Muslim killer in Denmark last year had a koran, Canada to turn military bases into islamic community centers with mosques halal: Links 2 on Feb. 8 – 2016

1. Copenhagen terrorist had Quran during attacks

(Which is the more criminal I wonder? The politicians for telling media to hide this important fact for the public good, or the media for obeying political instruction and not doing their job or their responsibility to the public by informing them of that which they need to make healthy decisions)


Radio24syv revealed that Omar El-Hussein, a Danish citizen of Palestinian origin, was carrying a copy of the Quran when he was shot and killed by police in the wee hours of February 15, 2015, information that had been kept secret by Danish authorities.

According to the radio station, at the time of his death El-Hussein had a Quran on him with a bookmark at Surah 21, ‘The Prophets’, which contains verses about disbelievers of Islam.

A theologian and expert on the Quran at the University of Copenhagen said that although one cannot definitively prove that the 22-year-old El-Hussein was inspired by the scripture, the location of the bookmark could be significant.

2.  Canada to leave multi-nation mission against the Islamic State, but to bring 6000 muslim migrants and house them at Canadian military bases.



Thank you M., Richard, Maria J., Wrath of Khan and all. I think 2 items are enough for this post. Especially if you are trying to keep your blood pressure in the green to orange range.

Here is an interesting and worthy interview with a man who just wrote a book on Critical Theory and post modern culture. Its quite enjoyable. Not embedable though so click over to source. The video doesn’t appear in my FIREFOX I think cause of an ad blocker but it does in other browsers.

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10 Replies to “Muslim killer in Denmark last year had a koran, Canada to turn military bases into islamic community centers with mosques halal: Links 2 on Feb. 8 – 2016”

  1. I never thought I would say this, but our current PM has not only humiliated me, but he has humiliated 36 million other Canadians at the same time. Especially those in our armed forces who not only have just recently ended a ten year war against the very mindset these “refugees” represent, but now have to give up their on base homes s well. This will be more than a mere decade of darkness, this may well be a darkness we do not survive.

    • I can barely stand to look at Young Skippy’s smug, confident-over-nothing face. Yes, he has humiliated 36 million people and will continue to make us an object of ridicule on the world stage. Hell, they aren’t even bothering to invite Canada to the anti-ISIS meetings any more. We’re out.

      And then there’s the umpteen billion dollars we’re going to lose when the Americans figure out than Young Skippy has let thousands of enemy soldiers within ten miles of their border and they put up a huge wall. He is going to hurt this country in so many ways as we all suffer for his simple lack of brains and overabundance of self-esteem. I can only cope with the guy by blotting him out of my mind and thinking about something else…

      • Me too.
        Just counting the hours till 0 leaves office and this bacha?bazi comes swishing into my periferal vision.
        Who can trust voters? What’s wrong with our fellow citizens?

      • Actually that’s pretty much why I don’t post on him much. And rarely if ever add a photo. Ill post things of importance in terms of his policies and effects of same, but I have to blot him out. It is too horrifying to think of that smug substitute drama teacher as leader for four more years of schilling for islam.

        Whenever I think of him, I think of one of the best lines of one of my favorite movies, Galaxy Quest: “It doesn’t take a great actor to recognize a bad one” and whenever I see JT feign moral outrage or indignation all I can see is ‘substitute drama teacher’.

        • That is a brilliant line, but you can’t ignore pestilence forever. Sooner or later we need to deal with this little boy. We can’t let him “schill for Islam” for the next four years, that is far too big a chance to take.

          • Crunch time is coming to all western nations before he is out of office and will probably start while O is still in office.

    • I know what you mean, they are not only bring enemy fighters into our nations they want to house them on the military posts where they can find weapons to steal.

  2. Trudeau is a traitor. This is not simple incompetence. This is part of the NWO, it’s done on purpose to destroy this country.
    The islamization of the West alone doesn’t make any sense if you don’t take into consideration the NWO plans.

    • Do some research into the far left and their goals, then google deep ecology and see what the leaders of the ecology movement want.

      Once you understand what their goals are you can easily spot their tactics and then you too can be called paranoid when you talk about the left and their goals.

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