Muslims upscale the law fare and every other form of jihad now that the Russians are in the game: Links 3 on Oct. 5 – 2015

For those able to, please listen to the first segment or two of Friday, Oct. the 2nd’s edition of the Mark Levin show. He really was blunt about Obama and the state of the republic today. It was quite an excellent show till it went on a deep dive on the minutia of individual candidates for various positions. May be of interest to locals but his segment at the start of the show for quite a while was an abstract on things as they are and was quite a bit more blunt and direct than is typical of people with an audience that size. He specifically referred to the totalitarian actions of president Obama. It was refreshing in that ‘the truth is out there’ sort of way.

1. Another excellent speech by Robert Spencer. This is an older one than the one posted yesterday but was not available till now. More on it here at JW

2. US muslims sue anti-muslim Burmese president.

3. Syrian migrants on Serbian border. Out of control entirely.

(Anyone remember this?)

4. This video of PEGIDA in Dresden tonight gives a better sense of scale

5. Afghanistan: Kabul rocked by twin suicide bombings near Russian Embassy *GRAPHIC*

6. Canadian courts disallow placing the face cloth ruling on hold till legislation can be put in place.

(Two articles on this, CBC and CTV)

OTTAWA — A new court ruling means a devout Muslim woman who chooses to cover her face now has a chance to become a Canadian and vote in the Oct. 19 federal election.

The Federal Court of Appeal rejected Monday a government request to put a recent decision in favour of Zunera Ishaq on hold while Ottawa seeks a hearing in the Supreme Court of Canada.

Justice Johanne Trudel dismissed the government’s application for a stay of a Sept. 15 decision that affirmed the unlawfulness of a federal rule prohibiting a niqab at a citizenship ceremony.


[from CBC]  The Department of Citizenship and Immigration must formally invite Ishaq to attend a ceremony. Several are scheduled in Ontario between now and the Oct. 19 election.

7. Muslim immigrant in Finland, “We want OUR money”

Muslims in Finland demand sex with locals

Thank you M., Gates of Vienna, Xanthipa Socrates, JohnnyM., Jihad Watch, and many many more who have contributed material today.

As we approach the end of the year, we should try to increase situational awareness as well as general vigilance as many people in positions to know have predicted serious events, attacks etc. will take place before the end of 2015 as its the last year of the OIC 10 year plan to enforce blasphemy laws world wide. They are indeed making progress, but they want more and they get it by killing people who oppose islamic supremacy.

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  1. Important notice! What’s crossing the borders of Europe has NOTHING to do with the meaning refugee.
    They are just infiltrators. They come here solely on the basis of THE (muslim brotherhood) PROJECT.
    Here are all the details via Frontpage Magazine:
    Change the number to 4475 to read page two, including more than 20 instructions.
    Arabic version on pdf file:

  2. I think publishing ten articles in one batch, is old style publishing.
    The medium age will be higher.
    And comments, belong to which article?


    Publish each article in an article by itself.
    This is NOT printed media.
    This is internet.

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