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6 Replies to “Hungarian Prime Minister, Victor Orban, comes out and says it plainly.”

  1. Orban knows that the answer must come from the people, not from the political leaders without authorization from the people. The people must lead and the leaders follow. May his voice be heard throughout Europe. The German leaders particularly need to be corrected.

  2. A very accaurate and reasoned analysis of our current plight ,but who will hear it outside of right wing blogs .To oust Merkel and her socialist string pullers will take a u turn of historic proportions.

    • Being ousted will be the least of Merkel’s problems when the German populace finally unpacks their pitchforks and torches…

      • I have seen videos where the Germans have protested Merkel with torches. I commented at the time that they were only one implement short of success.

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