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From this German News source:


Nicole Biewald

Berlin – Thumbs up, sword in hand and a wide grin on his face. Ten criminal investigations of theft and larceny fill the dossier the police has on Walid K. (19) from Berlin. But in his photos on the internet he keeps happily presenting himself with the fruits of his thievery: Smartphones, money, laptops, designer sunglasses.

Already 10 criminal investigations against him, but not a trace of regret: Walid K. (19) posing with a sword and his loot.”

The police has repeatedly arrested the 19 year old and his buddies, and repeatedly they are let go again.

The police estimates that there are at least 150 “Klau-Kids” active in Berlin. According to investigations, they come from Eastern Europe and Northafrica, and have none to multiple passports.

Most of these kids have a pending asylum application, but live without stationary residences in Berlin. Example Ismat O., he claims he’s 16 years old. The Tunisian possesses two passports.

“Quite possibly in neither passports is his real name stated”, says one investigator. He is not registered, and gets caught stealing regularly. At current time there are more than 20 separate cases running against him for stealing, robbery, and criminal property damage.

“Two well-known thieves show their loot and the middle-finger. Ismat O. (16, left) has been investigated over 20 times.”

But despite all that, he is not held in custody. Bodo Pfalzgraf (52) the Chief of the German Police Union in Berlin, says: “It is absolutely incomprehensible that criminals like him are not held in pretrial detention.”

Martin Steltner (55), speaker of the Berlin Prosecutor’s office: “ From a legal standpoint we need urgent suspicion of a crime having been committed. But exactly that can be difficult to determine with pickpockets.”

Nabil Z. (16) beams into the camera with four smartphones in his hands. He posted this picture of himself on his Facebook page.”

In other words, the offender would have to have been observed by witnesses committing the crime, which is hardly ever the case.

Another problem: Police reports that judges are simply unwilling to write out warrants for so-called minor offenses like pickpocketing.

Pfalzgraf: “Every judge has pretty much his own reasons for why offenders don’t have to go to pretrial detention.”

None of these crimes bear any influence on an individual offender’s Asylum application. “Even delinquents can file citizenship applications which have to be examined.”

Paragraph 53 of the Rsidency Act in Germany says an offender can only be deported if he gets charged with a crime that bears a sentence of a minimum of three years. After that, whether the offender is an adult or a child does not matter.


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  1. WTD’s suggestion:

    First offense: lock up and any migration documentation pulled for review, note criminal activity.
    Second offense: Lock down until DNA is obtained, migration/immigration denied, immediate deportation
    Third offense: shoot on sight

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