More on political fallout of NYE rape gangs, A wee Willie Winkie attacks a policeman, and more: Links 2 on Jan. 8 – 2016

1. Independent UK does typically dishonest piece on a planned PEGIDA rally in response to the mass rape, molestation and robbery of German women NYE

A. Anti Islam is not anti muslim per se

B. “Cologne mayor Henriette Reker previously said it was “completely improper” to link the attacks to refugees” except they were grossly disproportionately, ‘refugees’ by their definition. The ones who were not, appear to also be migrants from mainly muslim nations.

C. it gives motives for the migration not in evidence and also flatly contradicting known facts such as the ones making hijra, or migration to spread islam, from countries not in war or famine.

D. it actually says that it wasn’t migrants who did it and if it was, it musn’t be thought of that way.

In fact the entire thing is what Stephen Coughlin might refer to as, ‘The CVE’

2.  The Airbrush is Mightier Than the Sword

As Kate McMillan says, the Canadian Press is in “particularly fine form” this Charlie Hebdo morn. Your uneducated, uncredentialed amateur would probably write something like:

On Jan. 7, 2015, two Muslim brothers killed 11 writers and artists at Charlie Hebdo for publishing cartoons they didn’t like, as well as a policeman outside. Over the next two days, an accomplice shot a policewoman to death and then stormed a kosher supermarket, killing four Jews.

But if you’re a highly trained J-school graduate you know that the trick with journalism is to identify the who-what-where-why – and then remove it all. Thus:

On Jan. 7, 2015, two Muslim brothers…

Whoa, wait a minute. Weren’t these guys born in France? Why, then, the salient fact about their identity is that they’re citoyens, Frenchmen, as French as Edith Piaf with frogs’ legs hanging out of each nostril:

On Jan. 7, 2015, two French-born accordion-playing Gauloise-smoking Maurice Chevalier fans…

3. EXPLICIT PICS: Nude Cologne Protest: ‘We Are Not Fair Game, Even When We Are Naked!’

(I am somewhat surprised. I did not expect a ‘Slut Walk’ reaction to the mass molestation from Europe. One wonders if this was independently organized or if this was set up by a leftist purveyor of the Narrative. My suspicion at the moment is its not connected to, or sanctioned by the usual suspects. As it is just one woman, I think my assumption is safe)

A performance artist has taken to the very same square in which dozens of women were sexually assaulted, stolen from, and raped, in a bid to remind Germany and the newly arrived migrants that women are “not fair game” even when naked.

Milo Moire was photographed completely nude, holding up a poster reading “Respect us! We are no fair game, even when we are naked!!!” near Cologne’s landmark Cathedral on the morning of January 8, 2016.

(A few more uncensored photos are at Breitbart link above)

4. Migrant rape fears spread across Europe: Women told not to go out at night alone after assaults carried out in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland amid warnings gangs are co-ordinating attacks

(It is almost as if the various Western Governments are knowingly letting in millions of culturally hostile aliens to our nations in order to get legitimacy for creating ever more and more totalitarian policies to protect the indigenous populations from the consequences of their immigration policies. When you add Merkel and other nations anti-free-speech laws to the mix it becomes true even if it wasn’t intentional at all levels)

Security authorities are growing increasingly concerned by the rising number of sex attacks by gangs of migrants which appear to be spreading across Europe.

Finland and Sweden today became the latest European countries to issue warnings to women to be wary of the threat of sex attacks following fresh reports of sexual assaults in the last week, while the Viennese police chief adviced women not to go outside alone in Vienna.

The warnings come as reports emerged that Austrian and German police tried to cover-up the issue over fears of reprisal attacks on asylum seekers and damage to the countries’ tourist trade.

Dozens of arrests have been made today in connection with the wave of recent sex attacks across Europe.

(Of course, the answer in a rational Enlightenment society is to get rid of the threat, and not live your lives in a twisted manner allowing the threat to go unnamed and unchecked. This realization must occur as the consequences of repairing this perception is orders of magnitude less violent and problematic than its continuance)

5. This is interesting. British citizens stage a ‘Free Raif’ demo in front of the KSA embassy in London E. While its easy ti support the cause of an arrested Saudi blogger who’s crime is basically suggesting Islam and Saudi Arabia are hostile to life, its interesting that this is taking place amongst the Iranian propaganda push against the Saudis. Iran kills a lot of people for trivial reasons as well and quite spectacularly. This was an Amnesty International demo quite similar to the AI one in Aug. in Ottawa Canada

6. Iran enjoys the geopolitical tool of a roughly 10 to 15% Shiia minority in th Sunni country of the KSA which they rattle like sabres in a scabbard when needs be, and needs be now.

