Geopolitics, the Hijra, the global combat zone. Links 2 on Sept. 15 – 2015

1. Putin suggests its time to drop the use of jihadi groups for geopolitical purposes by all the powers and unite to fight the Islamic State

(He has a point you know)

2. Migrants do unusual protest at Hungarian border, throwing away (but not very far) their food and water claiming they then have no food and water, until the Hungarians open their border to them.

(Personally I think they should all form a class action suit and take the people smugglers who charged them often over $10,000.00 Ea. to illegally get them into Germany or Sweden to court)

The BBC presenter does his level best to make it look like these UMIs are in fact the victims. I hope he does the same when they are at his front door in Islington)

3. Female genital mutilation must happen to every girl as part of culture, alleged victim tells court

(Where will the left come down on this one? Zero tolerance policy on FGM? Or a zero tolerance policy on people who oppose FGM as they have to be racist islamophobe bigots? Either way the left will be zero tolerance on something)

young girl has described the religious ceremony where she allegedly underwent female genital mutilation (FGM), the New South Wales Supreme court was told.

“It’s part of our culture and that has to happen to every girl,” she said in a 2012 recording of a police interview aired in court.

The girl’s mother, a member of Sydney’s Dawoodi Bohra community, is accused of arranging separate FGM procedures on two of her daughters when they were seven years old, between 2009 and 2012.

Dawoodi Bohra is a sect within Shia Islam mostly found in India, Pakistan and Yemen.

Also on trial is a former nurse and midwife who allegedly performed the procedures.

4. Here is a nice oxymoron. The title of this video reads:

“Turkey: Refugees gather at Istanbul terminal hoping for passage to N. Europe”
But if they are in turkey, they are safe and cared for and therefore not refugees.

5. Very interesting Taiwanese animated interpretation of the European refugee crisis

6. U.S. airman who disarmed train gunman to receive Purple Heart

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. airman who helped disarm a gunman on a Paris-bound train last month will receive a Purple Heart medal, the U.S. Air Force leader said on Monday, in an unusual award of the honor to a serviceman wounded while not in a combat zone.

Spencer Stone, 23, will receive the medal, which is given to troops wounded or killed in action against a U.S. enemy, U.S. Air Force Secretary Deborah James said in remarks at the Air Force Association Conference.

(I think we might be OK to look at this as a kind of admission that thanks to islam, the world is a combat zone and the former ways of thinking about combat are both not accurate to the current situation and so limiting that they are effectively self defeating)

Thank you M., Nash Montana, Wrath of Khan, Richard, Maria J., and all who sent in material. There is much more to post today. Also remember, 2 more days till Stephen Coughlin speaks in Ottawa and only 1 till Montreal.

Dear visitors to this site. Please check the links under the daily links post. There are many links which point to significant events in the geopolitical world many of which are not related to Islam or the current hijra (migration to spread Islam) underway in Europe. China and other nations are taking advantage of the American abdication of global responsibility and reshaping the world to be a much less fair place most certainly. This site tries to focus on leftism and islamic ideology and how they need to be understood and fought to preserve classical liberalism. But geopolitical events are also taking place at a rate which cannot be ignored and is perhaps at least of equal significance. Thankfully regulars of this site who are familiar with these issues are positing links to indicators of these events daily. They are worth a look indeed.

Thanks again to those of you who keep us all up to date.


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  1. Instead of paying smugglers $10,000 why didn’t they just buy airline tickets and fly to Europe? It would have been much much cheaper and less exhausting.

    • They need visas, to immigrate legally and would have to show a legitimate passport form their home nation, the people smugglers will get them to Germany where they can get refugee status and EU papers saying they are legitimate refugees fleeing he fighting.

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