Residents of small Italian town have had enough with islamic migrant crime.

This clip comes in the wake of a news story that is upsetting the residents of a small town in Italy recently about a refugee centre being attacked after an immigrant (Pakistani I believe) was caught approaching a young girl.  This is a poor neighbourhood and the young anonymous guy says this is becoming a more regular occurrence and these people are not wanted, either in the neighbourhood or in Italy.  The local priest also explains the situation but naturally is more disposed to be generous towards the newcomers.

Here is a link to the incident: Pakistani molests a 14 year old girl. The angry locals tried to lynch the perpetrator who holed up in the asylum centre until the police arrived.

Translation: Par0 with much thanks!

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  1. Back in the day that I used to have to reliy on the church for a hot meal, (After my divorce I was homeless and broke), I ate meals in the church for a highly subsidised payment. I worked my way up and ended up on the board of trustees for said charity.
    I made damn sure that at least once a week pig liver,(The cheapest liver on the UK market), and bacon was served there once a week.
    Funny thing was at least three turks came everyday for the meals, but they wouldn’t stick around for the socail aspects of the church.
    And I’m an agnostic , dyslexic insomniac,
    I lay awake all night wondering if there is a dog.

  2. Vigilante action occurs when the government isn’t doing its job and protecting the public. There will be more vigilante groups in the future and in the places where the good people of the town are the vigilante they will disband when a legitimate government arises that will protect the people and insure freedom.

  3. Note how the reporter asks if it is just the “young who show this intolerance towards refugees”. What? How would this woman feel if her 14 year old sister or daughter was molested? Would she show “tolerance” toward the Muslim perp/”refugee”? Idiot!

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