Some important events that shape the times: Links 1 on Nov. 20 – 2015

1. ‘The White House will turn black with our fire, Allah willing’: ISIS warns of fresh attacks on Washington in the third video to threaten America in as many days

ISIS terrorists have threatened to destroy the White House just a day after another video threatened a suicide bombing in New York in the wake of the Paris terror attacks.

Speaking in the footage, a jihadi with a long beard and dressed in a headdress and robe worn by many ISIS fighters, warns: ‘We started with [Paris] and we shall finish with the false White House.’

He continues: ‘We shall render [the White House] black with our fire, Allah willing.’

The professionally-produced clip was filmed in ISIS-controlled Dijlah province, to the north of Iraqi capital Baghdad, according to the Middle East Research Institute, which translated the footage.

ISIS has released another propaganda video claiming it will attack the United States, this time claiming the target is the White House in Washington DC
2. Manuel Valls on the threat to France (Thank you Oz-Rita)

3. Isis overtaken by Boko Haram as world’s deadliest terror organisation

Boko Haram has overtaken Isis as the world’s most deadly terrorist organisation, according to a new report.

The Nigerian-based terror group, also known as Islamic State’s West’s Africa province (ISWAP), was responsible for 6,644 deaths in 2014.


4. The President of the Czech Republic speaks at  PEGIDA rally in Prague

(This is no small thing. Revolutions are won and lost on certain events. For example, when the police either drop their weapons and join the protestors. Or keep them and join the protestors. That a president speaks in sympathy and agreement with a protest group and is on the same roster as Tommy Robinson, this has geopolitical significance)


Thank you PP., M., Wrath of Khan, Tundra T. and all. Thats all for this post. Now its on to Mali where muslim terrorists screaming allah hu ackbar are murdering massive numbers of people while using koran verses to separate the muslims from non muslims so they can kill the non muslims. Later today we will also post videos and quotes of many world leaders explaining how all of this has nothing to do with islam without providing so much as a shred of evidence to support any alternate hypothesis, and in a preponderance of evidence that it is.

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  1. Well, he isn’t much of an orator but he certainly is worth listening to.
    Was that TR standing behind him? If so, can someone find a clip of his speech?

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