More attacks by muslims, more muslims busted for planning attacks, muslim leader investigated for improprieties, nothing to do with islam: Links 1 on Oct. 12 – 2015

1. Two teens, 13 and 17, carry out Pisgat Ze’ev terror attack, critically hurt 13-year-old

(There are back channels saying that the victim of the attack, the 13 YO boy, has died)

2. Germans set to announce Transit zones

3. A group of people have been detained in central Moscow on terror charges

Article here

4. Number of people planning to head to Europe in the immediate future set to increase

Europe’s refugee crisis shows signs that it will intensify in the coming weeks as more war-weary Syrians in Lebanon and Jordan scramble to join the extraordinary flow of people trying to reach the continent, according to aid workers and Syrians.

Nearly 2 million of Syria’s refugees reside in the small Arab countries, where they face tightening restrictions, growing tension with locals and decreasing support from international aid agencies. Motivated by desperation and scenes of people arriving in Europe, many are selling their few remaining possessions to pay for the treacherous journeys, the aid workers and Syrians said.

5. Britain’s first woman Muslim Lord Mayor suspended by Labour after the police launched an investigation into ‘financial irregularities’

(When you pick leaders from other cultures who hate yours, chances are good they won’t do much to protect it)

Britain’s first woman Muslim Lord Mayor is being investigated by police over allegations of ‘financial irregularities’, it was revealed today.

Naveeda Ikram, a councillor in Bradford who was shortlisted to be Labour’s parliamentary candidate to unseat George Galloway in the general election, today insisted she was completely innocent.

But Labour today moved to suspend the Pakistani-born councillor from the party until the investigation had concluded.

West Yorkshire Police today confirmed Cllr Ikram was under investigation following a complaint. 

However, the police refused to give any further details of the investigation.

A police spokesman told MailOnline: ‘We can confirm we have received a report of alleged financial irregularities.

‘Enquiries are at a very early stage and are ongoing.’

6. I may have posted this before, apologies if I did. It appears to be an Israeli propaganda video showing how life is for Jews in Israel by applying a factual and experiential transfer to the UK an France. It is quite fair I think and perhaps even understated given the current intefata

7. Refugee center in the Netherlands hit with fireworks and eggs

8. This excellent video on political correctness and leftist propaganda is a must-send-to-friends for all. It is interesting how she, Stephen Coughlin, and all retired intel officers I know say the same thing in different ways about where we are in our culture.

(Really, the above video needs to be seen)

9. Algerian TV Shut After Airing Interview With Ex-Insurgent

Police on Monday shut down a private Algerian television station after it aired an interview in which a former insurgent leader trying to set up a political party harshly cautioned President Abdelaziz Bouteflika not to stand in his way.

Police forced the 171 staff to leave El Watan TV. The station is one of numerous private efforts running without official authorization. It has no connection with the French-language newspaper El Watan.

The Communications Ministry noted the station wasn’t formally approved and said it had aired “subversive content attacking the symbols of state.”

Madani Mezrag, founder of the Islamic Salvation Army, the armed wing of the now-banned Islamic Salvation Front party, or FIS, has recently said in TV interviews he wants to start his own political party.

(The strong man in the middle east seems to be the only solution to the threat of a sharia state or Caliphate)

10. New Syrian rebel alliance formed, says weapons on the way

(How many weeks till they defect to the Islamic State? Answer: As soon as they have enough money and guns)

A Kurdish militia in northern Syria has joined forces with Arab rebels, and their new alliance has been promised fresh weapon supplies by the United States for an assault on Islamic State forces in Raqqa, a spokesman said on Monday.

The alliance calling itself the Democratic Forces of Syria includes the Kurdish YPG militia and Syrian Arab groups, some of which fought alongside it in a campaign that drove Islamic State from wide areas of northern Syria earlier this year.

The Arab groups in the new alliance are operating under the name “The Syrian Arab Coalition” – a grouping which U.S. officials have said would receive support under a new U.S. strategy aimed at fighting Islamic State in Syria.

Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, Buck, and all who sent in materials and more to come.

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  1. #8 This is one of the best explanations I have heard in a long time about what is going on in the west. Yes, we are bombarded by the media, academia and more and more our children are being taught a revisionist history of the west. And also, we are ostracized to speaking out what we believe and we hold dear. Most of us are fearful of bringing topics up that might upset others… This is all according to the plan!
    And yet slutwalks are praised while we want to vomit at the loss of our civility… Our younger generation and mothers of our culture, so angry at who knows what. They have been so brainwashed that they don’t even know where this ends.
    Being the old fart that I am, I actually know where the refusal to breed ends. It ends in massive importation of an alien culture to prop up the resident culture in the hopes that they will conform to your way of thinking. This never ends well.

    • She mentioned that Camile Paglia said that social degeneration always happens when civilizations are in decline, another thing that happens at that time is religions wars, I know some role their eye about my continued statements that civilization may not survive WWIII but the destruction of civilization is looking more likely all the time. As I have said before civilization bay be destroyed but unless we end up with a full nuclear exchange between all of the nuclear armed nations modern technology won’t be destroyed and we will continue to make technological progress.

      I really don’t know if civilization will survive but pray that it does, just as I pray that the left and their propaganda programs do end up being removed from the human thought pattern. They won’t be but I can prat that they are.

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