Bombs on a plane, American soldiers at British airports and more: Links 1 on Dec. 20 – 2015

1. Air France flight from Mauritius to Paris is forced to make an emergency landing in Kenya after passenger finds a suspected BOMB in a toilet

(Don’t you hate it when people leave stuff in the bathroom on aircraft?)

An Air France flight from Mauritius to Paris was forced to make an emergency landing in Kenya after a passenger found a suspected bomb in the toilet.

Kenyan authorities have now retracted an earlier statement which said that it was an explosive device, and now claim that it was a ‘dummy bomb’.

The Boeing 777 was carrying 459 passengers and 14 crew members when pilots requested an emergency landing at a Mombasa airport at 12.30am.

(There are photos of the bomb on social media according to the article. No doubt there is as people with cell phones are much more willing to inform others of what they need to know than is the MSM or our governments if it contradicts the narrative. Perhaps a reader can find one of them. More at the Tribune)

2. Britain: Immigration officers give up hunting 10,000 missing asylum seekers

(10,000. That would be what, two divisions?)

Immigration officers have given up trying to find more than 10,000 asylum seekers who are missing in Britain, a watchdog has revealed.

Staff are not even checking last known addresses because it is “not a priority” and a “drain on resources”, the chief inspector of borders and immigration found.

Illegal immigrants have also been allowed to abscond after being released from custody because there are no beds available in detention centres.

And more than 30,000 failed asylum seekers are still in the UK more than two years after all appeals against removal were exhausted, the report said.

3. Israel: Potentially Devastating Terror Attack Foiled on Gaza Border – Israel on Friday uncovered a number of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) along its border with Gaza, foiling a possible devastating terror attack.

Israel Defense Forces engineers uncovered the unexploded IEDs, with some devices connected to remote-controlled timers set to be activated by a cell phone, Yedioth Ahronoth reported. Earlier this week, a similar IED detonated near IDF troops.

4. Large demonstration against a ‘migration’ center in Poland.

(Translation by Kathy)

Manifestation in Polish city of Olecko. 
City council adopted resolution against the migrant centre in Olecko. The resolution was sent to Prime Minister Beate Szydlo. Resident are also collecting signatures in protest against the creation of a centre for refugees. Neither city authorities nor residents agree with the decision of Office for the Affairs of Foreigners ( the official name is “Office for Repatriation and Aliens” ? ) . In town residents displayed black flags which are sign of the mourning for democracy.
(Olecko has populatio of 22,384)
[Oddly there is audio of the demo at the site but no video. Perhaps on YT somewhere. Will look]

(Video here. Sent for translation if content warrants)

5. This video from an ABC focus group on muslims in America who are upset with all white people for being racist, and Obama for not doing enough to protect muslims etc. is quite revealing of both the leftist media and islamic thought in the USA. It isn’t encouraging however.
6. Turkey: Police fire tear gas at protesters on busy Istanbul street

7. US guards with guns to patrol British airports for the first time under controversial new plans being discussed by London and Washington

Gun-toting US border guards with the power to search holidaymakers will be stationed at British airports for the first time, under controversial plans being discussed by Washington and London.

The US Department of Homeland Security wants to introduce the scheme at airports worldwide, including Heathrow and Manchester, to reduce the risk of Islamic State terrorists flying to America.

Guards from Customs and Border Protection would carry out immigration and customs checks before passengers board.

They would be given diplomatic immunity so they could not be prosecuted for any crime committed on British soil.

(Fascinating sign of the times, sin’t it?)


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24 Replies to “Bombs on a plane, American soldiers at British airports and more: Links 1 on Dec. 20 – 2015”

    • If your name isn’t Muhammad and you don’t look up “bomb making” on the internet too often, it is unlikely that the authorities will be sitting there listening to your conversations and reading your emails. If you’re a 22-year-old Muslim male with a full hate-beard and a Quran in your hand, who frequents pro-Palestine rallies, that’s another story. I see Muslim guys go by on the street who obviously wish they were with ISIS. It’s written all over them. No matter what some people say about “profiling”, it’s the only logical way to refine a search out of a large population.

