Bad Godesberg: Niklas P. is not a single incident

An original translation by Nash Montana

From PI News:

After the racist murder of student Niklas P. by moroccan Walid S., there are now other german youths that made reports of similar experiences. What we, of course, have known for a long time, finally sees the light of the public: Young people and adults are afraid of the evening hours, because in Bad Godesberg there are now several no go areas: Rheinallee/Von-Groote-Platz (Rondell and Basteipark included), Kurpark and Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse.

Bad Godesberg 2015

5,918 criminal offenses, 237 cases of violent crime (murder and manslaughter, rape, robbery, dangerous and serious bodily harm). Street crime: 1,776 cases. Individually recorded are Robberies (86). Very often incidents are not even being reported, more specifically they are not being recorded by the police, so it’s only natural to see that the actual numbers are substantially higher.

According to the spokesperson for the police, there are half a dozen intensive multiple offenders. They usually hang around in groups with other youths, they stand out, they’re loud and hang out at different places. “We keep an eye on them, they’re regularly approached.”

Niklas P. was buried with great honors in the cemetery of Burgfriedhof. Now other victims begin to talk: The case of Tim P. happened in the evening hours of April 15 by Rheinaue. What really happened there he only knows from what his friends are telling him, namely that he was brutally beaten.

First they slapped him, then the culturally sensitive thugs called in their “brothers” via cell phones as usual, and a massive beating, including kicking the victim’s head multiple times, followed, which led to serious consequences: The 18 year old, Tim, spent 24 hours in the intensive care unit – with head and brain trauma and serious brain hemorrhaging.

His school friends who were there, called the police. The police came, left the friends alone, and went searching for the offenders. A second unit arrived at the scene, they took personal information from the young students, and put Tim and his two friends on the subway. Their explanation: So that he wouldn’t be attacked again. At the main train station Tim collapsed, and a mother of one of his friends brought him to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with massive head and brain injury.

Even as the police were told exactly what had happened, they did not call an ambulance.

The kids’ parents criticize. Generally one has the feeling that the police just misjudged the entire situation completely. But the police sees it differently: Tim said that he would call a doctor himself, that is why they did not call an ambulance.

Tim doesn’t go out in the evenings anymore: “What happened to me happens to others as well. I hear about these things.” All of Tim’s friends that were there, feel completely defeated. Tim says, “I can’t quit thinking about it, I have these flashbacks.” His father says, “There always have been scuffles and disputes, and they’ll always be there. But the willingness to literally annihilate someone with the use of utmost violence, that is new.”

Young American shows a clear edge

Of course there’s always the possibility of behaving like the 16 year old American Brennan Adams. On his way home, he was followed by two “men”. When they were at a distance of two meters from him, he pulled a knife out of his pocket, flipped it open, pointed it in the direction of the two men, and then he ran. At home,

Brennan’s mother called the police. “They just told me that my son should call the police the next time.” Shortly after Niklas P.’s murder, she again called the police to report the incident. And again, she was stalled, the police officer refused to take down her name, even though she tried to explain the situation in german

(Translator: I assume she is english speaking).

The police said on May 20th that there was no police report on file from the family.

General Anzeiger gives good advice

Andreas Baumann from the General Anzeiger conducts himself in the usual leftist manner: The murder of Niklas P. stokes fears, there can not be talk of no go areas, even though there were for example shots fired twice within a year between rivaling street gangs. “In Frankfurt, Cologne or Berlin it is much worse.” Well, that is comforting to know.

If an offender has a migrant background or if he has a long german pedigree really doesn’t play much of a role. But the question about the backgrounds could be important and helpful to know when people from migrant background, comparing their percentage within the entire population, when they commit a disproportionately amount of serious crimes.

This should have consequences within the work the police does as well as within the entire integration politics. The whole thing should be made more transparent, because without this transparency, that is when prejudices fall on fertile ground.

Good advice for women

At a recent city event upset citizens were criticizing that Bad Godesberg is getting an increasingly bad reputation by the public. That the city is being seen as unsafe. The borough mayor and islamism appointee, Simone Stein-Lücke (CDU) contradicted these statements and gave a fitting islamic recommendation: Women shouldn’t be out and about in Parks after dark anyway.” (Then there would be no Taharrush mass rapes like in Cologne and elsewhere in german cities.)

Pastor also gives good advice

Pastor Picken has been rudely awoken from his sleep of the just, and he profoundly resumes: “There’s got to be something done now, otherwise what will happen is we’ll see massive protests and maybe even a radicalization in Bad Godesberg.”

Chief mayor of Bonn, Ashok-Alexander Sridharan, CDU, himself a man with migrant background, commented, “The goal is to sensitize these young people with each other, so as to avoid violent attacks in the future if possible.” Sitting at the same table shall help to sensitize the head kickers. And when that won’t work, well then the german youths will have to be sensitized, so that they learn to endure violence from other cultures.

Merkel: “We have to accept migrant violence.” We can do that!

Bottom line

Whoever feels like a stranger in his own city with no right to speak up in Bad Godesberg, they can move away. The question is only, where to? Because the same kind of wretchedness that’s happening in Bad Godesberg, takes place in all cities all over the country.

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  1. The actions of the German government are leaving the Germans no peaceful choice to resolving this problem. Peaceful protests are going to continue to be met with violent counter protests until the violence escalates to guns and knifes. At that time we can expect the German government to react against the German people.

    I pray that I am wrong in this prediction and that the German government will back the German citizens, I pray for that but expect that my prediction will come true.

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