7. Cologne sexual assaults: Police chief Wolfgang Albers suspended as anger mounts over New Year’s Eve chaos

(sacrificed on the bloodthirsty alter of political correctness. It must be tough being a police chief in a politicized force. Much like the US armed services after 7 years of Obama)


Wolfgang Albers, 60, was ordered to temporarily step down on Friday by Ralf Jäger, the interior minister for North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

He has been forced to defend his officers repeatedly in the past week after an estimated thousand men, believed to mainly be migrants and asylum seekers, sexually abused, raped and robbed scores of women in a city square.

A leaked police report said officers could not prevent or even record all the crimes as there were “just too many at the same time” by Cologne’s famous cathedral and main railway station.

An initial press release described the evening as “relaxed” before stories of the chaos emerged in local media, and Mr Albers later admitted the “statement was incorrect”.

(Sky version here)

8. Obama administration takes North Korea testing issue to the UN while ignoring Iran link.

“We do not and will not accept North Korea as a nuclear armed state, and actions such as this latest test only strengthen our resolve,” declared Secretary of State John Kerry.

Mr. Kerry is a bit late with his declaration. North Korea has had an active nuclear arms program for nearly a decade and has conducted three of its four nuclear tests during President Obama’s time in office. None of the sanctions contained in the Security Council resolutions have stopped North Korea from thumbing its nose at the so-called “international community” and conducting as many nuclear and missile tests as it wishes. Kerry’s declaration begs the question – “resolve” to do what? Pass yet another Security Council resolution with a few more symbolic sanctions and some additional travel restrictions on senior North Korean officials?

9. Daily Mail link on the shooting in the USA of a policeman in defense of Islamic precepts

Police Commissioner Richard Ross said Archer pledged allegiance ISIS and told investigators that he believed police defend laws that are contrary to Islam.

He said there was no indication from Edward Archer, of Yeadon, that he was involved in a conspiracy.

(Stunning how fast one can contradict oneself in a press conference. Shooting a police officer for enforcing ‘man-made laws’ is a direct consequence of islamic belief and enforcement of the sharia. If that isn’t being part of a world wide conspiracy then it can only be because it is so blatantly out in the open that one can’t call it a conspiracy because there is no subterfuge, other than what we add by denying the facts. As an aside, I write ‘man made laws’ in scare quotes because sharia is every bit as man made as secular law is, they just pretend they are from Mohamed’s god allah)

10. German phrasebook found on asylum seeker sex attack suspect in Cologne included lurid phrases such as ‘nice breasts’ and ‘I want to have sex with you’

Officers found a note on one of the men containing Arabic-German translations for phrases including ‘nice breasts’, ‘I’ll kill you’ and ‘I want to have sex with you.’

Twelve more people are being sought in connection with 121 complaints from women attacked on the last night of the year.

Federal police, as opposed to Cologne city officers, were responsible for security inside the besieged train station. They say they quizzed nine Algerians, eight Moroccans, four Syrians, five Iranians, one Iraqi, one Serbian, and one US citizen following reports on the night.

(Commercially available phrase book I wonder? Or a George Soros published one?)

Thank you Richard, Maria J., M., Tundra Tabloids, and many more.

Here is a photo of the shooting in Philly today from ABC News

While we can’t see the beard we can see it was a full on, ‘Wee Willie Winkie.’

This means the name the press is giving is not the name he uses, which is likely a classic Islamic one, but as the CVE and rules for minority reporting command, the name he was born with in order to delink islam from this obvious act of jihad.

philly tard shoots cop1

Slight detail enhancement on that photo of the shooter. Just photo enhancement, no additions

PhotoZoom Classic 6ScreenSnapz002

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14 Replies to “More on political fallout of NYE rape gangs, A wee Willie Winkie attacks a policeman, and more: Links 2 on Jan. 8 – 2016”

  1. I agree, I don’t think this is the usual naked protester backed, protest something about it doesn’t pass the smell test.

