Terrorist attack in France ongoing now.

It is also worth going over to Gates of Vienna for commentary, analysis and updates

REDDIT has a live blog with good links here


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Special thanks to Oz-Rita who is translating bits of news from France on the fly for us.

The best up to the minute coverage I hear, is from FOX TV. If you have a TV and get FOX, turn that on now.

[Editor: My guess is that the French will respond with the usual anachronistic thinking and treat this as a geopolitical matter and look for a longitude and latitude to attack as retaliation when this is a function of a population forced to mix with another population with fanatically different values]

[6:19 EDT Jewish people in France better batten the hatches. If true to form, these muslims will hit Jewish targets as well as they did with Charlie Hebdo and in Copenhagen. Both attacks went after Jewish targets shortly after the free speech/local attacks]

Meanwhile, start with FOX

Police officials in France say there has been an explosion in a bar near a Paris stadium and a shootout in a Paris restaurant.

BFM television says there were several dead in the restaurant shooting in the 10th arrondissement of the capital. Two police officials confirmed the shooting but had no information about casualties.

One of the police officials said there was a separate explosion near the Stade de France north of Paris. It was unclear if the events were linked.

Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to be publicly named.


2 dismembered bodies have been found outside the Stade de France, police sources say they could be suicide bombers, according to TF1.


3. DAILY MAIL: BREAKING NEWS: Several feared dead as Kalashnikov-wielding gunman goes on the rampage in central Paris in suspected terrorist attack not far from Charlie Hebdo shootings


4. 18 people dead in shoot-out and explosions in Paris


5. Paris shooting: Several killed and injured after ‘Kalashnikov and grenade attacks’ across French capital

6. CNN Live is sort of covering it 

7. This might be a pic of terror vics



8. Breaking: 1 grenade exploded near Stade de France’s Gate D by McDonalds, another near Gate H close to Decathlon, according to BFMTV.

9. From Le Figaro

Bataclan, a hostage is being
According to the prefecture, a hostage situation is underway in a theater Bataclan, in the eleventh arrondissement. According to our reporter on site, twenty policemen Raid buckle access at the metro Oberkampf, Boulevard Voltaire.

(Oz-Rita informs me that the 11th arrondissement is a very trendy leftist area. Essentially a Sodasopa)

10. YT vid from early on

11. The theatre  Balaclava or such has now 100 hostages I think…someone speaks of 35 – 40 dead

12 Alleged to be video of soccer game when a bomb went off

13. At least 30 dead, according to a latest report
At the last count, at least 30 people were killed in attacks in Paris, according to police headquarters.

14.  At 11.15 pm (Paris time? ) Bataclan, gunshots heard since 10 minutes
Our reporter on the spot heard gunfire for 10 minutes. According to him, the street is deserted and the police very nervous, aim toward the windows of the 2nd or 3rd floor of the building. According to another of our journalists present at the Oberkampf metro, the brigade of Research and Intervention (BIS) is happening locally.
Un témoin sortant du Bataclan : “On a réussi à s’enfuir, il y avait du sang partout, ils ont tiré au fusil à pompe sur la foule”
A witness exiting Bataclan: “We have managed to escape, there was blood everywhere, they have shot into the crowd with “fusil a pompe” ?
shot gun dont know what kind

14.  The result is getting worse due to very severe injuries. Police sources speak of 45 or 50 dead

15. There is new shooting happening now in “les Halles”  (2eme arrondissement) near Downhill.

16. shots fired in Paris

17. This twitter feed contains videos of inside buildings where there are wounded


19. France closes the borders. Authorities told all Parisians to stay indoors. 

20. Shouts of allah hu ackbar verified by witnesses.

21. FOX says they are expecting more attacks (FOX satellite radio)



(Muslim groups are reported to be celebrating in Paris)

24 There are now SEVEN locations in Paris where this is taking place and New York is on full alert

25. Oz-Rita: I have just heard BBC say the following:  “we have to announce that apparently according to a witness the attackers have shouted Allah U Akbar. HOWEVER  we cannot say what kind of allegiance – if any – that signifies.

Thank you GC., CC., Tasha C., Liberty Dk.,Oz-Rita, Thumbnail

Before anyone takes Obama seriously on whatever he spews about this,

remember this:

and what would Robert Mitchum do?


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41 Replies to “Terrorist attack in France ongoing now.”

  1. I’ve been listening to Fox News for the last half hour and there was no mention of who might be responsible for these attacks on France. Why, I wouldn’t be surprised if the girl from Sky News didn’t have a program running on her computer that flags and bans words like “Jihad”, and “Muslim”, and “Islam”, and “Holy Quran”. To the typical uninformed person it must sound as if there are dozens of militant organizations in the world and that this attack is simply one of them. Hell, it could be this and it could be that, who knows? Maybe it’s the IRA or the Basques or the far right.

    What they are doing is making it look like, say, a bank robbery, done by a bank robber but not by any particular bank robber. No one to get mad at. It’s unfortunate..but what can you do? Crimes happen in the big city, it’s the cost of doing business. They’ll just use it as an excuse to crack down on the internet, you wait and see…

  2. It wont be long before our TV screens are full of Muslims claiming that they are the real victims, and Islamphobia is increasing because of Racism etc etc.

    • And they should be closed until the threat of DEATH is eliminated.

      That is — until the FRENCH people tell their leaders they despise MULTICULTURALISM.

  3. FRIDAY – Obama Before ISIS Attack on Paris: ISIS is ‘Contained’

    Friday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” President Barack Obama seemingly downplayed the threat of ISIS in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that aired on Friday’s broadcast of “Good Morning America.”

    Stephanopoulos asked Obama if ISIS was gaining in strength, to which Obama denied they were.

    “I don’t think they’re gaining strength,” Obama responded. “What is true is that from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them.


  4. There will be a huge parade of solidarity, Donald Trump yuge! and those grieving and grievanced will march on the Elysee arm in arm after the bodies and tempers chill. It will make the Hebdo parade look like a small town circus affair. Will Bono, Barack and James Taylor lead it? It will be so exciting and outreachful.

  5. I have posted this before – or meant to – now I cannot find it, so here it goes again:

    This is important, if you have Jewish Friends in France, do warn them of this:

    “[6:19 EDT Jewish people in France better batten the hatches. If true to form, these muslims will hit Jewish targets as well as they did with Charlie Hebdo and in Copenhagen. Both attacks went after Jewish targets shortly after the free speech/local attacks]”

    Although the ISLAMIC STATE has claimed responsibility meanwhile – and that usually signifies that “this” particular attack is over – dont trust them not to have found this new device, to loll Jewish people/shops into a sense of relative security and strike when the “security” forces, such as they are, look elsewhere. .

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