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9 Replies to “Here is something you didn’t expect to see”

  1. Ah, Jerry is not a One World Globalist, he sees things as ‘them and us,’ and has not drunk the collectivist kool ade.

    Islam is not ‘them and us’. Everyone’s a revert when they understand three things:
    Contrition or

    Socialism is not ‘them and us’ and is the same with its application of the Greater Force for Good:
    Taxation or

    • I was in Moscow in 1985 when it was still the Soviet Union and I noticed something. Among the people around me were certain ultra-cool individuals who seemed to be able to go anywhere they wanted, read what they wanted, and say whatever they wanted. They could shop in the “tourist” stores too, and get things like Johnnie Walker and Sony Walkmans. They could possess hard currency. Those cool people, I eventually noticed, all had tiny little pins on their lapels – pins marked “Party Member”. That pin, I later learned, also meant, “I’ve ratted-out a friend to get here”. Socialism is most definitely about “them and us”, they just go to great lengths to hide that fact because they advertise themselves as being the exact opposite. Kinda like how the “Anti-fascists” are actually Fascists. In a true “socialist” society the distinction between the ruling class and the peasant class is depressingly the same as in the days of the czars and Boyers. Ironic, eh?

        • Andrew Wilkow always says on his show, “Socialism is for the people, not for the Socialist.”

          In other words, the rules for the one who makes the rules only apply to the subjects, not to rule maker himself.

          See Obamacare.

      • That is why I keep saying that the Marxists want to create a neo feudal system with themselves as the Royals and Nobel’s and the rest of us as serfs.

  2. What I’m watching in Obama is treachery, not uncertainty…

    NATO and other allies especially Australia is in there, but just like the US everyone is pussy-footing around when heavy heeled boots are required!

    • Yes. From what I’ve seen Barack Obama’s primary mission is to do as much damage to the United States of America as he possibly can during his presidency. He sees himself as the reincarnation of Malcolm X and he’s just as angry. He’s probably totally surprised that he hasn’t been arrested yet. When he’s not starting race riots he’s getting soldiers killed, then he’s releasing senior terrorists, then he’s choking off the national fuel supply, then he’s pissing off an ally like Britain or Canada, then he’s betraying a foreign asset like the Pakistani Doctor who gave them Osama bin Laden, then he’s cosying up to an Islamist state like Turkey, Iran, or Qatar. He never stops. Barry is simply the cool version of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. “God Damn America!”. Curious how much the lefties seem to love him…

      How unfortunate that America’s “first black president” should be so obsessed with getting even with the cracker motherf$ckers that American history will record him as by far the worst president they ever had. I can understand his rage, of course, but it’s really unfortunate that such a damaged individual worked his way to the top instead of a better man like Ben Carson or Allan West. The USA is going to have to go through a lengthy recovery process once they get Osama bin Hussein-X in the rearview mirror…

    • That is because the left has gained so much power in the west no one wants to touch off the civil war needed to allow us to fight a war of survival.

  3. Tough to imagine someone speaking from higher moral ground. They should make him the new Pope. Let Francis get a job mopping floors down at the corner mosque.

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