“Terrifying echoes of Kristallnacht”

Obscene comparisons by Burkhard Jung the Mayor of Leipzig over the breaking of a couple of kebab shop windows.

KristallnachtKristallnacht was carried out by a paramilitary force, with support from the police and authorities, on that night 30,000 Jews were arrested and later perished, 1000 synagogues were burnt down as were 10’s of thousands of Jewish owned homes and businesses. and the name Kristallnacht comes from the fact that the cities streets were carpeted with broken glass.
The comparison is an obscenity and I have not seen one person dare call him out on it, and that is how the lying media are used against us, no-one will dare question the lies told about PEGIDA being the new nazis which the rest of this article twists the events to “prove”.

And lets not forget why the people are angry as the press would like us todo, 1000 muslim men (in one city alone) conspired to mass rape the local girls when they were out celebrating the new year AND the authorities with the assistance of the press attempted to cover it up.

as I say, an obscene comparison.


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  1. When you don’t have truth, you have to lie and smear the enemy. The political elites and the media in Europe think they have it all wrapped up. Even the alternative media (blogs, internet forums, ind. news sites) are being attacked with ‘hate speech’ threats and laws dressed in ‘security’. So as much a possible, there is a news blackout for anyone critical of the rulers and their media soldiers. But truth is truth, and like the period of communist states, you cannot stop the truth.

  2. There’s every possibility that President Trump will soon be smashing the orthodoxies of political correctness with all the bluster he can muster. And just as is happening now in the United States, the one thing the left and the Islamists fear most will happen. People will start to discuss all the things that they haven’t been allowed to talk about since the iron curtain of political correctness descended upon the world. They’ll watch as Donald says something “incorrect”, they’ll watch as the establishment throws everything they’ve got at him, then they’ll marvel as he tells them to blow it out their a$$es – then laugh as the attackers shrivel up like so many dead flies. I love it!

    Hyperbolic and corny and slightly irritating as it might be, they call it “leader of the free world” for a reason…

    • He will need to address his previous behaviour before I can support him.
      …After the jihad attack on our free speech event in Garland, Texas, Trump fumed:
      I think it’s terrible, and we have to act very strongly. But I will say, I watched Pam prior, and it looked like she’s just taunting everybody. What is she doing drawing Muhammad?…And it looks like she’s actually taunting people — and it’s disgusting that it happened and everything else. But why are they doing [sic] drawing Muhammad? Isn’t there something else they can draw?”

      • Perhaps Trump had not yet learned of the Narrative and taken the “Red Pill”. It is possible. Many popular opinion leaders have some to learn.

        • We can hope, i can ignore the idiotic statement of his that he was “going to speak to bill gates about turning off the internet”.
          But even though I have no artistic skills or desire to draw mohamed, I demand he support my right to incase I change my mind, like i did just now.

  3. In this report HNGN: 211 Right-Wing Extremists Arrested in Leipzig they separate the hooligans from PEGIDA who calmly walk the streets in protest and perhaps simultaneously ‘hummed’ PEGIDA’s wordless hymn

    Quote: “German police said they arrested 211 far-right, xenophobic extremists who broke into riots in Leipzig, smashing windows and setting cars alight. The police described the group as “football hooligans,” according to Agence France-Presse. They stormed a left-leaning quarter of the city while another conservative group, THE ANTI-ISLAMIC PEGIDA PROTESTED PEACEFULLY IN ANOTHER PART OF THE CITY.

  4. Trump has a lot to learn but he is orders of magnitude better then the Democrats and only Curz on the Republican side comes close to him. Yes Trump isn’t a conservative while Cruz is but Trump is a patriot, at this stage of the war I will take a patriot who isn’t a conservative if he will pick a true non establishment conservative as his VP. What we need is 16 to 24 years of patriots in the Oval office and at we need solid conservatives who know how to make the nation and the economy strong to follow Trump.

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