New Israeli documentary on Islam in Europe called, ‘Hijra’

Thanks to D@rLin|{ who hipped us to, and translated for us, this amazing documentary, made by the same people who made the one we translated and posted 4 years ago on islamic enclaves in Europe and their general attitudes towards the West, Jews and civilization and their ambitions for the future. Links to that will be below this video which is part 1 of the documentary they made post Nov. 13 Paris attacks.

Thank you D@rLin|{ and Gates of Vienna for all the work on this.

For the earlier documentary by the same people, please click the read more tag

Part 1 of first documentary

Part III

Part IV

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4 Replies to “New Israeli documentary on Islam in Europe called, ‘Hijra’”

  1. Hijrah, is the invasion of those who never dreamed a life;
    Communism, of those who never schemed a life;
    And Sex-do-me, of those who have no life.
    These, in the Names of their Masters will break a life.

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