Anyone sick of islam yet? Links 1 on Oct. 18 – 2015

1. UK: “We need to kill all the Jews”

(Preserve the tribe with a .45. Protect the flock with a well oiled Glock. When it comes to protection you need to be choosey; Keep your hand right next to your Uzi. Protect yourself from islamic hate, get yourself a .38)

A serious case of anti-Semitic violence occurred on Tuesday in London’s Stamford Hill, which is home to a large Jewish population, amid a day of verbal assaults targeting Jews in the British metropolis.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism reported that the first incident of the day occurred when “young Asian men,” a term often used for Muslims, shouted anti-Semitic abuse at a school bus driver even as young children were on board.

Not long afterwards, a black man shouted “we need to kill all the Jews” at a Jew as he left a synagogue in Stamford Hill. The assailant followed the man, and then smashed in the driver’s side window of his car.

The anti-Semitism continued, as another person, possibly the same man who smashed the car window, verbally abused and threatened two women on the same street. The report noted that the man “may also be linked to additional incidents in the area.”

2. French government screws homeowners near Calais

(Not enough that people have to pay taxes to support their own population replacement. Their own life’s work has its value reduced to nothing since these camps of UMIs have rendered their own formerly valuable properties worthless)

3. Here is a link to more Islamic State snuff video. But rather than watch that, watch this clip from Se5Ep1 of Homeland. Why? Because it explains the snuff video which is more important than seeing it. Watch it carefully. Admire the subtleties in it. Details such as that the character that plays the CIA leader of strike teams refers to the Islamic State as specifically, “The Islamic State” while the guy playing the congressman or senator or political class calls is ISIL, which you have to be an utter burke, as the expression goes, to go along with that absurd Obama acronym. Notice how they describe the reason for the horror, and the motivating ideology. Its so accurate its frankly amazing that it made it even to cable TV

4. UK: Scuffles break out at Britain First’s anti-‘Mega Mosque’ march

5. Great diatribe from a member of the religion of peace

6. Germany: Arson attack hits Hamburg refugee centre, 14 residential containers devastated

7. Revealed: First UK jail where half the inmates are Muslim and others are pressured to convert to Islamic ‘protection racket’

Muslims dominate a high-security jail for the first time, sparking fear among other prisoners and staff, a report reveals.

Half of inmates at Whitemoor are now Muslims. It is believed to be the highest proportion in any British jail and double the number recorded less than a decade ago.

They form the ‘biggest power bloc’ in the Category A prison, taking over from the previous ‘gangs’, according to watchdogs.

‘About half the prisoners on Whitemoor’s main wings are Muslim, profoundly affecting the social nature of the jail and disrupting established hierarchies,’ the Independent Monitoring Board said.

Its report went on: ‘Against this background we note that some prisoners and staff found the Muslim presence overwhelming. The social and religious fragmentation within Whitemoor potentially posed risks for discipline and hence

Thank you M., ML., Gates of Vienna, Richard, Wrath of Khan, Rich and all.
Tundra T posted a short clip from a 1939 film called, ‘The Real Glory’ with Gary Cooper and David Niven a few days ago. Its about how American troops trained Philippine men to defend their islands from muslim mass murderers and slave raids of the women. I am working my way through the whole film. Its amazing to watch an old movie about what we used to know and now can’t even discuss. If you can find it, watch it. The more things change….

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12 Replies to “Anyone sick of islam yet? Links 1 on Oct. 18 – 2015”

  1. Anyone sick of islam? In the west …. no. We need more of them. They are peaceful and pieces of gold. The west should have imported millions of them 1400 years ago. Are they not adorable in their niqab when they go and vote or receive their citizenship. Are we not proud of giving musllimas our passports? They honor our countries by their very presence.

  2. (Preserve the tribe with a .45. Protect the flock with a well oiled Glock. When it comes to protection you need to be choosey; Keep your hand right next to your Uzi. Protect yourself from islamic hate, get yourself a .38)

    I love this almost as much as I love my 45, as the old saying goes, I am not alone I have a Colt and a Winchester to keep me company

  3. 2 – Who has been feeding the writers and producers raw meat? They are telling the truth and doing it in a format that the kids will believe. It is scary that the kids these days believe movies and TV shows more then the history books.

  4. I’m sure that this is just the ranting of an American, but I think each country in Europe needs to develop a grassroots under-the radar-organization to prepare yourselves for the coming maelstrom, the direct outcome from being RULED, not governed.

    In the United States, an embryonic movement called “Project Appleseed,” designed to encourage and promote shooting at “Redcoats,” (British Empire soldiers in America) is in full swing. This started strictly as an effort from advertisements in “The Shotgun News.” It combines training with .22LR (Ruger 10/22) & centerfire weapons like AR-15s and AK-47s with history lessons from the US Revolutionary War. See the website (Revolutionary War Veterans Association). Also, search for “Project Appleseed” on youtube for videos.

    The Project Appleseed has been so successful that it is being exported to Canada as “Project Mapleseed.”

    Obviously, each country has their own weapons laws, so modify as you see fit. No firearms allowed? Crossbows? Bow & Arrows? Airguns?

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