Media gets Trumped, Natural rights and Shiia attacking KSA embassies in 2 countries so far: Links 1 on Jan. 3 – 2016

1. Here is a link to a speech by Judge Napolitano on natural rights and the contemporary US government. One doesn’t have to look hard to see the contrast with natural rights Vs. various European and Canadian rights as well. The stream seems to be unreliable but it offers a download which should be done anyway and listen to it once you have it as thats more stable.

2. Is China exerting totalitarian pressures on Hong Kong despite agreements?

3. Euronews clip on the Shiia riots against the Saudis (and by extension Sunni muslims any minute now)

4. Very recently: ‘British boy’ threatens UK with new terror attacks in sick new ISIS video showing the death of five ‘British spies’

A suspected British boy has threatened the UK with new terror attacks in a depraved ISIS execution video in which five spies are killed.

Dressed in military fatigues and a black bandanna bearing the white flag of ISIS across his forehead, he points to the distance and declares: ‘We will kill kuffar [non believers] over there.’

The terror group’s captives, dressed in orange jumpsuits, were filmed ‘confessing’ in Arabic to spying for British security services.

One of the executioners threatened David Cameron before the five prisoners were shot in the back of the head at point blank range. […]

With five executioners standing behind the kneeling, shackled prisoners, a masked gunmen said in a clear British accent: ‘This is a message to David Cameron, slave of the White House, mule of the Jews.’

In the 10 minute long propaganda video, he described the Prime Minister as an ‘imbecile’, adding: ‘Your children will pay for your deeds.’

‘How strange it is that we find ourselves today hearing an insignificant leader like you challenge the might of the Islamic State.

‘How strange it is that the leader of a small island threatens us with a handful of planes. One would have thought you would have learned the lessons of your pathetic master in Washington and his failed campaign against Islamic State.

5. Iraq: RAW: Saudi embassy struck by rocket after Sheikh Nimr’s execution in Bagdad

6. UK: ISIS terror doctors recruited from UK will return to work in NHS

The numbers of UK-born medics being recruited to vile jihadi cause is so worrying that British officials have been sent to Sudan in a desperate attempt to stop the flow.

The Foreign Office understands that the Islamic State – also known as Daesh – are urgently seeking more foreign medics to help at its hospitals in Syria.

[…] He admitted: “The Islamic State realises that in fields like medicine, the non-Muslims are currently those advanced.”

(Its truly amazing how much memorizing the koran will not teach you)

7. Vietnam protests after China lands plane on disputed Spratlys

January 3, 2016

HANOI (Reuters) – Vietnam formally accused China of violating its sovereignty and a recent confidence-building pact on Saturday by landing a plane on an airstrip Beijing has built on an artificial island in a contested part of the South China Sea.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Hai Binh said the airfield, had been “built illegally” on Fiery Cross Reef in the Spratly archipelago, in territory that was “part of Vietnam’s Spratlys”.

China’s Foreign Ministry rejected the complaint, saying that what was a test flight to the newly built airfield on the reef, which China calls Yongshu Jiao, was a matter “completely within China’s sovereignty,” the Chinese state news agency Xinhua reported.

The United States said it was concerned that the flight had exacerbated tensions.

8. Texas governor challenges Obama to ‘come and take’ the Lone Star state’s guns as the president prepares to take executive action

(Please see item 1)

Texas Gov Greg Abbott criticized President Barack Obama’s plan to move ahead with possible executive actions on guns in a tweet in which he told the Commander-in-Chief to ‘come & take’ the state’s guns.

Obama said in his weekly radio address that he is looking for ways to keep guns out of the hands of ‘a dangerous few’ without depending on Congress to pass a law on the fraught subject of gun control.

He plans to meet his attorney general, Loretta Lynch, on Monday to see what executive actions might be possible. Steps to strengthen background checks could come this week.

At a rally in Biloxi, Mississippi, tonight Donald Trump also pledged to undo any action Obama takes on gun control if he wins the next election.

