The missing component of the Brussels attack. The Jews. Or was it?

In every major terrorist attack in the past few years there has been a Jewish component. The Charlie Hebdo attack had some jihadis murder Jews in a deli. This was met with the contemptible lie by president Barack Obama that it was “some random folks in a deli” that were murdered.

Then there was the attack more recently in Paris. This had a few components. A popular sporting event, a soccer game, and a Jewish owned venue for dance music and drink. (They probably also had ham on the menu) So a very strong target for Muslims.

There was the attack in Copenhagen where a free speech meeting was shot up and then a man killed outside a Synagogue.

In pretty much every attack, the jihadis make sure that there is at least a component of attacks on Jews. So what about today in Belgium?

From Yahoo News:

Starbucks shuts all Belgium stores after bombings

(And why?)

New York (AFP) – Starbucks shut all of its coffee shops in Belgium on Tuesday, after a Brussels airport outlet was apparently the location of one of the bombs that killed about 35 people.

“Amidst reports of attacks targeting Brussels Airport and a metro station, initial indications are that an explosion took place outside our store within the airport,” the US coffee chain said in a statement.

“This store and all other Starbucks stores in Belgium will remain closed until further notice.”

So what does Starbucks have to do with Jews?

From Arab American News:

Starbucks in particular has gained a reputation in the local community for notoriously being a pro-Zionist company, yet a lot of that appears to be based on misinformation.
In fact, within the last year, any strings that had connected Starbucks to Israel appear to have been cut. The company closed down all six of its locations in that country earlier this year, dissolving its joint partnership with Shalom Coffee Co., which helped operate the Starbucks locations in Israel.
But when it comes to Islam, the far left and terrorism, optics trump reality every-time.
I have spoken with Starbucks managers who have had to cope with political vandalism and graffiti on their stores, community problems, not being allowed to participate in events etc. because of Muslim and leftist perceptions that Starbucks somehow funds the IDF.
What a shame it isn’t true. I would like to think every Frappachino sold fills a magazine for an Israeli infantryman. But it isn’t.

The Arab American piece is quite fair and rational. But the BDS and Islamic groups are not. And this may mean that the choice of location to detonate the explosives constitutes and answer to the question: Where is the anti-Jewish component of this attack?

It would be good to know more about the tactical aspects. Was the Starbucks the best place anyway irrespective of all this? Or like other attacks such as Bombay and Paris, did they actually suffer a tactical loss in order to make a strategic point? In other words, would they have created more terror by choosing a location other than Starbucks which had more potential to do structural damage and create loss of life, and so Starbucks was chosen in order to specifically be anti-Jewish? Or was Starbucks where they wanted to detonate anyway.

This answer may have to wait for an architect to weigh in or better yet, a decent confession by a captive. If indeed we are permitted to know the truth and as Maj. Nidal Hassan has still not been allowed to fully disclose his thinking, we may never know it.

Xanthippa sent in the following addition. The recent attack in Turkey had the bomber following a group of Jewish men before detonation. 


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18 Replies to “The missing component of the Brussels attack. The Jews. Or was it?”

  1. Are there any Jihadi attacks on Japan, Korea?

    No. Why?

    Because they have not been so incredibly stupid as to allow millions of Muslims to settle in their countries.

  2. New tagline sign-off on everything I will say or write:

    “Furthermore, I consider that islam must be destroyed.”

    I am going to add this as a footer to my email, I encourage you to do the same.

    I am going to add this to every post I make here, and every article I write for other people.

    I am going to start saying this – and I’m not joking – in my daily conversations out and about. I recommend you all do the same.

    Someone should sell bumper stickers that say, “Islam Must Be Destroyed”. I can’t, but someone should.

    This is a variant on Cato the Elder’s constant rhetorical sign-off, “Carthago delenda est”, which means “Carthage must be destroyed”. This is actually a simplification of this phrase, “Ceterum autem censeo Carthaginem esse delendam” (English: “Furthermore, (moreover) I consider that Carthage must be destroyed”).

    Cato would say this at the conclusion of every speech or statement. He said it ALL. DAY. EVERY. DAY. He used this tagline even when what he was addressing had nothing whatever to do with Carthage.

    Islam MUST be destroyed. Anything less is suicidal, effeminate insanity. This satanic political system must be wiped from the face of the earth. Not contained, not tolerated, not quarantined, not “reformed”, not compromised with, not dialogued with, and encountered only for the sole purpose of destroying it.

    Islam must be destroyed first for the well-being of those outside of it, but also so that the people stuck inside of it could be freed from its satanic grip. We fought the Nazis in WWII first to liberate those nations being attacked and conquered by the Third Reich, BUT ALSO TO LIBERATE THE GERMAN PEOPLE THEMSELVES.

    Furthermore, I consider that islam must be destroyed.

    • I would agree with this except that this line had been appropriated by an anti-Semitic Christian sect – and now-days evokes the connotations of anti-Semitic religious fanatics, like the Westboro Baptist Church in a slightly different shade of pink…

      Not a group I’d like us associated with…

  3. Thank you Eeyore, I hadn’t considered that aspect of the attacks but this must be considered and looked for in all attacks.

    • I don’t do overpriced coffee.
      But I’ll pass on Starbuck’s craven flight from the perception of Israeli contamination to those who patronize the stores.
      ~~ oh, those Zionist cooties ~~

  4. I have no ideal why Starbucks is such a big successful company. Their coffee has this sickly flowery burnt taste that cries out for lots and lots of cream and sugar. But I do know that I would go there every now and then if they proudly proclaimed that they supported the state of Israel. The fact that they consciously deny Israel makes me sick once for their cowardice and then again for their lousy overpriced “coffee”.

  5. The deli was not the only Jewish component in Charlie Hebdo attack. The one woman in Charlie Hebdo who was murdered was Jewish.

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