      Of course, if they let the police use the information they receive to go after ordinary criminals without due process, then that would be a police state, wouldn’t it…

      • I wish that was true. Governments are desperate to pretend to ‘balance’ as if this was an issue that requires balance. Everyone who believes in the rule of law, of the US constitution and the bill of rights and even Americans who sign up to the Armed Forces are actually now definable as either radical extremists or violent radical extremists for the army and 2nd amendment types. Don’t believe me? Check Stephen’s CVE briefing for ‘Countering Violent Extremism’ where he explains exactly how that has been enacted such that a grotesque waste of government time is spent watching and monitoring the traffic of people like us. Seriously. Those of us that actually believe in equality and rule of law are the enemy to the cultural Marxists and the round up may well yet happen.

        • This has been going on (at least towards the gun owners and activists) since the 1990, it slacks off a lot when a Republican is in power but the assets are all kept to restart the programs when a Dem is appointed. After the 8 years of the government ignoring the law under Obama it will be hard to stop buy a new administration. And if the law breakers in the Obama administration aren’t arrested, tried and punished for their crimes the rule of law in the US is officially dead and the Constitution and US code are simply historical documents that are relevant to scholars only. A fact way too many people don’t understand.

          Here I will make a prediction, if Hillary is elected and there isn’t a revolution there won’t be another Presidential election while she is alive and if she lives long enough Chelsea will be sworn in as President without an election.

  1. #5 Upset Muslims

    The official stance of the “moderate” Muslim is always the same and always unacceptable. They insist that the entire problem lies with the intolerance and racism of white people and that they have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism or Islamic Jihad because the terrorists aren’t real Muslims. Ba da bing…

    Well, that’s just not good enough, folks. We can’t work with that. By taking and promoting that mendacious stance they are saying that they will only support efforts to train white people to not be so evil, never to do anything about Islam. By saying that today they are showing that they will never be willing to negotiate anything at any time for any reason. It will always be, “You are bad, we are good. End of discussion”. The problem is that the Quran actually does command its followers to do exactly what the terrorists are doing. And that, Mr. Gore, is the real inconvenient truth…

  2. 2 – When I was in the army a division was 20,000 men, or course in WWII some divisions had more then 100,000 men. The number of men in a division varies but to the best of my knowledge it hasn’t been below 10,000 since WWI.

    • I was under the impression that a division was 5000 men and an army was 2 divisions. Thats what I get for trusting my memory in an age of google.

      • A regiment is between 2 and 5 thousand men, in peace time a corp is between 2 and 4 divisions, in war time divisions are often about 40 to 50 thousand and corps will have up to 5 or more divisions. The peacetime sizes are there to provide the peacetime muscle and the cadre for the massively enlarged war time military.

        If things turn as nasty around the world as I expect we may see a quick rebuild of the military that will match or exceed what was done in WWII, probably exceed.

      • An example from WWII, during WWII General I. D. White commanded the Hell on Wheels division, it was larger then any peace time corp.

        A little trivia, the I. D. stood for Issac Davis the man who fired the shot heard round the world, one of Whites descendants retired from the army recently and made a public statement that Issac Davis helped found this nation and he was damned if anyone was going to destroy it while any of his descendants were alive.

  3. I don’t know which is scarier number 5 or number 7, both show breakdown in the traditional sovereignty of nations and what is expected of the citizens of the nations.

    • Richard does it not seem that the nation state is the unwanted relic of history for the likes of George Soros and all the old time commies running things nowadays? Now they’ve got they’re own paid army in Frontex in Europe to trump the sovereignty of ancient people. With each and every catastrophic Muslim attack another inch of our freedom is opportunistically stolen with some new procedure or regulation. And so I wonder about this grand 49th parallel we have at the Canadian-US border. Should this not be on the commie agenda for obliteration? What planned epic event will erase this drawn line? I simply don’t think that an insolvent America will ignore the one asset within easy reach and that can supply enough gold, water, oil and other commodities to revert it to a semblance of solvency. The farce of this vast independent nation to your north will fall to the mother of necessity, I feel, but in the name of “national security”. On the other hand if I’m nuts in this regard please expand…

      • Johnny your question has brought some interesting ideas one of which (the mercenary companies) has brought out some possible occurrences that I hadn’t thought of and I will have to think then through before I put them down for anyone to read.

