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5 Replies to “Douglas Murray in Copenhagen”

    • Yes indeed. The kind of eloquence that would have looked great in a history book if we weren’t losing this thing and no history of the time of ignorance, what muslims call any culture before islam is the dominant way of life, and no such history will be written or allowed.

      It would have been great if he had said these things 10 years ago but back then he was busy calling people who did extremists etc.

  1. I continually hate his disparagement of the EDL. Tommy watched as his British city turned into a cesspool of Islam. They now have roving patrols of Muslim extremists and sharia courts.
    You know, sorry that the indigenous are mostly blue collar workers that hate like hell their city being taken over…
    Mr. Murray would do well to explore the cultural heritage of the city and how it has changed drastically. Of course, where he lives that is not a problem.

    I would however, like to thank this blog for posting his speech. I agree with 80% of his sentiments. The other 20% I chalk up to his not being touched, personally, by the Islamic invasion of his nation.

    • Check my comment above. He was a man for the 90s. We have moved beyond these eloquent sentiments now. Even if everyone heard him and nodded in agreement, it would mean nothing. Steyn on the other hand said what needed saying when it would have done some good, and it may have. He couched it in humour so that he could do it without being tarred and feathered like everyone else is who echos the sentiments without the gags, but he said it.

      The questions now are:

      Where are we at now?
      What must be done now to address the problems?
      What will we have to do in 2 years if we do not act now?

      But of course anyone who actually addresses these critically necessary questions will be jailed. Because the answers are unacceptable to the narrative. We are only allowed to discuss what doesn’t matter because its too late.

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