More on San Bernardino, Turkey and the day’s events unfold: Links 4 on Dec. 2 – 2015

The update I heard on FOX is that there are three shooters in Cali. in black tactical gear who went to do a specific mission. At this time all are on the loose.

More and more reports are surfacing that the people being looked for are of ‘middle eastern decent.

Never Again Canada
BREAKING NEWS: The San Bernardino Sheriff said that 3 active shooters including 30 year old Farooq Saeed are at large after killing at least 12 possibly more and leaving a suspicious package behind possibly a bomb.
Do not approach them they have body armor and are heavily armed and were last seen leaving the scene at Waterman Avenue and Orange Show Road in a black S.U.V.

(That makes three for Donald. Washington Post, which denied its own report, the New York Post and now this)

2. CNN clip on the recent terrorist attack in California. 3 individuals, black SUV, suspicious devices left at scene

3. Nigel Farage suggests we not pay Turkish blackmail (Jizya)

4. U.S. rejects Russian charge that Turkey involved in Islamic State oil smuggling

(Now this is what I was waiting for. To see how the US (and NATO) would respond to what is clearly true about Turkey, the Islamic State and Russia’s claims. The US has now firmly declared what side it is on, and that is not the side of truth, reason, liberty or Western interests)

The United States on Wednesday flatly rejected Russian allegations that the Turkish government was in league with Islamic State militants to smuggle oil from Syria.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner told a news briefing that U.S. information was that Islamic State was selling oil at the wellheads to middlemen who in turn were involved in smuggling the oil across the frontier into Turkey.

“We reject outright the premise that the Turkish government is in league with ISIL to smuggle oil across its borders,” Toner said, using an acronym for the militant group. “We frankly see no evidence, none, to support such an accusation.”

More here and in this video here after 9:50

Thank you M., ML., Wrath of Khan, CB Sashenka and many more. It will be interesting to see how the spin on California unfolds. The usual pattern is to say there was only 1 person and he was crazy or if a convert to Islam, they give his Christian or birth name and then use it as a data point for gun control or more government control.

This is a small thing compared to the items in today’s posts, but it does point to the direction and ambitions of the new Trudeau government.


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  1. #4 . U.S. rejects Russian charge that Turkey involved in Islamic State oil smuggling

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the least, that ISIS is a Saudi – USA created organisation to de-stabilise Syria. All the deaths in that poor land are a result of the US-Saudi axis of convenience. Syria was the one country in the ME where Christians were free to be Christians without any fear.

    • Christians were always far safer in Israel than Syria, Lebanon their other safer space over there will be seeing rapid changes for the worse soon.

    • Rubbish. It is neither Saudi nor USA. It is Islamic organisation.
      And as for Assad, you forgot that it was his men who killed Rafik Hairi and killed at least couple of Lebanese journalist who wanted to end Syrian occupation of Lebanon.
      Assad is just a little bit better than IS.
      It is really the choice between black death and cholera.
      That said, Turkey is involved in oil smuggling. However, theoretically USA government is right, the government of Turkey is involved covertly, not overtly.
      You also do not take into account the most important fact.– Turkey is in NATO, has NATO weaponry and there are NATO bases on Turkey territory. If USA agrees with Russia then God knows will happen to NATO, to Europe and to USA.

  2. should be “God knows what will happen to NATO, to Europe and to USA.”

    btw. it would be nice if there is a possibility to correct mistakes. 😉

    • There is going to be massive civil wars in Europe and the US and NATO will probably fall apart, all alliances eventually fall apart.

  3. San Bernadino:

    “…More and more reports are surfacing that the people being looked for are of ‘middle eastern decent….”

    My first thought, when I first heard about the soft target of vulnerable people (a centre for handicapped people) was: “This has “muslim terrorism” written all over it”.

    By now it’s more obvious and the “he was so nice – we never expected this – his life was just work and prayers – religion of peace blablalba” – by the muslim terrorists’ co-religionists and other islamic-terror-promoting cowards are flying fast and plentiful – AS USUAL.
    Moving right along – nothing to see here – next cab of the rank will be the victimised muslim communuuuuuuuuunities who are traumatised by fearing that eluuuuuuuusive BACK-LASH.

    • MSM scratching their heads for a motive. This is a tragic farce. Refusing to name the enemy. I guess the game is now how many of us must be massacred by these maniacs before Truth is declared. But this is an absurd world. We are post Kafka, beyond Orwell and Huxley.

      Truth Is The Monster.

      This should be the slogan of all who can see it. It is frightening.

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