        The following is a stream of consciousness answer to your questions, and the pain killers for the back pain is making me ramble and jump from one topic to another and then back. Bear with me because I really don’t want anyone up north to think the US is going to invade. That is the longest unfortified border in the world and I want to keep it that way. I like a lot of other Americans would gleefully welcome you into the US if you petition to join but will resist with all of my might and conquest of you for any reason other then you invade us. As an accountant I can tell you that no matter how broke the US gets it will be cheaper to buy the oil and minerals from you then an invasion and occupation would cost. I say this as a former cost accountant of a division of a Fortune 100 company, unfortunately I got cross ways to a controller and ended up out of a job during an economic downturn when the big companies weren’t hiring and hte little ones didn’t want me since I had better work experience then the people who would have been my boss. They were afraid that I would quickly end up with their job. The only scenario I can see where the US would invade Canada would be if the Moslems take control and we invade to liberate you from the Moslems. You tell me how likely this is?

        First let us look at the gold, what most people don’t know is that the US is still one of the major producers of gold in the world. And as I said above it is cheaper to buy the minerals then to steal them with military force. Yes we could use the oil and gold in war time but we also need to have our military free to fight our real enemies and not set occupying what was a friendly nation.

        The water shortage is a shortage in only a few areas and they are natural droughts. The people who are worried about a water shortage tend to live in the big cities and for the most part have very little knowledge about the management of natural resources.

        The left has worked long and hard to achieve the destruction of the nation state, especially in Western Europe and North America. They have achieved varying degrees of success among the upper class and upper middle class but the lower middle class and the lower classes for the most part continue to think of themselves as citizens of a certain nation. This thought pattern is helping to drive the resistance to the Islamic conquest of Europe and North America, and the fact that the resistance is coming from the lower classes is one of the reasons the self proclaimed elites are so upset with the upstarts who dare to oppose their plans. Despite what most history books teach the lower classes have always been the backbone of the free nations and it is from these yeomen that the colonial armies and the armies that twice stopped Germany cold came from. The term Yeoman is a free independent and armed citizen who fights for his nation. It is the yeoman class that will be the savior of western civilization once again in WWIII. Well at least the west, I am still not sure that civilization itself will survive, however given the way the lower classes of Europe are rushing to arm themselves I am growing more confident that freedom will survive in most of the Western nations. However the lefts efforts to destroy nationalism will have some results, the secession movements that the KGB started during the Cold War are still active and are succeeding in bringing the subject to a ballot in several nations. Before this war that will probably last the rest of this century and part of the next is over we will see several areas succeed in leaving the nation that currently claims them.

        Part of the problem in the coming years will be the Free companies that are now operating out of Europe and the US, how much of a danger to the survival of the various nations will to a large extent depend on how patriotic the mercs are, and how many of the governments decide to take over the companies and use the mercs as cadre for units. Don’t forget that the mercs normally have two jobs, 1) train local forces and 2) advise in the tactics to be used and to stiffen the local units until they gain enough experience to stand on their own. Most mercs aren’t that patriotic but some are however they are realistic about their chances and most don’t really want to face the security/intel organizations of the western nations or fight a western army. Here the danger of Soros or someone like him being able to use merc companies they own to take over a nation will depend on how much damage the Islamic invaders do to the local military and police and how many non communist resistance groups there are and how well lead and armed they are. On this I will close with a quote from Admiral Yamamoto in WWII, when he was ask to plan the invasion of California he said that an invasion of the US homeland would be impossible because there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass. At one point the same thing would have occurred in Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, from what I know of the gun laws in the members of the common wealth I don’t think that would occur there so the US and Canada may have to liberate them.

