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7 Replies to “Lars Hedegaard at CPAC: ‘Europe near total breakdown’”

    • That was what I was going to say, months or possibly weeks until the total breakdown occurs. Of course as bloggers we don’t have a reputation to worry about and he does.

  1. “The big question then [that] I cannot answer is, Why would our politicians permit this to happen? The present Danish government was elected just half a year ago promising people that they would seal the borders; they have done exactly the opposite and I’m at a loss to understand why they would do that …”

    You’re not the only one, Lars. I guess a hundred years from now, if there are any western nations with scholarly traditions and freedom, still in existence, learned men and women will be debating the issue, and giving talks about the question, and students will be writing PhD theses on it. Why … why? But whatever the reasons, this betrayal of the majority of Europeans and, indeed, of Western civilization itself, by a relatively small group of societal elites, will continue to echo down through the centuries to come as one of the worst (and perhaps bloodiest) examples of human perfidy that the world has ever seen.

    • People who haven’t been watching the left as long as I have are having a very hard time accepting the idea that their elected officials are working to destroy their nations. The left has to act now to destroy the west and build their utopia or lose the opportunity for several centuries. By the time the fighting is over nationalism will once again be the way people think and the left will have to start all over again.

  2. Mark Steyn has been writing about his friend Lars for several years which is how I first heard about this valiant gentleman who has become one of my heroes. I wonder if this meeting is the same CPAC that is taking place here in the US at this time? Lars has sacrificed his life for free speech and Western civilization- we are lucky that he is still with us. This video should be given to Senator Jeff Sessions if he hasn’t seen it already, and Lars should be asked to testify before the US Senate on the results of allowing unrestricted immigration/ invasion.

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