Turks and kurds mix it up in Stockholm Sweden

It seems that yesterday was a Europe wide conflagration between Turks and Kurds. We have videos from Germany and Switzerland and now Sergels Torv (square) Sweden.

An original translation from Liberty DK.

From this Swedish News site



A demonstration at Sergel Square in Stockholm held on Sunday afternoon became a little unsettled.
A group of Turks and a group of Kurds started harrassing each other and the police had to intervene.
There have been thrown some bangers, (firecrackers?) says Sven-Erik Olsson from the Stockholm police.
During the day today, there was a demonstration in Sergel Square. The afternoon ended but then it became a little unsettled.
We were trying to separate the two factions, says Sven-Erik Olsson of the Stockholm police.
Aftonbladet reporter on the scene, Victor Stenquist, confirmed that the police had to use batons to avoid a clash between the groups.
Police cordoned off Klarabergsgatan and reportedly closed several entrances to Åhlens (department store).
But now it is peaceful, said Sven-Erik Olsson later.
13 people were detained and taken into custody according to the Police Act.
Two people were arrested for assaulting a person who was taken to hospital.

[The video at this Facebook page may give an indication of what Aftonbladet means by “unsettled”]

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  1. As in other EU countries this behavior will become the norm among the ‘new arrivals’, street and gang warfare will hardly get a mention in the news. Welcome to the jungle.

    • Obama has been trying to turn the United States of America into the Divided States of Islamic America, and that sacred mission will soon be accomplished by Hillary Clinton !

      • Only if she is elected, I don’t see how she can get elected, for that matter Obama was elected because he kept his communist attitudes secret, she doesn’t keep hers hidden but isn’t as open as Barny Saunders. Right now both political parties are committing suicide with the voters rejecting the candidates that the party leaders had anointed.

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