(Video at DM fairly good and fair)

9. ‘She has caused tremendous death’: Donald Trump slams Hillary for ruining the world and blames Clinton and Obama for ‘creating ISIS’ 

Donald Trump blamed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for causing ‘tremendous death’ in the Middle East, while saying that she and President Barack Obama ‘created ISIS.’

Trump appeared on Sunday’s Face the Nation and suggested that Clinton had ruined the world.

‘I mean, the entire world has been upset,’ Trump said. ‘She’s done a horrible job, she’s caused so many of the problems. And, let me tell you something, she has caused death. She has caused tremendous death with incompetent decisions.’

(Its hard to tell if planet Earth can handle that much truth from one guy)

10. Donald Trump makes another important observation about reporting on his appearances

(I must say I agree with Mr. Trump. There were moments when I caught myself clapping at the computer monitor. The media is disgusting and very arguably criminal when it comes to reporting on anything political)

Thank you Johnny U., M., Buck, Richard, ML., and all who sent in news. Its only Sunday and its shaping up to be one interesting week.

Here is an interesting video from last Aug.

Description reads: This Palestinian mother was shown such kindness by Jews when her young son was treated, free of charge, for his heart problem in an Israeli hospital.

She freely acknowledges this, but she still hopes that her child will grow up to be a martyr.

Here is a segment of Trump from a recent rally from a fan with a cell phone

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17 Replies to “Media gets Trumped, Natural rights and Shiia attacking KSA embassies in 2 countries so far: Links 1 on Jan. 3 – 2016”

  1. #6 ISIS Doctors

    What the Westerners seem incapable of understanding is that the only thing required for “radicalization” is a genuine belief in the existence of the god, “Allah”. That’s it. That’s all there is. Once you believe in Allah everything else follows. It’s not a matter of being a bad person or a psychopath or anything, it’s simply a matter of fear and obedience. Allah is very scary…

    If Allah could speak he would most definitely be on the side of the Islamic State and he would most definitely threaten a Muslim with extreme punishment for not siding with them. We’re not dealing with criminals or misfits here, we are going up against moral men who are simply being true to their religion. Unfortunately, their religion commands them to annihilate the rest of us. I know that’s inconvenient and not very “helpful”, but it happens to be the truth…

    • Thank you for your observation Chris that with Muslims “…we are going up against moral men who are simply being true to their religion. … ” I know that’s inconvenient and not very “helpful”, but it happens to be the truth…”

      An implication that they were acting like anyone of us would do born and growing up in their Religion. Moral people.

      Ergo, the rape and murder of Christians are from moral men and women because the God’s Truth Koran tells them to and they sincerely believe it.

      I wouldn’t therefore use the word, “moral” to define the behavior of someone who puts on a mask to cover their constant sense of dread.

      I would call them “sick”. And there are people who are less sick, but unless free, then neighbors who had lived side by side for hundreds of years will find one of them slits their throats, “for no apparent reason.”

      The best Muslims are ex-Muslims. Logic and evidence tells us this is so. Anyone in a cult only ‘behaves’, they do not hold the accolade to be given that of moral.

      Therefore, you have uncovered the definition of Moral Relativism as it is the same for the Cultural Relativism pushed by Marxists through the decadent, selfish, self-preoccupied, educated-stupid intellectuals relying on Kinsey-Keynsian interest rates and rapes to foister on the poor, their neighbourhoods and their workplaces.

      In opposition to your proposition, Chris I believe that all moral people are able to converse in the same wordless-word language because of their immutable connection as un-yoked travelers and explorers in this universe: to “love god with all your heart mind soul and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.”

      This duality of mind that simply expands wider to make their wisdom narrower and more precise, in their experiences of life and are exposed to the lacklustre, affection-deprived legislators of Lust and Laws that are all serving death-threats, loss of livelyhood and shelter to those who dissent.

      So please, will you explain on what level moral-neutral ground you will meet with these collectivists to link and build upon their trust and friendship with your equivalent or ‘better’ morality – those who will grow in fear and hate for your freedoms that expose their lack of control that they cannot survive in? They demand your belief in their belief of themselves – anything less, and you are calling them a liar.

