Witness Report from a Camp: The Migrants Are Like a Time Bomb, EU has lost its mind.

An original translation by Xanthippas 

From this Czech news source 

It seems that the EU has lost all sound decision-making abilities and, when it comes to accepting migrants, it has given up on all the wise rules, says Martin Herzan, former member of the House Committee on Human Rights.  For Thursday’s ‘Pravo‘ [a publication], he recounted his experiences from Camp Dobov on the Slovenia-Croatia border.  According to him, tens of radical Islamists have also entered Europe, without any actions against them by security services.
“From December 2015 till the end of this January, I have spent six weeks among the migrants on a transition immigrant camp Dobova on the Slovenia-Croatia border, through which the Balkan migration wave flows into Europe.
About three thousand migrants passed through the camp daily – even whole families, but mostly just young men, alone.”
“The migrants could have lied about anything – give any names, dates of birth , even nationalities.”
They came not just from the countries afflicted by war – Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq – many strictly economic migrants have been trying to take advantage of the situation, coming from regions where there is no war.  Most of them did not have any personal documents – they had intentionally destroyed them, to conceal their true identity and country of origin.
Every Day, many weapons were confiscated
As for the registration centres, which issued new temporary documents to the migrants, for those they can lie and say anything – whatever names, dates of birth and nationalities.  The task of these registration centres is to write down the information they are given, not to verify it.
In Greece, the migrants did not even have to lie, because there, they have been, and are, issuing documents in which they put everyone’s date of birth as the first of January, whether the migrants agree with this or not.  The most important part of the work with migrants are the personal checks of the migrants and their luggage.
Under these circumstances, this is the easiest way to find out if this is a high-risk individual or even a former fighter of the Islamic State, al-Qaeda or the Taliban.  Every day, several kilograms of weapons are confiscated. – mostly stabbing or cutting [weapons], but also tazers, nunchucks,and other dangerous objects.
In those six weeks, I have seen tens of radicals and Islamic fighters discovered among the migrants.  On their mobile phones, some had photos and videos of captives, showing them brutally torturing or killing their victims.  Others had child pornography or videos showing torture of naked women.
These were handed to the Slovenian criminal police.  They [the police] usually just interrogated them, made a report, and to the great surprise of everyone, let them go further into Europe.  All the while, under EU rules, persons like these are not allowed to enter Schengen [zone], which, in reality, nobody is supposed to be admitted, if they had presented invalid documents.
Is this about Human Rights, or government subsidies?
All the rules have been abandoned, they are admitting everyone travelling further into Europe, like a walking time bomb.
“At the border, I have also seen true refugees fleeing war, whether they be moderate Muslims, atheists or Christians.”
As a long-standing defender of Human Rights, I am ashamed that behind this curtain of sham humanitarianism – often in order to collect government subsidies – many non profits, even human rights organizations are taking part.  Nothing changes the fact that at the border, I have also met real refugees fleeing from war, whether they be moderate Muslims, atheists or Christians.
Victims of tragic circumstances deserve to find safety in Europe.  In contrast to the problem-causing, never satisfied economic migrants, or those who view their journey into Europe as an obligation to spread Islam, this minority of war refugees coming into hospitable Europe do intend to value this refuge.
“It is as if the European Union has lost its sound mind, as it recklessly feeds growing risks of terror in its territory.”
They really want to work and share, or, at least, respect, European values.  We must not be indifferent to the tragedy faced by these people.  But, to mix in these fates, out of some deference to the chimera of some artificial, “directed” multiculturalism, without any differentiation, into this wave of economic migration, together with many of the migrants on a potentially dangerous mission, this seems to me to be the height of irresponsibility and hypocrisy.
It is as if the European Union had lost all sound judgment, as it recklessly feeds growing danger of terror in its territory.  New Year’s Eve violence in Cologne on Rhine and other cities. which had so changed the atmosphere in Germany, is just the tip of this problematic iceberg.
Then, when this growing wave of high-risk, illegal migration raises protests, which stress the rights of Europeans to maintain their human rights and freedoms, dignity of women and European culture, these are then labelled as xenophobes.
Paradoxically, [this is done] often by the very defenders of Human Rights.  Who seem to be protecting some completely different rights than those that belong to us.

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8 Replies to “Witness Report from a Camp: The Migrants Are Like a Time Bomb, EU has lost its mind.”

  1. The author is looking at the evidence and has reached the conclusion that the leaders of the EU have lost their minds. This conclusion was reached because he can’t conceive of any group of people being evil enough to let an enemy army into the nation unopposed. He hasn’t studied enough history or he would know that this has happened often in the past and will happen in the future, politicians hunger for power and if you can use a foreign army to destroy your political enemies this will save your army for destroying your foreign enemies. The problem is that I don’t think our leftist leaders will be able to remove the Moslems after the conquer the west.

    Welcome to the world the left has created, one in which all of the distopian SF novels are coming true, Malcolm McDowell the star of Clockwork Orange recently said that the novel/movie was becoming reality in Britain. A fact that many SF fans have noted.

    • I’m sorry, but this explanation is not satisfying. Give examples of this happening in the past. You are supposing there is some rationale that the powers that be have that makes this a logical thing for them to do. I tend to agree, but what? You claim that they think they can use these aggressive barbaric Muslims against their political rivals? Who are the rivals of Merkel, of Hollande, of Cameron, etc? What makes these intelligent people think they can deal with the devil, but not get burned?

      Actually, I think they are being coerced in some way by people who control things like trade, oil, natural gas, or who have the ability to either prevent nuclear terrorism, or aid it. They are being forced to trade long term demographic conquest for short term security. Something is going on behind the scenes.

      • The rivals are anyone who opposes socialism. The examples from the past start in ancient Greece and continue up to Renaissance Italy. They also include the massive infiltration of western governments by the Soviets during the Cold War. Read the Verona intercepts (http://www.amazon.com/The-Venona-Secrets-Definitive-Espionage/dp/1621572951) There was also massive infiltration of Nazi agents prior to WWII. Look at Quizling (sp?) in Norway.

        The current pattern is one that is familiar in history, read the real history not the bastardized version the left teaches.

  2. john in ohio .. call it whatever U like , but there is no escape from what they have wrought on us all. how long did it take to get muslims out of spain .. ??
    hundreds of freakin’ years .. we are in for a blood bath, from one end of Europa to the other. this is not too far off either as spring becomes a young man’s fancy & the traditional warring months begin ..

    • It took from roughly 740 AD until 1493 AD to clear Spain and Portugal of Moslems,

      The blood bath won’t be limited to Europe, it will occur in every nation on earth, and there is a significant probability that civilization itself will be destroyed. Our tech base will survive and will grow but civilization will be destroyed.

  3. The EU hasn’t lost it’s mind, the EU is knowingly and willfully aiding and abetting a foreign invasion, and is giving aid and comfort to your enemies. It’s called TREASON.

    • You’ve nailed it, ThisO.

      Those who’ve been lulled by conventional media can’t be expected to understand. Even as police and major media outlets are lifting the veil, most people will refuse to see for as long as they possibly can.

      Victims of disinformation by masters of the art, they’re stunned. Their own EU nannies – Federica Mogherini! Donald Tusk! Socialist parties all-matey, one-world Syriza and Podemos. Who together shaped the collective, complaisant European.

      The gutmenschen are waking up, and to their horror, finding themselves in bed next to ravenous predators.

      We’ll have to be patient with them, they’re going to freak out big-time, and we’d best have our own wits about us.

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