Migrants, commies and Russians. OH MY! Links 3 on Oct. 1 – 2015

1. Asylum stabber attacked senior Swedish minister

Sweden’s Minister for Justice and Migration, Morgan Johansson, was uninjured in the attack in March this year, which took place as he visited a housing project for refugees in southern Sweden.

He was leaving the building when a man grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed foam over the minister, regional newspaper Kristianstadsbladet reported at the time.

2. Illegal immigrants walking into Quebec

Six illegal Iraqi immigrants who walked across the Quebec-New York border were arrested in Dundee, in the Montérégie yesterday.

A local farmer says he found them huddled in his barn.

The group consisted of three men and three women including a 70-year old woman and a pregnant woman.

La Presse reports that the issue of immigrants from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan walking across the border has grown in recent months.

One farmer says on Tuesday of last week, it was a couple with a child.

Wednesday, a couple with two children crossed over and on Saturday a man walking alone was picked up by the RCMP.

The Border Services Agency says it does not know if more people are crossing illegally because it only keeps records for immigrants who come to Canada using official channels.

(How long till our governments take away our farms and homes for them? We know they will, the only question is when and what mechanism do we have to stop it?)

3. Full speech by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

4. Czech police deploy to Austrian border



Five hundred police officers and 300 soldiers held drills along the Czech border with Austria on Wednesday as Prague mulled reintroducing border checks in case of a wave of migrant arrivals.

The Czech Republic is part of Europe’s Schengen passport-free travel zone, which has come under intense pressure as the EU struggles to cope with an unprecedented influx of refugees and migrants.

“We want to be as ready as possible for a quick reaction to a reintroduction of border checks,” Czech police chief Tomas Tuhy said on the police website.

5. GERMANY – Poverty-stricken refugees anxiously await I-Phone 6S

6. Anti-migrant march in Erfurt Germany

7. Migrants cross from Macedonia to Serbia

8. Iran troops to join Syria war, Russia bombs group trained by CIA

BEIRUT/MOSCOW (Reuters) – Hundreds of Iranian troops have arrived in Syria to join a major ground offensive in support of President Bashar al-Assad’s government, Lebanese sources said on Thursday, a further sign of the rapid internationalization of a civil war in which every major country in the region has a stake.

Russian warplanes, in a second day of strikes, bombed a camp run by rebels trained by the CIA, the group’s commander said, putting Moscow and Washington on opposing sides in a Middle East conflict for the first time since the Cold War.

(In Stephen’s Ottawa brief he asked how many times you can hear on the news that moderate muslim troops trained and equipped by the US defected to the Islamic State with all that money, training and equipment before you can at the least expect that would be the outcome. Russia’s bombing of CIA trained troops was likely every bit as much a blow to the Islamic State than if they got the flag bearers and forward infantry of them)

9. Quebec’s National Assembly passes bill against ‘Islamophobia’

(There will be much more on that over the next 48 I am certain)

Quebec immigration minister Kathleen Weil joined David in denouncing Islamophobia. She called the motion “a gesture of responsibility.”

And it’s a gesture to reassure people, not only Quebecers, but reassure newcomers and people who perhaps came a few generations ago,” Weil said.

The wearing of the niqab during the citizenship oath has become a hot topic in the federal campaign. NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May oppose the ban, while Conservative Leader Stephen Harper and Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe support it.

(The full article is laden with falsehoods and misdirection, even to the idea that courts make legislation and not governments. Something the Obama admin also relies on as an instrument of undemocratic policy)

Thank you Maria J., M., Richard, CB Sashenka and many more. How can anyone not say WW III is now pretty much past the exhibition game stage? I would say its well into the first quarter now at least, even if Classical civilization has blocked its ears and refused to hear the whistle. The next whistle they do hear, is likely to be a bomb.

(Yes I know bombs don’t whistle anymore but the point is valid)

Below, an interesting opinion piece. Thanks for this Chatillon. Quite enjoyable in a way that  the explanation of how your life and culture came to ruined might be called enjoyable.

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  1. It has started but the majority of people haven’t been slapped hard enough to wake up to the reality of the situtation, the fighting in Europe will accelerate over the winter with next summer being a blood bath which hopefully won’t be limited to one side. Once the massive violence starts in Europe North America will follow in quick order with civilization taking what may be a mortal blow. I don’t doubt that North America will end up free of the Islamic invaders but it is questionable if civilization itself will survive. another crime that is to be laid at the door of the left.

      • I have been reading history for fun (among other subjects) since I was 10 now at 69 it is easy to make connections to what happened in other cycles of history. While I tend to make the assumption that things are going to occur faster then they do I have been right in what is happening. That gives me the confidence to think that the historical cycles will continue aned that we will once again destroy an enemy . However teh war is going to last for the better part of a century so I doubt I will live to see the end of the war.

      • One advantage I have is that I have been here before, during the Cold War we had a massive number of Soviet agents or fellow travelers in our government, following the Viet Nam war (actually a theater in the Cold War not a separate war) it looked like we were going to lose the war. Then things turned around, we are seeing a lot of people working to minimize the damage that Obama is doing and to ensure that we can rebound and win this war once he is out of office. I want you to take a good hard look at the number of military adn intell pros who are running blogs or are working in organizations that have a lot of influence, they are working to counter the attacks on the US and our culture. Then I am talking to other verts about what is going on and what is coming. Don’t count the west out becasue we have been down before and always raise up again, it will be a long expensive and bloody war but in the end we will win. Never doubt that and never doubt that freedom will survive, civilization may not but freedom will.

    • They won’t , if they admit that there is a war on Christianity then they will have to admit that they are part of the war and are on the side trying to destroy Christianity.

  2. *blowing kisses* to Bibi – have not yet listened to his speech – but just his voice alone is, I think, one of the best sounding ones among politicians today.

    Just needed to say this. You can now resume your normal broadcasting 😉

  3. @Chatillon. Lots of unsubstantiated supposition here. Too black and white.
    The idea that parents could both work to bring up children, even without a marriage, seems to escape him. Children need their independance.
    Easy to walk away from a bad boss at work, harder to walk away from financial dependence.
    Also, never seemed to occur to him that the boss could be a woman?

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