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8 Replies to “Is the counter-revolution in Germany gathering steam?”

  1. Beautiful statements. Hopefully one of those young people is the new Arminius,
    come to help liberate the German people from WW II guilt and extortion and the influx of untamable, anti-Christian, anti-culture, anti-progress, anti-education, vicious muslim invaders.
    Merkel and her open-door, anti-free speech, anti-German policy must go.

  2. The thing is that in a few short years, all those burkha-clad women will have had their nine children who will quickly turn into teenagers who will be walking around in groups just like they do in Cairo, Mogadishu, and the West Bank. At that same moment the most popular male name in London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm etc. will suddenly and forever more be “Muhammad”. This is the demographic nightmare that Mark Stein warned us of in his book “America Alone” ripening into fruition as we dawdle. Picture a bunch of middle-aged Europeans fighting it out on the streets against large groups of young Muslim guys. Picture Western women learning to wear headscarves and black dresses if they want to go out of the house without getting into a nasty hassle. Tick, tick, tick, folks…

    The bathtub is overflowing and the water is starting to flood down the hall and Donald Trump shouts, “Somebody turn off that tap!”, and everybody acts as if he’s lost his mind. I think we’ve pulled into the Twilight Zone or something…

    This is how Muhammad and his followers took Madina way back in the 7th century. He got a “revelation” that ordered all his followers in Mecca to pretend to be being persecuted by the Meccans, and then leave their houses in Mecca and move to Madina as fake “refugees” (Ring any bells?). He then got another “revelation” that ordered any Believer who did not leave his home in Mecca to be murdered and his possessions stolen by the Believers. Really… How come I know this stuff and the CIA and the White House and the General Staff and the Canadian Government and David Cameron seem to be in the dark? How can that be? And why don’t any news agencies feel compelled to share that little piece of history with their viewers?

    What they’re doing to us is plan “A” from the basic playbook. This is how Muhammad took Madina, for God’s sake… Then he committed genocide and ethnic cleansing against the three Jewish tribes that lived in Madina at the time. Put that on the news, Peter Mansbridge. Tell people that Madina used to be a Jewish town ’til the Muslims murdered them all. How about a little informational “special presentation” or two? How about warning the public about a lethal f$cking threat to their f$cking safety?

  3. identitare .. will you look at our beautiful young people .. bravely rising
    to the horror of population replacement .. i can’t keep the tears from my eyes
    and i pray i will have this steadfastness when the reapers’ shadow crosses my eyeline ..

    vlad .. all these posts & vids are fantastic. just incredible. i look forward to listening to your monthly wrap up on Tim & Kels radio show tuesday .. i never miss it.
    thanks so much. you & your crew are spectacular ..

  4. Those kids are the future of Europe, they are the ones who will take up the torch of liberty and run to victory. The war will be long and bloody but in the end people like them will be the ones who preserve freedom and the Western Culture.

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