      So is it a sit down with an inclusive Halal sandwich where everything spoken is inoffensive and politically correct, with an internet free from religion and politics of those unqualified? Moral to moral? Respect?

      Honesty has an association with honest-crook, honest-drunk, honest-slave, honest-fool; but never with moral-Christian, moral-Muslim, moral-Communist, or moral-Homosexual until now; to define an equality with those described as ‘just-like-us’ if kept within the confines of the lowest expectations to prevent them running off to their more perverted and cruel overlords and Associations they rely on and to make things Clear.

      Feminist Associations achieved children out of wedlock.
      Homosexual Associations achieved sexual relations without commitment.
      Blacks Associations achieved a perpetual White Blame.
      Muslim Associations achieved prayer as their superiority that almost every progressive Church now has an multi-accesible Prayer Space just like Mecca once did.

      Or are these the truths that make them our moral adversaries?

      I see their moral vacuums and the tears of unloved children brought into the world. Of square pegs forced into perfectly smooth and rounded holes of justification.

      And of those who live outside these Preferential Party Affilliates: are these moral media-dumbed, politically-infantalized that don’t ask for what they are told they would rather not want to know – as morally equivalent to those who will instantly shout them down if they did?

      I would argue then, that they are all sick and need the freedom as taught by John The Baptist to the Christian Savior, Jesus, for the repentance of resentment and pride, pain of forty days cold turkey to get to realization and forgiveness, (Even the Devil was not cursed), returning to save his people from their moral blindness.

      But as you say, Muslims are already “moral,” and they need not apply to follow The Truth, The Life and The Way as roads tippy-toe inoffensively to Heaven.

      Once labeled moral, these sheepled in return for peace, need never pick up a conscious thought ever again, with the values of the weak before the strong and strong before the weak.

      Communicate this to a Jew living in France – that they are up against moral men. All I see are cowards running to stand still.

      I very much appreciate this discussion Chris, with so many moral people around who would desperately like to shut us down!


      • To answer if there’s a retort of, “but you have to reconcile with the fact they think they are acting in a way that is moral!”

        But they in no way are moral. Their moralty is the superiority of delusion and the destruction of inferiors who were not into their bag. The Japanese in WW2 believed they were the most moral.

        Three minds control the brain. Working together, their interruption of each other is natural and wholesome. If one takes exclusive control, then either their father, mother or their reproductive voice dominates, while the other two voices remain mute. An external script can then be fed directly into them.

        Islam has The Father-Allah spoken from the pulpit. The Mother is excluded. Sex, to get a rise, has to be a dominant act. Animals need to beware.

        Socialism has the Mother spoken from the school. Father is excluded. Sex is submissive. Therefore be aware of animals, male of females, as they will try to mount you.

        Loins are flashed around the internet to become any Identity you’d like them to belong to. Spoken in Kindergarten. No excrement-pleasure to small to experience. Father and Mother absent and consigned to the status of Dumb Breeders. Animals are our friends.

        So my point is, the brain is served by all three memories. Thus we need our two other minds, two witnesses for testify to the third it’s not kosher. That is my definition of morality. Those who don’t know they don’t know, are not moral. No equivalence-morality possible. The Hijacking a person with Learning Disability to approve of their mono-mindstates, does not make it so.

        The over-reach of The Post-Jesus Baptism of Repentance to remove this grid-lock became as debased as a Lord’s Prayer recital, of only acting in the Name of an outer Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; and not what should be found alive in you, a living spring at peace and satisfaction with your father, mother and reproductive voices of conciousnesses.

        Now we have schizophrenics moving further from being supported to being sympathetically stroked as bipolar happy/sad people to now fully accepted as gender fluid role models.

        And we’re back to Muslims want to shoot and blow us up.

      • “Message 1: The relationship between genes and environment is closer than we ever imagined. Genes predict our brain development but it is experience that sculpts it
        The argument between nature and nurture is over. We are in the midst of a revolutionary shift in the way we think about brain development, emphasizing the paradigm shift regarding the role nature and nurture play in how our brains are shaped. The constant interplay between our experiences and genetics shapes our brains, and thus early experiences (as early as the womb and even before conception) are built into our brain. Because the brain is a social organ, its development is dependent on social interactions. The brain needs and relies on experience.”

