr. Marius Radtke?(64) has been treating patients in his praxis at the Pistoriusstraße in Weißensee.

Marius Radtke works as a volunteer in the function of spokesman for the Lichtenberg district association of the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party. This has turned him into the target of left-wing groups who are determined to make his life difficult.

They dropped “warnings” into the mailboxes in the neighborhood, which were meant to inform patients that their dentist was a member of the “racist, un-social and hypocritical AfD party”.

Then they sent warnings to the other dental practices in the area and asked the “dear praxis teams” not to refer any more patients to Dr.?Radtke. In this manner they have tried to ruin the dentist economically since April 13. On their portal, ”antifascist Initiative”, the leftists celebrate themselves about this action, using the motto: “Pulling out Germany’s teeth!”

Demonstration in front of dentist praxis

Then, on Thursday, May 12, it happened: 60 black-clad people demonstrated in front of the dentist’s practice. The police secured the door behind which Dr.? Radtke worked with his dentist’s drill in hand, while they hurled insults at him from the street.

The march to the dentist’s office, which used the title “Weissensee ist bunt”, (Weissensee is colorful), was supported by three groups. One of the groups is the “Willkommensnetzwerk Pankow Hilft” (Welcome Network Pankow Helps). This network receives direct financial aid by the federal government, specifically the Ministry for Family.

“Pankow Hilft” is the recipient of plenty of praise and favorable mentions in public for their voluntary work with migrants and asylum seekers.

Now, the helpers have turned up at Pistoriusstrasse, however not to help, but to insult a dentist because he is a member of the AfD.

All this happened a week ago. [Ed: at the time of writing. It may be a few weeks ago now] The public wasn’t mentionably upset about it. And that may be the worst yet. Because if this becomes the norm, that people because of their political preferences can be harassed by an angry mob with the goal that said person then won’t be able to keep on practicing his livelihood, then Democracy has come to an end. Then we will enter very quickly into a new age of street fights.

Berlin city officials cloaked in silence

In April, the minister president of Thüringen, Bodo Ramelow (Left) had in clear language vehemently condemned the demonstration of left extremists in front of the residence of AfD leading figure Björn Höcke. Ramelow spoke of “nazi-tactics”.

It’s with this same kind of bluntness that the campaign against the Berlin dentist should have also been condemned. But the city leader cloaked himself in silence. As did other politicians, of whom not a word was heard from as well.

If one wishes to dispute Dr. Radtke, they should invite him to a discussion. But that is apparently not at all what these left marchers want. They want to finish a person, because they don’t like him.

The above post was translated by Nash a week or so ago and it got lost in the cracks. But there is an update now.

Please watch the video below:

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  1. This is why only an independently wealthy man like Donald Trump, who can withstand the economic losses generated by his enemies (Macy’s, Univision, etc.), can speak his mind. Everyone else has to hide their opinions behind a pseudonym on the internet.

    • Seconded. My son has two more years of dependency.

      Fortunate he was inoculated in childhood that whenever he asked why, he got an answer. He has been asking ever since.

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