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5 Replies to “Lesbos. The Locals speak”

  1. It looks like the Greeks on Lesbos are getting fustrated with their governments not protecting them and their culture. Golden Dawn or a similar group is going to end up taking over Greece, in fact with the European governments not taking care of the citizens and inviting in illegal immigrants all of Europe is ripe for a wave of racist governments to take over. The last war always sows the seeds of the next one, the left pushed the idea that Fascism was nothing but racism to hide its socialist programs and now the fear of being called racist has created the situtation where true racist can take over the west.

  2. The news that Russia is moving troops into Syria, indicates that they feel that Assad is winning the war. This means that the Muslim Brotherhood, al Nusra, ISIS, and sundry other terrorist forces have lost.

    Its good news for Christians and other minorities in Syria, but bad news for us, as Muslim Brotherhood, al Nusra and their dependants, will be coming to Europe, all rightfully claiming that they are Syrians. Miilions ,more from Africa are rushing to book their seats on rickety boats (@ricketyboatsEU. eu) , before the doors close, or autumn weather closes in.

    What is Mad Merkel the thoughless, planning to do? She could resign, but that hardly helps, as the damage she has done to Europe cannot be undone without war.

    • Mad Merket the Thoughtless is also the one that said two years ago that multiculturalism has failed. Now here she is ramming it down Germany’s throat. What I find surprising is how many Germans are going along with her.

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