        Bodily functions are a transition phase, or for the emotionally rejected, a security-identity experience.

        “Message 2: The brain is complex because it is not a homogenous organ but a highly inter-related and integrated organ”

        They have to speak to each other. The emotional negativity in the voice of the Socialist or Islamicist corresponds with the same lack of brain development.

        “Message 3: Early Intervention is the answer: it becomes progressively harder to fix problems”
        “When our brain fails to get what it expects and needs, especially in certain critical or sensitive time periods, then the amount of effort required to set it back on track is enormous and optimal outcomes are less likely”

        People as adult have ‘gaps’ in their thought processing, unable to be coherent, so that a David Icke may bring a string of unlinked ideas and give them new meanings of association which aren’t there. For example, the Queen of England is a shape-shifting Reptilian because she has Blue Blood.

        Or Allah informs Muhammad of contradictory things but it’s OK because the last Decree always abrogates the one before. Unchanging for over 15 billion years in the known Universe, Allah changes His position during the few years of Muhammad’s conquests.

        If child deveopment was what is should have been – with a sane father in the home and mother close, Islam could have no audience.

      • Therefore, the Hitler Youth, the Islamic Madrassas, the Socialist Schools and Genderless Kindergartens – all institutions designed to make their children ‘preferential’ – are the hot houses of self-harm and approval-seeking generations that Boarding School gym masters could only dream of.

        • Why? Because when you release them from their cage of Halal-Haram all hell breaks free.

          Entering a Socialist Dynasty to them is like they have gone to Heaven.

          The most moral Muslim is a non-Muslim.

          This is The Way as it has always been.

      • So what is moral? Is it the same as the Kinsey Scale for Homosexuality: Heterosexual at one end and Homosexual at the other and everyone a mixture in between? Is Islamic morality simply a Non-Muslim at one end and a Muslim at the other and everyone a mixture inbetween? In fact, we are all Islam Fluid?

        This acceptance is of the undefeatable, that homosexuality and Islam by implication are simply in our genetic makeup: “just get over it!”

        They have one morality, you have another morality and it is fixed and isn’t going to change.

    • Hi Chris,
      What Westerners are incapable of understanding is, that while we treasure freedom more than our lives, Islamists treasure death (and their fantasies of virgins) more than their lives. While some of us elect to sacrifice our own lives for the lives and freedoms of others, so that perchance others will be able to live free and enjoy living as a free people, Islamists sacrifice their lives for the sake of taking out as many lives as they can because they know Allah will reward them, and all the other lives they take will burn in hell, and those left behind will live in fear and trembling of the next bully-mullah who writes a new fatwa. American slave-owners were “moral” God-believing Christian men … until enough people exposed their “morality” as a farce. Please don’t call people who live in fear “moral” … scared people are not “moral” … they will commit any horror to save themselves.

  2. Of course China is putting pressure on Hong Kong, despite the leftist propaganda there was no treaty that the Soviet Union signed that they didn’t break with the exception of the non aggression pact with the Nazi’s. Communists always break their agreements because it is in their nature just as Jihad is in the nature of Islam.

  3. Trumps continued insistence of telling the truth in his speeches is what angers the establishment politicians of both parties, they know that all he has to do is to keep telling the truth and he will be elected. And they also know that he will consider the election to be a deal between him and the voter, he always keeps his side of the deal so the politicians are also scared.

    With luck he will be elected and will insist that Hillary and Obama be charged and tried for their crimes.

  4. It is not just Texas that is challenging Obama to come and try to take their guns, I have been saying for many years that Obama wants a civil war and he knows that moving to restrict our rights to keep and bear arms is sure to start one. People that have been ignoring my advice to purchase firearms for self defense are ordering the ones they want and if they have money enough are buying some to have until the ones they want come in.

    • The rest of the Southeast Asian nations can’t afford to let China have a free hand, and all of them are praying that the US elect a President that will stand up to China.

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