14 injured during a mass brawl among refugees.

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In a tent city in Kassel-Calden hundreds of refugees attacked each other with sticks and tear gas, resulting in  14 wounded, including three policemen. It took hours before the  situation came  under control.

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On Sunday 14 people  including three policemen were injured during mass brawls in a  refugee camp in  Kassel-Calden. Several hundred people of different nationalities took part in the fights that lasted several hours according to police reports tonight. The refugees attacked each, other among other things, with sticks and teargas.
During the evening, the police tried  to find a temporary home for one of the two ethnic groups involved in order to pacify the situation in the tent city. Up to 50 police officers were deployed  on the site of the old airport Calden.
According to a police spokesman, it started at noon with a tussle between  two residents during the food distribution at the meal counter .This dispute then  triggered a confrontation between two groups of two nationalities in the early afternoon. Around 60 people from each side attacked each other. Eight people were injured. Initially, the police managed to  calm the situation.
1500 refugees from about 20 nations:
During the  evening, the violence escalated once again. This time, 70 on one side and 300 people on the opposite side confronted each other, according to the police spokesman. Tear gas was sprayed by both groups.Three residents and three police officers were injured.
Only after several hours did the police manage to bring the situation under control. There were no arrests. Several people who tried  to escape  the violence and were seeking protection, fled to the outside and remained there until the evening.
 According to the police, around 1,500 refugees from approximately 20 nations  are housed in the accommodation in Calden . Just two weeks ago several  refugees had attacked each other  with tear gas. Then, around 60 of them, including children, were injured.
Admission controls do not exist in Kassel-Calden as they do in other refugee camps. The contracted security company has not yet  commented on the incidents.

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