There is only 1 Islam and it is loyal only to itself: Links 2 on Sept. 24 – 2015

1: Muslims in Germany 

Study on “Muslims in Germany”: 94 percent is against integration, 24 percent of young Muslims inclined to violence, 51 percent think Islam will prevail on Earth

In the nineties, the survey of Heitmeyer and others already put their emphasis on the meaning of Islamic organizations and associations. Nearly half of the Islamic youths showed attitudes which can be identified as Islam-centered claims of superiority. Moreover there were tendencies analyzed which were based on a religiously motivated will to use violence. About one third of the youths showed this kind of thinking which is closely connected to the Islam-centered claims of superiority on the one hand and traditional conservative views on the other hand.

  • Counter-argument to the claim that radicalism stems from a lack of education: Lately Gallup was reporting that – taking into consideration the results of nationally representative surveys – amongst Muslims of 10 mostly Muslim countries, about 7% are to be called radicalized. The criterion for this definition as being a “radical” was that the attacks of 9/11 were completely justified, in combination with a negative or highly negative attitude towards the USA. Remarkably, this group of politically radicalized Muslims was on average higher educated and also richer than Muslims not having this kind of belief (vgl. Mogahed, 2006c, S. 2; Esposito & Mogahed, 2007).

2. Revealed, ISIS has executed more than 10,000 men, women and children in Iraq and Syria since last year… and that doesn’t include thousands more killed in battles, suicide bombings and cut down as they fled

ISIS has executed more than 10,000 people in Iraq and Syria since declaring a ‘global caliphate’ in June 2014, MailOnline has learned.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), which has secret sources inside ISIS territory, said 3,207 have been killed in that war-torn country.

Another 7,700 were executed in Iraq, according to the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights, which tracks ISIS violations.

The soldiers and civilians who have been beheaded, shot dead, drowned, blown up, stoned to death and thrown off buildings for violating ISIS’s twisted laws all contributed to this mammoth death toll.

The figure does not include the thousands more who have been killed in battle and suicide bombings – or the innocent people mown down by ISIS extremists as they tried to flee.

(Scroll down for video at DM link above)

Executions: The terror group has released hundreds - if not thousands - of propaganda images and footage of civilians and enemy fighters being killed for breaking its strict laws

Executions: The terror group has released hundreds – if not thousands – of propaganda images and footage of civilians and enemy fighters being killed for breaking its strict laws

“Fanaticism consists in redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten your aim.” – George Santayana

I would not say that the apologists for Islam, even the most shameless, have forgotten their aim. I think one of their highest hopes is that we, the opponents of Islam, forget the aim of these apologists, which is to achieve in the Western world, if not complete political clout and religious preponderance, then, for the time being, a reputation for good the religion of Islam has never acquired complete possession of. They are contented with the fact that we are conveniently distracted by the many violent examples of Islam’s most extreme blood-junkies while the less noticeable proponents of this insalubrious faith, with all the privileges our Western democracies provide, stealthily emasculate all willingness on the part of our elected leaders to resist the erosion of our traditions and our freedoms. We are asked to combat and halt the expansion of ISIS in the Middle East while simultaneously the apologists for Islam here condemn us for not accommodating the same religious garb the ISIS henchmen require their multiple wives and traumatized sex-slaves to wear over there.

5. EU refugee summit in disarray as Tusk warns ‘greatest tide yet to come’

Emergency talks end with pledge of hundreds of millions of euros to help transit countries as European council president criticises ‘open doors’ policy

Donald Tusk, the president of the European council, who chaired the summit, warned: “The greatest tide of refugees and migrants is yet to come.”

In a barb directed at Merkel and Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European commission, Tusk added: “We need to correct our policy of open doors and windows.”

The summit pitted the governments of central Europe against Germany and France after Berlin and Paris on Tuesday forced a new system of imposed refugee quotas on a recalcitrant east. There was talk of boycotts and threats to take the issue to court from the Czechs and Slovakians.


Merkel singled out Turkey as the key to a crisis management strategy and Juncker said the fundraising would include a billion euros for Ankara.

But Tusk, just returned from Turkey, said money “is not the big problem. It is not as easy as expected.”

Ahmet Davuto?lu, the Turkish prime minister, wrote to the EU leaders on Wednesday demanding bold concessions from the Europeans as the price for Turkey’s possible cooperation. He proposed EU and US support for a buffer and no-fly zone in northern Syria by the Turkish border, measuring 80km by 40km.

This would stymy the Kurdish militias fighting Islamic State in northern Syria and would also enable Ankara to start repatriating some of the estimated 2 million Syrian refugees it is hosting. The militias are allied with the Kurdistan workers’ party (PKK) guerrillas at war with the Turkish state for most of the past 30 years. Ankara reignited the conflict in July after the ruling Justice and Development party (AKP) lost its parliamentary majority in a general election.

