Paris attacker welcomed ashore in Greece and given help and clothes by French volunteers

Typically, these sorts of stories go in to multi posts in order that fresh important news doesn’t slide down the time line onto the old posts section to quickly. But as the question of immigrants from ‘Syria’ as part of the current hijra of islam into Western countries is actually being debated in national legislatures, I felt this story deserves prominence.

From The Sun UK:

A PARIS suicide bomber was helped on to a Greek island and clothed by French volunteers before making his way through Europe to his target, it emerged yesterday.

The IS fanatic, known as Ahmad Almohammad from a fake Syrian passport found at Stade De France, had sailed to Leros with a group of English-speaking pals.

Officials said they were helped ashore with nearly 200 refugees after deliberately driving a knife through their boat as they neared land on October 3. Two were then discovered with fake Syrian passports and arrested.

But Almohammad, 25, was ushered through and moved to a camp staffed by French charity Médecins Sans Frontières.

Less than 24 hours later, in a black tracksuit given to him by the volunteers, he was in a group of six buying tickets to Athens.

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Also please send the original link to this post to your member of your national legislature no matter what their position is on the issue, and also to a member of the legislature who is opposed to the kind of immigration Merkel, Obama, and Trudeau are implementing.

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3 Replies to “Paris attacker welcomed ashore in Greece and given help and clothes by French volunteers”

  1. Maybe the guy just had an epiphany when he arrived in Paris and was radicalized by the stink of cheese and Eloi debauched leftardism? Maybe too many Frenchmen were trying to embrace him and he was offended. C’est la vie. We will probably never know.

    • Like an exited kid for the first time alone in a sweetshop and the ingredients were not Halal?

      … I can buy that angle. It was Frenchy’s fault that his Kulture was offended and that Colonialism caused all this.

      But, shooting… Ah, Shatan’s Music… And cresent-shaped croissants.

  2. Your readers in the UK who happen to play the Post Code Lottery may like to know that some of their money funds Medecins sans Frontieres

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