The radical deconstructionist anti civilization left, the grease on Islamic wheels: Links 2 on Dec. 18 2015

1. Parents Question Choice To Sing ‘Allahu Akbar’ At Holiday Concert

(Yes I think I might have a few questions about that. First one would be, WTF is a ‘holiday concert’?)

(I also do not recall muslim students being made to sing praises to Jesus during Ramadan)

BLAINE, Minn. (WCCO) — Some parents in the Anoka-Hennepin School District are questioning a choir teacher’s decision to use a song about Ramadan performed in Arabic at a holiday concert.

At Thursday night’s concert at Blaine High School, one of the songs students will be singing includes Arabic words, including the phrase “Allahu Akbar,” which means “God is great.”

Christian and Jewish songs will be performed as well, but the Ramadan song is getting all the attention.

2. US airstrike kills over 30 Iraqi soldiers

More than 30 Iraqi soldiers have been killed and 20 more injured in an airstrike carried out by the US military, an Iraqi said in a statement cited by Sputnik.

“30 Iraqi servicemen from the 55th brigade of the Iraqi Army have been killed and 20 injured after an airstrike carried out by US aviation in the town of Al-Naimiya, Fallujah province,” Hakim al-Zamili, the head of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, said in a statement cited by Sputnik.

3. Harrowing footage released by Yazidi group shows terrified families scream as ISIS gunmen surround them and drag away their wives and daughters to become sex slaves

Harrowing footage has emerged which appears to show ISIS gunmen dragging terrified wives and daughters from their families to make them sex slaves.

The video, posted online by activists, shows a crowd of screaming Yazidis being separated one by one by militants armed with AK-47s in what appears to be an apartment block.

Terrified girls try to cling to their parents but are ripped away, some by their hair, and corralled into another group at gunpoint. (Video at site and more)

4. Rebel Media clip on the rise of the ‘far right’ in Europe.

(It is worth remembering, as a commenter pointed out earlier, that Thomas Jefferson would be in jail in Europe today and possibly also in Canada and the US)

5. Geert Wilders trial for inciting hatred to start on March 18

(Incitement to hatred has to be the ultimate tool, perhaps along with ‘cultural appropriation’ for selective enforcement. The fact that no muslim I am aware of who preaches koranic doctrine of deliberately and with malice of forethought incites hatred against Jews, Israelis, Christians, unbelievers of all stripes, has been prosecuted under this charge should be enough to get people to force legislators to make rational laws or at the very least, apply the laws we have with an attempt at uniformity. Instead what we see is an attempt to get a new law saying that quoting the quran in a context likely to get people to understand it who aren’t supposed to till its too late, made into a new kind of crime)

The trial of PVV leader Geert Wilders on charges of inciting racism and hatred will start on March 18 with a procedural hearing, The Hague’s district court said on Friday. The hearing will focus on the investigation into the charges against Wilders and set dates for witness appearances and the rest of the trial. Wilders faces prosecution for his comments about Moroccan nationals on March 12 and 19, 2015, during and after the local election campaign. In March, Wilders told supporters in Loosduinen that he would rather there were ‘fewer Moroccans’ in The Hague. Seven days later, during a post vote meeting with supporters, Wilders asked the crowd ‘and do you want more or fewer Moroccans in your city and in the Netherlands?’ To which the crowd chanted ‘fewer, fewer, fewer’. ‘We’ll arrange that,’ Wilders said, smiling, when the chanting died down.

(Christina Hoff Somers in her excellent book, ‘Who Stole Feminism’, which was an early push-back against post modern thought in its coopting of feminism as a tool for civilizational deconstruction, pointed out that college campuses, I think this was even back in the 80s, had determined that men are guilty of [insert charge here] not when proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, but that they were guilty even when proven fully that they had nothing to do with said event. In this article linked above you also see that. Even though it had been established that he was not the author of a number of racist comments, he was suspended for the duration of his degree program anyway.)

But as he explains, his comment, along with actual racist comments, were screen-captured and blown up onto banners that hung from the student center near the dean’s office the next day. Pryor was erroneously reported as being the author of most of them.

With no evidence other than his voluntary admission to only the “not hot” comment, several deans “decided in less than 24 hours that Pryor should be suspended for 21 months – the exact time it would take him to finish his degree – and prohibited from being on campus,” The Fix notes. Pryor appealed and received a reduced suspension of just six months.

In his appeal, Pryor indicated that the entire #BlackLivesMatter conversation that day started with slurs aimed at white students and others (strong language alert):

The “entire situation” on Yik Yak Nov. 9 actually began with crass comments targeting white students, calling them “dirty hippies with small dicks” who are “always fucking their cousins,” then moving on to mocking Muslims and even “Smurfs,” Pryor wrote.

Yet, none of those comments were pursued by administrators. It is noted that as a private institution, Colorado College “is not bound by the First Amendment” but has campus speech policies. 

Thank you Nash Montana, CB Sashenka, Sunshine, Vederso, Richard, Wrath of Khan and all. More to come. 


CNN is now trying to make the parents who object to their children learning how to write the Islamic declaration of faith look like they are intolerant islamophobes. It would be interesting to see how CNN would react to a Christian carpentry teacher who made the muslim kids make a full on Catholic crucifix complete with Jesus etc. or a Star of David. I should say It would be interesting if we already didn’t know with total certainty that CNN would make sure that carpentry teacher never spent another second in a classroom, even as a janitor.

Also here is a Daniel Greenfield article on the frequent canard that “Muslims are the new Jews”. Methinkst not.

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  2. incredible video of Tommy Robinson .. thanks so much vlad ..
    i hope he makes a pile of money. what a courageous man.
    Tommy & Kevin for the nobel peace prize .

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