        Yes I can see the possibility that we will have to once again make a seaborne invasion of Europe to liberate our friends from foreign invaders.

          • Johnny,
            I’ve got as many relatives across the border as here in the USA. I know Canada better because we spent vacations there. We’re pretty cozy in the north, go both ways.

            Canada vs US = Civil War, far as I’m concerned.

            • I see a civil war in the future but not that one, like Beam Piper, Robert Heinlein and others from the golden age of SF I do see a probability that Canada and the US will peacefully join into that the old SF types called the Federation. Given what is happening around the world this union is possible and given what the current space research shows during that is probably going to be some form of a dark age I can see the US, Canada and the other anglophone nations building colonies on other planets as soon as the space launch and space drive capabilities let us. The world on both will continue because the nation that controls the orbitals controls the earth. They don’t have to use nuclear weapons they can drop big rocks and achieve the same results. Robert Heinleins The Moon is Harsh Mistress provides a good example of what kenitic kill devices can do, as is the descriptions in David Webers Shadow of Freedom. The flying crowbars AKA Rods From God are scaled down versions of large kinetic kill weapons. The latter device is a rod of steel weighing 500 to 600 pounds that have a semi aerodynamic shape and heat shielding they would also have a small dumb computer controlling their limited maneuvering capability while searching for a particular type of target. Say a tank, a ship or an airplane that is parked, the rod/crowbar drops down from orbit and hits the target at about 1,000 miles per hour. They could take out a large number of military assets real fast and their bigger brothers would strike cities with the destructive force of a small to medium sized nuke.

              Do we have them? I don’t know but pray that we do and that they are in orbit right now.

      • More detailed answers require more knowledge about what is going to happen and when it will happen. I really don’t see either Canada or the US being conquered by the Moslems but I do see civil wars in both nations. Civil wars that will start real soon and these wars will change a lot of things.

  4. NO. 4
    I think content warrants translation.
    . They are saying that their town is too small for large number of immigrants. That the culture of migrants is quite different (he mentioned that in other town, some Muslim girls in hairdresser place wanted hairdressers to put a curtain (probably because they do not wanted to be seen by men). They told that their town is poor town and and they are afraid for their families. Also they say that because they have a beach, in summer time girls are sunbathing and the migrants might make trouble. Also there are tourist excursions to their place and because of migrants with their different religion and customs tourists will stop coming there . They mentioned differences in religion, in customs and problems other countries in Europe have with migrants. They said that they do not want all that.
    As a matter in fact, very well informed people and they provided very good reasons to not have migrants in their city.

    • TORONTO – Sept 2008 – an article about hijabed Muslim women, haidressers and curtains

      Muslim women crave stylish hairdos

      Observant women who wear the hijab are hard-pressed to find the salon experience in a male-free environment.

      In a fit of desperation last summer, Rownak Chowdhury washed her hair, stood in the middle of her kitchen floor and handed her mother a pair of scissors.

      “Just chop it,” she told her.

      It was hardly the ideal salon experience but, for Chowdhury, it was the quickest and easiest way to deal with hair that had grown long, heavy and scraggly under her head scarf.

      “This is what I do when it gets really bad,” says Chowdhury, recalling the incident. “It was just the chop across but it did the job – kind of.”

      Like many who wear the hijab, Chowdhury couldn’t find a high-end salon that could give her the privacy she requires as a conservative Muslim and the stylish haircut she wants as a young, modern woman.

      “It shouldn’t be this hard for a Muslim woman in Toronto to get a good hair cut,” says Chowdhury of her years of searching for a salon, from Yorkville to Markham. “We just want a place where we feel normal, and can get our money’s worth.”

      Instead, she and many others across the city have accumulated a war chest of hijabi horror stories – tales of having men walk in on them, of being shunted into basements and backrooms, of mediocre haircuts or worse, and of being forced to pay a premium for even this accommodation.

