Thirteen year old German girl kidnaped and serially gang raped for 30 hours. Police force confession from the victim

There will be more on this shortly. There is another news video and an article I believe. Its hard to keep up with all the horror of Islam in the countries we have translators and contacts.

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  1. Jesus on a pogo stick. Well its not like we haven’t seen Police acting like animals
    here in the USA. Tipping points. This may another one.

    • Neighborhood watch groups make the authorities nervous:

      “[C]ivilian defense groups attract right-wing extremists…they use either a real or perceived threat ‘not just to question the state’s ability to deal with the threat, but to deliberately ridicule and undermine the state. These groups also offer right-wing extremists a sense of belonging, and an opportunity to appear in a militaristic manner, as well as to marginalize minorities in order to make themselves more important.'”

    • But some security experts warn that, in some cases, they’re a cover for right-wing extremism.

      Well, maybe we’ve all had enough of left-wing extremism (something that, according to the mainstream media, doesn’t exist).

      It was left-wing extremism that brought all those rapists to civilized countries.

  2. “…some security experts warn that, in some cases, they’re a cover for right-wing extremism.”

    You know, after decades in Europe and 7 years of left-wing extremism in the US, it’s high time we see the rise and spread of right-wing extremism. It’ll help set things right and send these koranimals packing back to their 3rd world shytholes. Islam is wholly incompatible with Western civilization.

  3. One of the tragedies that makes this possible is that generations of youth, many now adults, have been propagandised to believe that cultural identity=nationalism=fascism. This has created the vulnerability that the Islamists are exploiting and counting on to blunt the growth of any opposition.

  4. Any German parent that does not watch over and protect their children like a hawk, is guilty of child abuse under the current circumstances.

  5. Germany: Protesters rally in support of Russian-German teen allegedly raped by ‘foreigners’

    Protesters came out to the Marzahn district of east Berlin on Monday to demonstrate against the alleged rape of a 13-year-old girl who told police that she was sexually abused by three “foreigners” at the weekend. Police have stated that there was no evidence of an abduction or rape following the accusations.

    The supporters decided to stage the demonstration after a teenager, known as Elena K., went missing earlier in January, with her parents alleging that she was kidnapped by three “southern” men who spoke “broken German.” Her guardians later told police that during the 30 hour period that the teenager was missing, she was repeatedly beaten and raped.

    The Berlin-Marzahn-based family filed a missing persons report after the teenager’s disappearance from Mahlsdorf train station on January 11. Locals found her the next day in Hellersdorf, where her parents picked her up and contacted local law enforcement, telling them the girl’s story. However, after police questioned the teenager without her guardians, she reportedly changed statements, saying that she had gone willingly with the men.

    Following a medical examination of the girl, State Criminal Police Office (LKA) released a statement saying that there were no signs that the teenager had been either abducted or raped. The parents have since stated that she was pressured by police to change her statement, with Sunday’s protesters saying that the case had been “hushed up.”

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