  2. #4 Comment

    One explanation for the inexplicable, baffling, suicidal, uber-obtuse behavior of so many Western politicians is that they are actually in the pockets of Billionaire Saudi princes. Seriously. Maybe our Angela wouldn’t have risen as far as she did without some kind of “help” from a nice man from a wealthy family, and now she can’t betray him without revealing her own sordid compromise. Same with Barry and David and others. I don’t know anything that others don’t, but that would explain a lot. It’s what the Mafia does…

    Other than that and alien interference, I am completely stumped as to why our leaders are hell bent on filling our countries up with enemy soldiers. Did they all get together in a secret meeting and pledge to eradicate freedom in the Western World. Who knows, man… Who knows…

  3. 3. One naked woman stands up to Islam to be acknowledged as a person.

    “Polygyny is the poisoned soil that nurtured the explosive growth of radical Islamism with its sexual obsessions and salacious sacralization of violence. The revolt of ISIS and Boko Haram is not at root a religious one; nor is it truly political or even economic. It is an evolutionary uprising of frustrated young men. They have arisen and seek to claim their place as head of a harem, if not here, in the afterlife.”

    • Therefore, we can see the rage of women, played out before our very eyes.

      ‘The prolotariat looked at burka’d woman and then at nak’d woman, and could not see the difference between them.’

      For one hid her breasts under cloth and the other exposed them to wrap around silicone; their focus of resentment exactly the same – men.

      Neither loving their bodies enough to not care.

      • The Gospel of Thomas:
        (114) Simon Peter said to him, “Let Mary leave us, for women are not worthy of life.”
        Jesus said, “I myself shall lead her in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every woman who will make herself male will enter the kingdom of heaven.”

        The Kingdom of Earth has fought to make every male as female: as a Muslim who washes his gourgeous cup on the outside with a silicon implant on the inside of a Socialist hide his Manhood lest he offends.

        • As fake as they all are, Richard.

          The detail here, is to identify their purpose in the time they were written, and my interpretation is that these are the ‘koans’ of Thomas, (which some scholars believe were written after Mark, Matthew and Luke but before John, where John was written apparently as a direct rebuttle to this Gnositic teaching of enlightenment-to-consciousness – and John started with the ‘of yourself you can do nothing: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Whence Popes have continued this tradition of self-flagelation where their belief goes one way while their subconscience goes in the opposite. The Gospel of Thomas reduced to ‘doubting Thomas’ before the zombie Jesus.

          Belief, Works or Beatitude. Who among them will enjoy salvation?

          The authors of Thomas appear to compress the gospel-sayings of Jesus into observations that their audiences were meant to unravel to understand, the Magic Eye of focusing one eye on the purposeful foreground and the other upon the contextual background, and so apply this perception to life. ‘When the two become one, there I shall be.’

          The Muslim is unable to behave civilized among free women; just as the Feminist is unable to behave civilized among free men. Both pseudo-intellectuals, are lustful unhappy creatures.

          The promise is then, to those who understand the verses of Thomas will not ‘taste death,’ which I interpret to mean finding the peace in the world they had being looking for all of their lives. To be In the world, but not of the world.

          Discovering the duality of perception is harder for primates who are no longer swinging from trees to become one dominant-handed cultures with lopsided brained.

          Fishermen however, appear to have no difficulty getting it.

    • So one naked woman stands in front of all those sperm-incontinent Muslims. Must be exhilarating for a Feminist. The only place she feels she has a sense of control, where finally, her ovaries that define her, are home.

      So too the call to splayer, to rise to the occasion, is strong for Social Workers everywhere:

      “In an interview with Kim Willsher in the Observer, the 34-year-old, from Paris, France, described how she converted to Islam without telling her atheist husband.

      Kasiki, who was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, had been working as a social worker helping to settle immigrant families and later made friends with three young jihadists in the French capital.

      They later travelled to Syria before convincing her to join them, preying on what she described as her naivety, weakness and insecurity’.

      She made the journey to Syria via Turkey with her son after lying to her husband that she was going to work in an orphanage in Istanbul.”

      “…she described as her naivety, weakness and insecurity”

      Socialism had got to the egos of Women and Minorities decades before, and in their misery of pride are bordering-salvation grateful to find that Islam is still attracted and pays attention to abuse the shells that are left.

      • Islam the lowest of all men, and socialism the lowest of all females. Imams and Politicians sending their loins to hell.

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