(Anyone else think its time to kick Turkey out of NATO?)

Thank you M., Richard, Wrath of Khan and all. I really lost track on this post but will catch up! Coughlin #4 should be available this evening or tonight. Please feel free to start a discussion on this brief with any thoughts you may have on it in the comments.

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  1. So long as we continue to have an identity crisis and debate the issue we are defeated. They know this and are laughing. They lose when the talk stops.

  2. Michael Devolin takes Tarek Fatah to task for his ‘moderate fanatacism’, for apparently believing in a moderate Islam that has been hijacked by Saudi Wahhabism or whatever. Devolin is right, of course, that there is no ‘moderate’ Islam, and that everything that the Saudi ulema teaches is straight out of the tradition, and not some distortion of it.

    But I feel that he misunderstands Tarek Fatah’s real politics and his real aims. Fatah talks in different ways to different audiences, and if one is aware of the political constraints that Fatah is under when speaking to different crowds – one conversation in Canada, another in India, and a very different conversation on Facebook and Twitter – one can understand Fatah’s real attitude toward Islam, which in reality is has hostile as yours is. He just can’t come out in public, because Fatah still has a second career as a pro-India ‘Muslim’.

    I put that in scare quotes, because Fatah, of course, is no Muslim. If one follows his twitter and particularly his Facebook page, one will find that he floats very thinly veiled hints at his apostacy. The constant sharing of articles by Richard Dawkins. The posting of the YouTube video of REM’s “Losing My Religion”. Articles by Muslim converts to Hinduism that describe Islam as evil. Effusive praise for Sam Harris. His article posted today on his website, advocating for Syrian refugees finishes by asking Canda to ensure that they are “introduced to … Voltaire and Rousseau”.

    Fatah’s Muslim mask has been slipping more and more lately. Readers here may recall his apparent anger a few years ago that critics of Islam have said that Muhammad slept with 9-year old Aisha. He defended Muhammad on this point back then, but more recetly he seems to have found his sense of humor about it. On twitter he joked [I paraphrase from memory] : “BREAKING: Saudis have decided that they will accept Syrian refugees. 6-9 year old girls only”.

    Anyway, I may be misreading Fatah, but I believe what I have said above to be accurate. Fatah is constrained by his need to appear to be Muslim in order to maintain his credibility in India as a pro-India Muslim, and this will appear to be more of a believer than if he had only an North American Anglophone audience. This is the case with every prominent pro-India “Muslim”. All successful Muslim polticians in India are basically atheists, as the Hindu majority would never allow a Muslim who actually believed to hold the reigns of power. They are all made to make public gestures [like bowing to Hindu idols etc] and issue various public statements that a believing Muslim would never do.

    • Thank you for this explanation. Recently, Mr. Fatah had an interesting fight with a women on his Facebook page which led me to wonder about him. But if I add in your explanation I may be tempted to suggest that everyone is entitled to a bad day.

      Ill keep optimistic. My sense always was that he was an apostate. But the time for pretending he is a muslim for the sake of Western media to give him a voice may be nearing an end. People are starting to educate themselves to the fact of islam in a way I have never seen with anything before. The time to deal with raw facts may be near.

  3. 1/ Reinforcing this observation, an article on Ali Khamenei’s dark obsession with Jews and Israel explains:

    “Muslim antisemitism has always been nastiest among the better educated, among those most absorptive of and reactive to the ideological maelstrom of the West. Those who see the Israeli-Palestinian /Arab clash as part of a great collision between two civilizations have been the most likely to embrace antisemitism w conviction. Throughout the Middle East, fundamentalists have been on the cutting edge of this titanic struggle. Looking more closely at the evolution of Khamenei’s Jew-hatred allows us a window not just into how the most anti-American ruler in the Muslim Middle East thinks, but how militant Muslims in general see Western power.”

  4. Why can’t Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, and the Baltic countries leave the EU and form their own trading syndicate?

    Seems to me the EU is an albatross around their necks.

    • The EU is an albatross around the worlds neck, it grew out of the common market as the brain child of the socialist left that was to first rival the US as an economic super power and then replace the US as the dominate nation. This replacement was taken too long so they invited the Moslems in to help destroy the west, now the EU and the Marxist are also targeted for destruction by the Islamic invasion. Our problem is that we have two enemies to fight and both have been successful in convincing the low information voters into thinking that Islam isn’t a danger. This is copying the tactic of the left during the Cold War when the low information people were convinced that there was no danger from the left. However unlike the Cold War there is going to be a lot of hard fighting in the Western nations and the fighting will last long enough to change our societies in ways that most people can’t imagine.

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