Two videos from Germany that give a solid look at contemporary policy there

First, this video from Carpe Diem.

Germans who do not like having thier town taken over by UMIs are free to leave Germany.

Then this video by Oz-Rita where you hear snippets of the frustration and rage of the very typical middle of the road, non-extremist German citizens.

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  1. OMG – This insight into Germany (translated by Carpe Diem) is absolutely SHOCKING on so many levels – two of which are “Truth finally spoken (probably accidentally) by a political whore” (“you Germans can leave if you dont like it”) and the good, normally meek and obedient Germans responding laudly!

    I think parents should be warned never to leave children in this speaker’s presence without decent supervision!.

    Incidentally, both videos show the people Merkel calls “extreeeeeeeeeeme right wingers” “nazis” etc. which makes me shudder what she says about these folk off-camera.
    Merkel muß weg !

    • It’s so very heartening to see the German people in their polite, rational and temperate manner, just say NO. Just “no thank-you”.

      Orban and the Czech leader are superb as well.

      Could Mrs. Merkel be clinically insane? Has no one put that out for consideration? That she’s in the grip of an obsession, can’t let it go, helpless. A danger to herself and others? I’m dead serious.
      — I’d pink-paper this lady in a heartbeat. Send her to the ER, clear the sharps, call the attending for an evaluation, 72 hour hold.

      • No disrespect Yucki but you don’t get to say that to the Germans till you do that at home to Obama. Obama, who rumour has it, the EU government even thinks is mentally ill, has not had a single move made against him even by a Republican house. They grease his legislation though even. So I think Americans don’t get to say that about European governments if they can’t even make a peep about their own psycho traitor at home.

      • “…Could Mrs. Merkel be clinically insane?…”

        I just had a looooong lunch, arosé with my favorite and very affordable Australian wine, (true leftists would sneer at it as too cheap) the “Yellow Tail Merlot”. I can find that one even in Paris for nearly the same price – under 10 Euros. (so please disregard what might turn out to be a lack of restraint).

        We discussed yucki’s very justified question which actually had not even occured to me before. My table companions said “she is just a Christian” or “all Leaders are” etc. (which shows you that the Australian fermented grape can lubricate as well as any. In fact, Merkel is a Lutherian Protestant – which made me pen this post (at least half seriously):

        I thought with a Lutherian Pastor as father, and one that “fled” from Hamburg to East Germany when everyone else was trying to do it the other way round, her early environment was Communism + Martin Luther (not the King of I-had-a-dream-fame, but the Pope-defying Jew hater). I went for the “Give me the child to the age of 7 and I give you the Wo/Man” the Jesuit edict which I have always believed in. But, until now, she had been hiding it well. Yet, lately, something snapped and yucki’s question, “could she be clinically insane?” should be asked of her and her entourage, seriously, but has not been asked as yet (as far as I know) other than on Vladtepes, this extraordinary platform for the clinically sane !

        So, yucki, thank you for this seriously disturbing food for thought.

  2. Merkel is showing the leftist attitude towards the ordinary people, they (the leftt) know what is best for all of us and we should shut up and let our betters rule. Welcome to the coming civil wars.

    • Richard, in German we speak of “der innere Schweinehund” (the closest I can think of as a translation is “the inner son of a bitch”. I think, Merkel came in on false pretenses (as a conservative), her “innere Schweinehund” has always been of the Left, you dont turn that fast, just on a smile of Obama and a wink of Hollande.

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