      Many yearn for what a high-end salon can offer. They want to feel good during the process, and come out looking even better.

      Sisters Zenab and Syma Khan had that experience when they lived in Winnipeg, so they were eager to find a salon when they moved to Toronto six years ago. The result was frustration.

      Syma called all the salons in Yorkville and a few on Yonge St., most of which had been rated the best in the city.

      “They were really nice when we asked them but, since many of them have an open-concept layout, they couldn’t really accommodate us,” she says. “But they said they would if they could.”

      Zenab found that not everybody was as understanding. One salon in the Manulife Centre rebuffed her, saying, “Why do you even need to cut your hair?'”

      “I was very surprised,” Zenab says. “I thought that in Toronto, because it’s so multicultural, such a request would be normal. And it’s a silly question. Of course, we cut our hair. Just because they can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

      “We’re just like other women. We want to look good for ourselves.”

      Four years ago, through word-of-mouth, the Khan sisters decided to call Civello and were told they could be accommodated at the chain’s Rosedale location.

      When they arrived, they were ushered into the upstairs attic and had the entire room to themselves. Stylist Samina Khalid assured them that all the men in the salon were told not to come upstairs. Then they were pampered.

      “I could tell that this was a big deal for them,” Khalid says. “We’re lucky that our building is large enough that we can provide this service.”

      For the sisters, it was a relief. As Zenab puts it, strong>”It was so good to finally feel normal.”

      Both had their share of difficulty before they found Civello.

      Once, Zenab was at a salon with a makeshift partition and a man walked behind the blind. In a panic, the stylist threw a towel on Zenab’s head, trying to cover her hair.

      Another time, she was taken into a back room and forced to wash her hair standing up.

      And at a salon in the Eaton Centre, the stylist told her she had a separate room – which turned out to be a closet.

      “She had to use a hair dryer that was plugged in outside the closet,” Zenab says.

      “It was pretty awkward.”

      Syma had more long-lasting problems after having her hair dyed at a Queen St. salon. The “private” space was a dark, dimly lit basement.

      “Syma came out with a really bad colour, almost blond,” Zenab says. “I am sure it had something to do with the light.”

      And although she appreciates the accommodations at Civello’s Rosedale location, there still are drawbacks.

      “Most clients can choose when they want to go to get a hair cut, but with us, it’s like when can you fit me in. I have to plan two weeks ahead,” Zenab says.

      “Wherever you go, you always get the feeling that people are doing you a favour.”

      It’s better in suburbia, where ethnic salons and basement salons reach out to Muslim women with promises of privacy and women’s-only spaces. At the higher end, Jason Michael’s, a salon and spa in Square One in Mississauga, has renovated to cater to the Muslim community.

      The salon created a private area with floor-to-ceiling drapes, a sink and two chairs, says Louie Galea, the manager of the salon.

      The situation before the renovation “wasn’t such a pleasant experience,” Galea says. The salon wanted to accommodate Muslim women but its only separate room didn’t have a sink. Clients would run back and forth between the two areas while someone stood guard to watch out for men.

      Since the changes, Jason Michael’s clientele has increased significantly and there are plans to build another salon, with an expanded women-only section. The location has yet to be determined, says Galea, but they are eyeing the east end of the city.

      That could be good news for Chowdhury, a Scarborough resident who is still in search of the perfect haircut.

      Her last one wasn’t in a salon, but in a classroom at the school where she teaches. A colleague, the cosmetology teacher, wielded the shears.

      “She did a great job, but she’s been away all summer,” Chowdhury says.

      But what worries Chowdhury more is what she will have to do for her daughter when she gets older.

      “She doesn’t wear the hijab now but, if she starts to, I am not sure where we’ll go,” she says.

      “I may have to take a few lessons in haircutting myself.”

  5. #7 This is already happening here. If you are flying out of Vancouver to a U.S. destination, you are prescreened by U.S. Customs and Border Protection right on Canadian soil before you get on the plane. Just sayin’ —

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