Iran burns down Saudi Consul, India kills terrorists at attempt to take air base and more: Links 1 on Jan. 2 – 2015

1. Gunmen Attack Indian Air Base Near Pakistan Border; 2 Killed

At least four gunmen entered an Indian air force base near the border with Pakistan on Saturday morning and exchanged fire with security forces, leaving two of them dead, officials said.

The gunmen entered the living quarters section of the Pathankot air force base, about 430 kilometers (267 miles) north of New Delhi, but were not able to penetrate the area with fighter helicopters and other equipment, said air force spokeswoman Rochelle D’Silva.

At least two of the attackers were killed and security forces were exchanging fire with the other two, she said.

2. Hillary Clinton casting consultant for Al Shabab?

The militant group Al-ShabaabAl Qaeda‘s affiliate in Somalia — has released a recruitment video featuring GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

The more-than 51-minute propaganda video comes on the heels of a war of words between Trump and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton over her suggestion that the real estate mogul’s controversial remarks about Muslims would be used to recruit jihadis. The video includes a clip of Trump calling for a “shutdown” of Muslims entering the United States.

3. Gun fight in Stockholm. Stunningly little information. Translation by Tundra T. from Finnish press.

4. Proud ‘jarhead’ refuses to remove US Marine cap for driver’s license photo — it’s ‘religious’ attire

(Either you can wear a hat or you can’t but special rules for special people is a recipe for a highly unstable society)

When he was advised that the Sikhs were religious apparel, Morales said his was also. He explained that when he enlisted in the Corps he swore an oath to “one nation under God,” and that’s about as religious as one can get and that’s all there was to it.

5. Italy: Man deported for saying he would ‘blow up Rome’

A Moroccan national was expelled from Italy on Tuesday after saying he was planning to “blow up Rome”.

(I remember back in the day when tourists just wanted to sit on the beach and drink)

6. There appears to be a major counter terrorism-terrorism event ongoing in India now where recently a 5th terrorist was ‘neutralized’ by the Indian armed forces.

Live Updates

7. Naming the Muslim Brotherhood a National Security Threat

(If Ted Cruz’s bill to declare the MB a terrorist group is successful, it would do more in the interests of the preservation of freedom than all the bombs in and around Baghdad)

The Muslim Brotherhood is to Islamic terrorism what a virus is to disease. Major terrorist leaders from the Caliph of ISIS to Arafat have the Muslim Brotherhood on their resume. And the current leader of Al Qaeda led a Muslim Brotherhood splinter terror group. But its linkages to Islamic terrorism are only a secondary aspect of the organization whose focus is on Islamizing nations through more subtle means.

Paradoxically the Brotherhood has met with far less success in the Muslim world than in the West. Its greatest victories in the Arab Spring would not have happened without Obama’s backing and its takeovers of Egypt and Tunisia were rolled back by popular uprisings while its efforts in Libya, Syria and Yemen were stymied by armed conflict with other Muslims.

The Muslim Brotherhood is unpopular in Egypt these days. It’s also unpopular with Americans.

In one poll, 61 percent of Americans had an unfavorable view of the Muslim Brotherhood. Only 11 percent had a positive view of the Islamic supremacist organization. Only 5 percent of Americans saw the Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of Egypt as a positive development.

8. Occurring now: Protesters reportedly burn down the Saudi consulate in Iran

after Saudis executed Shia cleric al-Nimr.


Thank you Wrath of Khan, Tundra T. M., and many more.

More to come.

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  1. Saudi summons Iran envoy over execution remarks

    […]The Saudi foreign ministry also said it holds Iran responsible for the protection of its embassy in Tehran and its consulate in the northeast Iranian city of Mashhad.

    IRAN – MASHHAD – Saudi consulate Jan 02 2015 :

  2. #2- “Hillary Clinton over her suggestion that the real estate mogul’s controversial remarks about Muslims WOULD BE USED to recruit jihadis.”
    That is NOT what she said. What she said was the tapes of Trump’s remarks WERE BEING USED to recruit jijadis. There is a difference…
    Just another media goon trying to soften a Clinton lie.
    So now, Boko Haram has come out with a propaganda tape featuring Trump. But, guess who else is on the tape, wait for it… HILLARY!

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