I wish that they did not cut your heads off [while you are] alive. Milos Zeman answered European Commission, which had called him ‘islamophobe’.

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Czech President Milos Zeman is a big Islamophobe. At least, according to the Commission with Council of Europe which deals with “racism and intolerance”. The president himself addressed the accusation during his visit to the Zlin region. He is apparently surprised, because he has no idea, what it means to be an islamophobe, nor how the term itself is actually defined.

Photo credit: Daniela Cerna Description: President Milos Zeman and Mayor of the Zlin region, Stanislav Misak.

President Milos Zeman, while visiting the Zlin region, reacted to the accusation that he is an inslamophobe. He is apparently surprised, because he himself does not know what that “islamophobia” actually is. “The term islamophobia has never been properly defined. I speak against Islamic radicalism,” he explained during a visit to the company Kovarna Viva in Zlin.
“So, for the authors of this information, I have just one wish: that somebody will not cut their heads off [while they are] alive,” the President ended his speech.
This was a reaction to the assertion, which was found in a report if the Commission of the Council of Europe. The full name of this [organization] is European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance and, on Wednesday, it released a report sharply critical of Czech politicians.

“ECRI was informed by numerous sources that political expressions of intolerance are not rare features, especially in times near elections. The most common targets are the Roma and immigrants, lately, however, Muslims have become vicims of increased Islamophobia,” is, among other things, written in the report.

As the largest Islamophobes in the Czech political arena, the report named Tomio Okamura and also President Milos Zeman. Regarding them, the commission raised its eyebrows over some of their statements, including some older ones. “Even the President himself is considered to be an open holder of anti-Islamic views; in the year 2011, reportedly in an interview with a magazine, he stated that ‘moderate Muslim’ is contradicto in adjecto, or a self-contradiction, in the same way as ‘moderate Nazi’ is a contradicto in adjecto,” is an example of what is written in the report.

“He also declared that Islam is not a religion of peace and much less so of tolerance, but a religion of hatred”, is written in the report. The report was brought to attention in Czech mainly by a non-profit organization ‘Clovek v tisni [People in Need]’.

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  1. Touché Milos! I advocate sending Merkel & her EU Commission friends on a fact finding mission on Islam to ISIS controlled zones (before the Russians wipe them out that is…) Might give them a new perspective on the doctrine of absolute evil…

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