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7 Replies to “What do muslim migrants do once in Germany?”

  1. close order drill .. eh ?? these idiots have never seen what Wehrmacht
    mechanized panther 3 tank warfare can do. With spec forces, aircover ..
    just keep tappin’ into that Deutschland DNA .. Turkish problem ??
    when the EU is no more I can see a deal with the ruskies to annihilate
    the new caliphate. The worlds most reliable trains will be pointing SE
    from Deutschland, reminiscent of movies we have all seen.

    • That is one of the possible scenarios of what is coming, but first the Germans have to remove Merkel and rebuild their military. Then we have to work on ensuring that the Russian Bear doesn’t get too big and too powerful. Read the J. E. Dyer article in todays readers links about what Putin is up to in Syria. It reveals a lot.

  2. Big question on this one, was it already trained people trying to ensure that they were still disciplined enough for the coming fight or a trained fighter working on instilling discipline in some raw recruits. The second is more dangerous then the first.

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